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Undiscovered Talent - YouTube Series - Full Up.

A fun mini-game where we follow the careers of some undiscovered wonderkids.
Started on 11 April 2014 by SlapDashFluky
Latest Reply on 11 April 2014 by SlapDashFluky
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SlapDashFluky's avatar Group SlapDashFluky
10 yearsEdited
Hello there and welcome to Undiscovered Talent, this is a story post where we follow the careers of potential wonderkids made by fellow forum-users.

First of all I'd like to note that this idea is borrowed from another forum so all credit for this marvellous idea will go to 'Crookdmoe' on the fm-base forums. Though I have edited and tweaked slightly to make my own version.

Basically, I will use the editor tool to make a number of players who have massive potential to be great stars, they'll all have equal skill attritubes to make it fair, depending on position. (E.g an attacker won't have the same potential finishing skill as a centre back, but the centre backs tackling will be better than the strikers finishing.) They'll all start as free agents with the same birthday (3rd July 1997) and they'll have to get picked up by whoever is willing to take them on.
You guys (forum users) will get to sign up and you get to choose a name for your player, a position and a nationality. Then I will simulate the goings-on and let you know how your player is getting on compared to the other young stars and the rest of the footballing world. Once we have around 10 players signed up we'll kick off! So let your mates know.

I'll be posting the updates in video form with commentary on my YouTube channel as its much easier than writing it all out and gives a better insight. My channels link is:

In this first series I will start it once we have between 10-14 players depending on the popularity as I don't want to wait forever to start it.

Please apply below, using this format:

Player Name:
Player Position:
Right/Left Foot:
Player Nationality:
Height (in centimetres):
Weight (in kg):

I'll start it off by making my player:

Player Name: Federico Balazza
Player Position: Left Mid
Right/Left Foot: Left
Player Nationality: Luxembourg
Height (in centimetres): 170
Weight (in kg): 69
a_esbech's avatar Group a_esbech
10 yearsEdited
Welcome back!

Player Name: Erik Rasmussen
Player Position: DM
Right/Left Foot: Left
Nationality: Danish
Height: 185 cm
Weight: 75 kg
Player Name: Roberto Van Basten
Player Position: DMC
Right/Left Foot: Right
Player Nationality: Holland
Height (in centimetres): 186 cm
Weight (in kg): 78
SlapDashFluky's avatar Group SlapDashFluky
10 yearsEdited
Thanks, its good to be back! :)
Also sorry guys above, I had to edit so please can you add in the weight and height of your players?
Player Name: Felix Johnson
Player Position: Striker
Right/Left Foot: Right
Nationality: Swedish
Height: 195 cm
Weight: 86 kg
layer Name: Diego Moretti
Player Position: LW
Right/Left Foot: Right
Nationality: Italy/Argentina
Height: 178cm
Weight: 63kg

Good Luck!
Player Name: Osvaldo Giroldo Júnior (Juninho for short)
Player Position: AM
Right/Left Foot: Right
Player Nationality: Brazilian
Height (in centimetres): 168cm
Weight (in kg): 60kg
Player Name: Rodrigo Tonino
Player Position: Centre midfield
Right/Left Foot: right
Player Nationality: Portugal
Height (in centimetres): 180cm
Weight (in kg): 76 kg
Player Name: Mathieu Henry
Player Position: GK
Right/Left Foot: Right
Player Nationality: France
Height (in centimetres): 195
Weight (in kg): 88
Player Name: Jack Jarvis
Player Position: cb
Right/Left Foot: Right
Player Nationality: Scotland
Height (in centimetres): 185
Weight (in kg): 84
Player Name: Aaron Sinteur
Player Position: AM R and ST
Right/Left Foot: Right
Player Nationality: Dutch
Height (in centimetres): 190
Weight (in kg): 72
Player Name: Thomas Hornsletten
Player Position: AM L and ST
Right/Left Foot: left
Player Nationality: Belgium
Height (in centimetres): 190
Weight (in kg): 80
Okay, that's ten signed up! Thanks guys.

I will accept four more players and then once we have reached 14, I will start the game.
Player Name: Frankie Boyle
Player Position: ST/CAM
Right/Left Foot: Right
Player Nationality: Scottish
Height (in centimetres): 183cm
Weight (in kg): 79kg
Can you enter more than one player?

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