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They Came From Cornwall

Started on 28 April 2014 by kunsalinas14
Latest Reply on 12 May 2014 by kunsalinas14
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Mexico Pre World Cup 2014

A good pre world cup friendly, late goals but very happy that a young player like Corona could score that gives him confidence for bigger games.

Two goals at the start got the team off guard and couldn’t get back to winning it. I was a tough defeat but a good chance to see the power of coming back in the game if we ever get in that spot on a world cup game.

we got complacent at the end of the games and we allowed two goals. All three matches were good we learned a lot from them but know the big games start and we can be having the errors we gave in the last two games.
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Mexico Group Stage World Cup 2014

Jonathan Dos Santos carry the team to a great victory. The team should learn from him. The only American team we had to play against and we aced the test.

Another game we let go in the last minute we have to learn to stay active the whole game. We also have lost Hector Moreno for suspension due to his two yellow cards in two games.

we let another game go again do to the penalties we are giving away that’s the 3 penalty in 2 games. But we are to the next round and have done whats expected of us.

Uruguay you are next….

Group Stage World Cup 2014
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Second Stage World Cup 2014
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Mexico Second Stage World Cup 2014

Chicharito did it for all of mexico he puts us in Quarter-finals for the second time in Mexico’s history. This was a win from all the team it doesn’t matter all the injured and suspended players we have we are a team and are going to make history.

Brazil you are next….

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Quarter Finals World Cup 2014

Mexico Quarter Finals World Cup 2014

the game was going to be tough because we were going against the host. We did good and made history and I believe that most of the players are going to repeat next time around.

See you in Russia….

World Cup 2014

Club Info:
Season - 14/15
Club - Launceston AFC
Division - English Sydenhams Wessex Premier League (Level 9) (+1)
Media Prediction - 1st (+6)
Board Requirements - Champions
Reputation - Obscure
Training Facilities - none
Youth Facilities - none
Junior Coaching - none
Youth Recruitment - none
Club Value - $602k (+205)
Season Ticket Holders - 20

Stadium :
Stadium - None
Sitting -
Field Condition - n/a

National Team :
Team - Mexico
Ranking - 7th (-13)

Manager Info:
Reputation - National
Season Stats - 48W-8D-8L
Career Stats - 48W-8D-8L
Wage - $550 p/w
Total Career Earnings - $840,000
Manager Points - 75%
Hall of Fame - n/a





Most of the team is back and we have 2 foreign players for the first time in club history both are our property. This season we have less loans it was a big help to win the league and promotion.

Launceston July 2014-15

First game of the season and we dominated. we had no pre-season i wanted to give my player a deserving rest. I like that my new transfer from Ukraine Petranyuk scored he came to sub Matt Groves who went back to his team. To bad for vale he is young and i wanted him more involved this season but he is going to be out for 6 months.
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Launceston August 2014-15

It’s great how we are still dominating the league coming from a lower league. All the players how were with me last season are still producing the way they were last season.

its good to see Loxton back to scoring its good to see that the offers from Cardiff and Reading didn’t get to his head. We do have to be careful in the second half we are letting the other team play to much.

another victory important for confidence. And another goal from both Loxton and Mainwaring if they keep this up they are going to be very good player for the team in the future.

August Table 14-15

Launceston FA Cup 2014-15

although this a very important tournament we are not interest it in it yet. We have to focus on the league and continue climbing are way to the top leagues one day we will win it but its not that time yet.
Any and all suggested. i welcome you to help me build this post to a better entry we have potential but we are not getting any reaction from you guys. so if you want to see something else or want any more details about this story just ask.
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Launceston September 2014-15

Thomas Loxton is a great player his probably playing his last season with us there is a lot of pressure from team to buy him. Its good to see that the team hasn’t let down on the way we play and we continue to destroy teams.

Its good to see a team challenging us, it make the league a little more interesting. We haven’t solved the issue teams scoring on us in the second half.

Wow Loxton has another hat-trick his second this season and it’s just September. We are back to winning and that’s very important because we were just 1 point in front of second place.

All the players are reacting spectacular when they are needed. We won again and we start to move forward again to promotion, its early but we can always dream.

September Table 14-15

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