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Mexico the unconquered land

Mexico, Ballenas Galeana
Started on 10 April 2014 by kunsalinas14
Latest Reply on 10 April 2014 by Mr. Shjanzey
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I will try to bring Ballenas Galeana and Mexico National team into international glory. My story will feature everything a manager does on a day to day bases.

I hope you guy enjoy....
Looking forward to this! Good luck!
Sounds good mate I look forward to it
The date was June 23th 2013

I was browsing through the TV looking for something interesting to watch. I came across the daily broadcast of Sky Sports News. The ongoing news was that earlier today the Mexican Football federation had sacked Victor Manuel Vucetich.

"As a new initiative from the FEMEXFUT to make mexico into the #1 nation in the world. They have decided to sack manager Victor Vucetich from his role as national manager and bring in a young talented manager who there is still no mention of who he might be."

I was in shock Victor had been a very good manager for mexico, Not to go so far he had just won a spectacular 3-0 against Trinidad and Tobago in the Hexagonal World Cup Qualifiers. What was the Decio De Maria president of the FemexFut thinking.

"Breaking News: we just received a report that there are currently three managers been interviewed for the national team position. One of the candidates we heard is Club America current manager Miguel Herrera, another of the candidates is Gustavo Matosas From Leon. Although the third candidate has not been named. Critics are to believe it could be anyone."

I decided to turn off the TV and read my Email that had been pile in up all through the day. The first thing i noticed that there were two emails from the Fifa and one email from the Femexfut. I decided to open the Fifa emails first and was welcome by the site that my continental A coaching license. I could finally start looking for a managerial position with-in the mexican football network. The other Fifa email informed me about a new international rule that every national manager was to manage a club and a national team in order to spread his knowledge not only at a international, level but also the local level.

As i was to read my third email i heard my phone ring. I went to pick up and a familiar voice my promoter and friend wanted to speak to me.

"Orlando have you hard that mexico is with out a manager?"


"Well have you heard that there is three candidates for the position?"


"Well you are one of the candidates. I received a call from the federation and they want to talk to you."

"hahaha very funny."

"I'm being serious you have an interview with the Femexfut president tomorrow morning. They have sent you a email with the details. Good luck Friend"

I was in shock what could the Femexfut seen in me to make me a candidate. I had no titles and no experience. I couldn't wait to hear why i was the man they were looking for...
I was browsing through my emails in my iPhone when i came across something very interesting. My application to manage newly promoted team Ballenas Galeana was a success and they were proud to welcoming me to start work next day.

"Are you ready Mr. Salinas"

I lifted my head to see the secretary welcoming me to go to the next room were president De Maria was waiting for my.

"thank you"

I walked into the room were i saw both president and secretary from the Femexfut welcoming me to take a sit.

"how are you feeling to day" De Maria said..

"exited to be here" i replied

"Thank you for coming in. we know it was in a short notice but we are very delighted on you showing up."

"Thank you for the invitation"

"we are going to be for worth with you this is not and interview so much as commodity. you are the man we want you to manage our national team. you are new and have no experience but we know you have a vast knowledge in players. we want you for a long time process. would you be interested"

"of course i would and I'm very pleased with you offer and would like to start working tomorrow"

"we were also informed earlier today that you will also be managing Ballenas from the promotional League so that goes great with the Fifa regulation to manage both club and national team."
And so the news started to spread like wild fire all across the news....
Club Info
Club - Ballenas Del Galeana
Division - Mexico Promotion League
Media Prediction - 14th
Board Requirements - Consolidation
Reputation - National
Training Facilities - Below Average
Youth Facilities - Basic
Junior Coaching - Adequate
Youth Recruitment - Fairly Basic
Club Value - $683k
Stadium - Estadio Centenario (Mex)
Stadium Size - 15,000
Stadium Condition - Average
Season Ticket Holders - 3k

Manager Info:
Reputation - National
Wage - £1700 p/w
Manager Points - 0
Hall of Fame - n/a
ok so after the first day at the club i meet my players and saw them training. i came up with the closes thing to my first team although i'm missing left and right Defenders and a midfielder.

I moved up Guzman jr. and Arciga from our B team in hope that they can give the team what i need from them.
the team is not complete but we had to play our first pre-season game.

it was a good tie to a first league team. i was very pleased with Monzonis's performance.
Nice draw against pachuca

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