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Las Vegas FC - A Father Son Story

Started on 9 April 2014 by WeAreFev
Latest Reply on 10 April 2014 by WeAreFev
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Father - The Casino

Not so long ago i was on a much needed holiday with my wife, we visited the world famous sin city. Yes Las Vegas. We went out there for a month and while i was out there i stumbled across a few football fans in a casino. Well Soccer fans as they call it. That day i was wearing my beloved Liverpool shirt. The guys noticed must have noticed my shirt as i saw them looking and pointing at me.

After a while they came over to me, the guy at the front introduced his self "Phillip Zimmermans the name, i noticed you're a Reds fans. Nice team, Ive seen a few of there games this season on FOX Sports."

I nervously replied "Hello, Im erm Adam. Adam Stubbs."
As i looked closely at him i could see a red shirt under is jacket. I said "Is that a Liverpool Shirt you have on there mate?"

"Funny you say that" He said, " It's a Las Vegas FC Shirt, we modelled our kit on the Liverpool shirt we like the red and white you wear. Las Vegas FC are the local team round here, were nothing special. Me and the lads here play for them. One day we hope to play in the MLS with the big guns."

I sat there and thought to myself. This bunch of misfits will never make it pro. If they do ill put everything i own into the club.
Good luck mate! I like the start!
Father - The Casino Part 2

We sat there for a few hours, talking football. Phillip was telling me about how The Las Vegas boys play tomorrow. I was interested in going down. We trade phone numbers and Skype names so we could keep in touch if i wasn't to go to the game.

I could see my wife was getting angry as the boys walked away. "you're Always talking about football! anyone you meet its the topic of conversation."

"Let me put this last quarter in the machine and then we will go." I placed the coin in the machine. Ding Ding Ding. Before i even knew it alarms were going off, lights flashing in my face. What has happened?! What have i done?!

A man walked up to me touched my shoulder, "come with me" he said quietly. "You have won the jackpot"

I looked at him in confusion. "erm what? What jackpot?" I was in a state of shock.

"The 750Million dollar jackpot, the one no one has ever won"
wtf? 750m???!! teach me master!
AAN - cant be telling my secrets, 750m sets the story up perfectly
News has just reached us here at Sky Sports News America that FC Dallas chairman has left the club, leaving them with hundreds of debts. Rumors say that they are over 100million pound in debt and the players and staff haven't been paid in 3 months.

If no one takes over the club in the next few hours Dallas will be kicked out of the MLS and they will not be able to take there place back. The FC Dallas fans are pleaing to the MLS to let them stay in and theyre trying to find the money to keep the club afloat.

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