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3D Kits

3D Kits
Started on 30 April 2014 by mattfgfx
Latest Reply on 14 October 2019 by biggles19961
mattfgfx's avatar Group mattfgfx
10 yearsEdited
I can do 3D kit requests if anybody wants to see there players on the 3D pitch in a real/fantasy kit.


Tallery's avatar Group Tallery
10 yearsEdited
Nice! We need one of these, as nobody seems to have a clue how to do them! If you look on the Kit Thread there are some requests for 3D Kits which I have attempted and failed miserably!
Can you please make these for me and tell me how to install them? Can I have the socks and shorts the usual style of the kit manufacturers please. Thanks


Here are the logo's in case you need them:

There is something there, just in white ;)

i will do the rest tomorrow and i have written an explanation in the kit thread as to how you put them on the game.

My saviour has arriveth!!!

I've been pulling what little hair I have left out trying to get my 2D kits into 3D... This team is from my fictional country and league system I began as a pen and paper school project back in 1987 that serves as the main reason I play or more appropriately 'use' FM!

Could you possibly do this home/away/third combo and put the badge on the shorts for all three kits? I'll supply the badge and sponsor logo of course.

Extra info... The colours I've used in RGB format are:

Blue 21/28/42, White 224/228/224, Red 224/0/0 - The shorts are white with blue trim and the socks are red with a white Umbro diamond near the top.


Same as home and all white with the red and blue trim.


Green 0/64/0, White 224/228/224, Black 0/0/0, Red 224/0/0 - All green with the same colour trim as the shirt.

Please ask if you need any other info!
If you can do this, I will be eternally grateful, imawildman!!
No problem mate i'll sort this for you tonight, do you want it to be a certain kit brand like adidas/nike/puma etc?
Umbro please, pal, that's what I used for the 2D kits, but through the SSD2 (Smart Shirt Designer)
No worries mate is that umbro logos down the arm as well?
They are, yeah... If they're a problem I can redo the shirts with a chest logo and repost if you want.
Not a problem mate. If you tell me what division your team are in i will put logo on the arm so if they are the champions of the premier league i will put gold prem badges on the arms to.

No need for that, pal as the league its in doesn't actually exist and has been made up... But if I ever design competition logos I'll let you know
Okay mate
Can you please make my kits ASAP as I need them! Sorry to be pushy!

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