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Poll: The unlikely one

Started on 23 April 2014 by stigzee
Latest Reply on 25 April 2014 by Justice
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So here I am sat in front of the telly watching Sir Alex announce his retirement, I'm sad, he was there though my life and rewrote the book on management.

I remember last year I received a thank you letter after suggesting a couple of players I had spotted on Football Manager, it said he was impressed by my knowledge but that I shouldn't waste my time playing it. go out and get a woman and have a wee dram.

As Sir Alex left the pitch I received a telephone call.

Me: Hello?

??: Hi can I speak to Robert Daniel please?

Me: I'm not interested in window or PPI claims!

??: Hello, this is Ed Woodward can you hear me ?

ME: Who the hell is Ed Woodward?

EW: I am the CEO of Manchester United

Me: oh, and I'm the Dalai Llama, who is this really ?

EW: We want you to come for a job interview, could you make it tomorrow?

Me: Oddly enough I am free, I'm glad my CV I sent for that job in accounts got through
The next day after a 5 hour drive I arrive outside Old Trafford. I sit down and see Sir Alex walking towards me; "Hello Sir"

SAF: Hello lad what are you here for ?

Me: I have a job interview with Mr Woodward

SAF: Ah a big job opportunity then, good luck

Me: The next 20 minutes were a blur I stumbled across the interview trying to sound smart but I failed. I got to be honest I'd love the big job, I could really take this team places.

EW: Could you? HMMM we have David Moyes in the frame

ME: I'll do it for hardly any wage!

EW: Hmm

SAF: What do we have to lose?

EW: Sir Alex we cant employ a nobody, imagine the Glazers reaction.

SAF I'll take him under my wing he's got the passion, we have the staff so why not?

The Class of 92 to take on coaching roles at Old Trafford

Ed Woodward has announced that England Coach Gary Neville has joined the Backroom staff at Old Trafford to support a new manager.

"This in the model of our European Rivals such as Bayern Munich, Barcelona, Ajax; we need to retain legendary players to build a team of staff. We want the boot room atmosphere of the Liverpool team in the 80s" said Ed Woodward.

He also announced that the new manager would be announced later this week

Rumours are abound that Manchester United are due to announce a relatively unknown Welsh Manager to take over the reins from Sir Alex Ferguson.

Fan and Player reaction has been mixed to be say the least with sources suggesting that Robin Van Persie, Javier Hernandez, Antonio Valencia and Rafael have instructed their agents to find them a new club.

Jose Mourinho, has indicated a serious interest to move to Chelsea has been made by Robin Van Persie’s agent team to Chelsea. Arsene Wenger has a reportedly identified Valencia as a target to fill their Right Back position, and Real Madrid, Dortmund, Bayern Munich and Paris Saint Germain.

To reassure their fans, rumours are coming out of Old Trafford, of several targets to rejuvenate their squad. Early reports suggest Fabregas, Herrera, Benzema are reported targets.
Awesome updates and this welsh unknown had better be good

Do you know this man?

Turns out he'll be leading Manchester United out for the next season!

and Robin Van Persie has demanded a transfer as a result of this disappointing appointment
nice update! I think he is a homeless person and the american ownership are taking the piss to be honest

RVP says goodbye to Manchester United only 3 days after Robert Daniel the newly appointed man in charge took the helm. Ed Woodward announced that the deal represented a good deal and a £10m profit on the deal from Arsenal last season. In his only season at Old Trafford Robin Van Persie scored 26 goals and led United to the title.

Daniel adds that " It's a shame to lose a player of Robin's stature but we will persevere to bring the quality these fans deserve! But £30m is a lot to spend and we will use it to rebuild our squad."

Jose Antonio Valencia joined the queue for the Megabus heading to the Capital today to join Premier League Rivals Arsenal a deal worth £10.5m.

Stunned fans can't believe what's going on at Old Trafford, Rival Manchester City fans are rubbing their hands with glee!

Rumours of that deals for Pogba, Fabregas, Kroos have all broken down are only casting a dark cloud over the training ground as reporters gather to hear more from the Management team.

A day after Valencia's departure, Barcelona announce that they have secured a deal from Manchester United for Mexican Superstar Javier Hernandez.

The Mexican known as "Little Pea", scored 37 goals in 54 games for his country; signed for £16.75m; he hasn't cited Ferguson's departure but it's linked with the want to play in Spain and cited Barcelona being "One of the Greatest Clubs in the world" and that he was overjoyed at signing for them.

Three massive departures in a week certainly have rocked the boat and Marouane Fellaini's pre arranged transfer has been pushed forward and a press conference was announced later that day.

He said: "I am thrilled to sign for Manchester United. I have known the manager for many years now and I have a lot of respect for his way of working. When I was given the opportunity to work with him again, I jumped at the chance.
"Being a Manchester United player is something that every player dreams of and I believe that I can make a real contribution to the team's efforts to win trophies in the future."
Nice start mate.. This will be good story :)
I just want to say, who the hell voted relegation LOL

Lacazette and Volland agree deal to moves to Old Trafford

Alexandre Lacazette

It seems that Daniel's first signings these reflect the Manchester United ethos of creating superstars not buying them, Lacazette has been a much hyped star at Lyon over the past few years. Orignially touted as a Striker he has blossomed into a more rounded performer. His pace and ability will push full backs to their limits and for less than £4m trhe deal represents a bargain as he entered his last year of his contract.He will be hoping to add to his 2 caps now he has secured a 3 year contract at £26.5k per week

Kevin Volland

Kevin Volland a product of the 1860 Munich side joins Lacazette from Hoffenheim, it was said that this deal represents how competitive Manchester United will be in the transfer market, Bayen Munich,Real Madrid and Barcelona all activated his £12.75m buy out clause, but the promise of more playing time at Old Trafford drew Volland to England. The 21 year old is highly regarded in Germany and has represented the u21s at international level. He has signed a £52k per week deal until 2018 World Cup.

After selling Valencia, questions will now be asked regarding Ashley Young and Nani's futures
two good signings there mate! Volland has always been an absolute beast for me!

good luck!
Two brilliant signings, I hope they bring in goals :)

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