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FC Metz: Voyage vers le haut

Started on 2 May 2014 by Bantams
Latest Reply on 4 May 2014 by Josh_MU
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FC Metz: Voyage vers le haut

Hello and welcome to my FC Metz story.

'Voyage vers le haut' means journey to the top and that's exactly the purpose of this story. I want to take this newly promoted side from the French National all the way to the top. They have a team with a lot of potential and great training facilities and superb youth & recruitment. It will be an interesting save with plenty of ups and downs but in the end I would like to reach the Ligue 1 and eventually win the league.

Who will I be playing as?

I will be playing as current manager Albert Cartier, he managed the side last term and finished runners up and got the side promoted, it would be wrong to deprive him of his chance to carry on managing after doing so well. So hopefully he can be the man to lead this team to the top.

Note: This story will be running alongside my Lille save, they are two different types of story with different aims and different context so I hope you enjoy and be a part of the journey! Allez Metz!

FC Metz: Voyage vers le haut

01/07/2013 - First day back

Today was the first training session back from the break, we had a terrific term last year finishing runners up in the French third division. So now we are playing our football in the Ligue 2, it will be difficult but I'm more than confident that my team can mount a real challenge this term, despite the odds being stacked against us.

I walked through the double doors at the training complex and progressed to my office, there I found my laptop lay on the desk. It had been a while since I came in here and the laptop lid had gathered dust, I gave it a quick wipe with an old rag and turned it on. I flicked through my emails and deleted most of the junk but I stumbled across a couple of emails that interested me, I scowled at them for several minutes, logged off, picked up my clipboard and left for the training field.

There I consulted with my assistant and the coaching staff, we had a quick word about what we was going to do today, it wasn't going to be anything major as it's the first day back, It'll just be a quick health check and a few fitness drills in the morning. One by one, the players started to arrive at the complex, dressed in their tracksuits talking about their holidays.

Time passed and the players began to take to the field where the cones were laid out. but we was still missing one player, where was Diafra Sakho? He’s never late, he usually the first to arrive and the last to leave on a night. I began to grow impatient and I took out my phone and began to dial. As soon as I had time to finish punching in the numbers he had arrived in his range rover. He appeared from behind his car and gave me a head nod and advanced towards the changing rooms, he was a bit of a ego head but there was no denying he was our best player and he would be key to any success we are going to have this season. He emerged from the changing rooms and took to the field with his team mates.

This is a nice start here! Good luck, looking forward to this.

FC Metz: Voyage vers le haut

01/07/2013 - Evening

I drove home from training that evening in relatively good spirits, the lads had stuck to the regulations for the summer and were all in good nick ready to start the preseason training. I couldn't of wished for better. Everyone seems happy to be back training even after all if it is running to start off with! I drove up the drive and parked the car and head for the front door, inserted the key and entered.

I threw my keys into the fruit bowl resting on an old oak table in the hall and progressed towards the kitchen. I opened the cupboard and reached in and grabbed a small glass and with the other hand reached for the bottle of scotch that lay on the side half empty. I poured myself a glass and advanced towards the lounge to watch some television, just as I sat down I received a text from head scout David Hamilton.

I stood up, took my glass off the table and steadily made myself towards the study, I opened the door and slumped into my chair and booted the computer up. I thought to myself that I needed to get an update soon, this old dinosaur won't last much longer, it's on its last legs. Anyways once the computer loaded up I opened up Outlook and there it was, the email David had sent me...

01/07/2013 - David Hamilton, "My Findings"

Subject: Potential Signings

Evening Albert,

I was doing a bit of research into the market earlier on and believe I may have found a bit of talent that may interest you, the players attached below will definitely be able to add a bit of extra something to our squad and help us this campaign going forward, make of them what you will:

Hope you find my findings useful.

David Hamilton

I read the report David had sent me, closed the laptop and went off to bed. I thought I'd sleep on the idea of signing these players and we'll see what tomorrow brings, for now my sleep awaits.
I love your updates man! They are worded very well and I enjoy reading them. Keep it up :)

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