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How to get my GK to STOP hitting the long goalkicks?

Started on 15 May 2009 by Jaddah
Latest Reply on 22 June 2021 by NEBA21
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I play a short-passing tactic (which otherwise works very well!) and want my GK to pass the goal kick to my defenders to build up the game from behind. When my team is under pressure and the opposition get a lot of chances I never can seem to build up my own play because the GK always knocks the ball up long and i rarely win the headers in midfield. Changing centre midfielders is not really an option because I need the ones I use for the short passing game.

Setting my GK distribution to "Quick throw" or "Defender collect" seem not to apply to goalkicks. GK's passing (as the rest of the team) is already set to "short" and "crossing" and "through balls" as low as they go.

What to do??
hm, i never noticed this about goalkeepers, is it just that 1 goalkeeper that is like that or is it like that in every game of yours?

maybe you need to have more aerial strength up front? i usually don't seem to have any problems with such.

and can you give us a bit more info.
Keepers very rarely just pass a goal kick to a defender, in real life it almost never happens.

I think its written in to the programme for keepers to kick the goal kick, I personally have never seen a keeper pass from there.

Although sometimes I'd like them to, especially when my keeper has kicking at about 8!
I've always had this problem since i started playing fm i couldn't figure it out so i changed my playing style.

I haven't tried this but have you tried setting the "goalkeeper distribution" to long kick and setting "distribute to" to one of your full backs; although i would try this in a friendly first because i don't know if ti will work.
Goalkeeper distribution should be to do with when the keeper collects the ball, not a goalkick. I don't think theres an option specifically for goalkicks.
I could potentially be because your defenders are too far up the pitch. Try making your defence play deeper in the team instructions and have your keeper distribute the ball to a specific defender.
Playing with a deep defence also helps when playing against fast strikers.
And 12 years later (2021) we're still here with the same issue.

Not for me thanks

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