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Why is FM 14 so scripted

Started on 24 April 2014 by glenmoss12
Latest Reply on 13 May 2014 by Arch Mon
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Hello I know you are gonnna say I am a noob and suck big time but this time I had an incident that just got to ridiculous I am playing as Inter Milan against dundee united in the euro cup. And suddenly in my frist game against them my defence just get on the level of school kids and dont know what they are doing on the other side my attackers Milito (18 Finishing and 17 composure ) and Palacio (15 Finishing 14 composure ) hit like 20 shots wide in the six yard box and their keeper that is below average is pulling off triple saves I lost 2-0 I thought ok lets load up the save again ant try again with the tactic that got me 4th in the serie A Same result but wors 3-0 to the with centre backs from them scoring and ridiculous stuff like that after that I loaded up the save 4 More times and lost every time 2-0 or more I used a different tactic every time and even downloaded a tactic thats made for inter and every game they would beat me including 2 headers from a guy that has 3 heading and 3 jumping reach in one game no matter what I do they allways win against me And you cant tell me thats not scripted on paper I should be able to smash them with my 3 Team but all the Players from them just drink some kind of Asterix elixier and get super powers Now my question is has someting like this ever happened to you and do you know a way to solve this problem thanks btw sorry for bad english im german
It happens. Bad days happen. Barcelona - Granada, for example, 29 - 5 in shots but 0 - 1 in goals. GK was awesome, even though he is not generally considered world class. And all the factors that contribute to such bad (or good) day, can never be fully understood, at least in real life. As such, bad day may be a coincidence or result of previous actions. I like to think that FM is similar - even if you play the same day over and over again, you can only change some factors in the last minute, while others are predetermined by your actions before the game got saved and you can't really do anything about it. Morale, form, team spirit, underrating the opponent, relationships, determination for the game, hidden attributes - I can see, how such things could shape up the game in a way it seems scripted.

Anyhow, the best thing to do is to carry on. Life isn't always fair, but then again, it's full of surprises. Sometimes you lose against completely rubbish team, next week you'll win against giants. Or not. Just live with it - maybe you're having "Liverpool syndrome" and won't be able to win anything for years, or you have "Manchester United syndrome", losing against shitty teams all year long. At least that's I like to believe when the game is not running according to my plans. Good luck!
Experienced that plenty times ,played a team already relegated ,whose morale was very poor ,whose goalie conceded a sh!t load of goals and I lose 3-0 ,1st on the log with second team breathing down my neck had game in hand and I lost 3-0 ,my team morale was very good , I had world class players and etc ,it just never made any sense to me ,I landed up with double the amount of shots ,their goalie had the worst stats ever compared to mine but I conceded 3 and couldn't score 1 ....bloody ridiculous if you ask me ...= rage quit :)
I lost the league on the last day to chelsea, after a run of 14 matches unbeaten all I had to do was draw with Swansea at the Emirates.....dominated the game had clear sights of goal but Vorm was jumping from on corner of the goal to the other to catch and hold a lethal shot from five yards out. last minute swans get a freekick on the right side of my half...and you know what happened next! One of those "he certainly didnt mean that" happened. decided not to save scum. Morale of the story Scripted but also realistic I was arsenal they bottled everything.
Dundee united have many great youth players, Gauld, Robertson,mackay-steven and a fe others all 4 star potential with decent current stats
I agree there is an element of the game that is scripted or preordained. It may be an "if, then" type of scripting but for sure there is some shenanigans in the programming.

For example, in an edited game, I moved Rangers and Celtic to the English FA starting in the Skrill Premier. As expected, Celtic ran away with the title and gained instant promotion, leaving me, playing Rangers, to duke it out in the playoffs.

Well let me tell you what Super Clubs Kidderminster and Lincoln turned out to be! It took me multiple saves and restarts to get by each of them. In the end, both series went to penalties I eventually broke through by the skin of my teeth.

Point being, sometimes the game decides on its own that it is going to make life very difficult for you regardless of how good your squad is or how poor the opposition normally is.

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