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English Chairman Game

Started on 2 May 2014 by Bst
Latest Reply on 31 May 2014 by Bst
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9 yearsEdited
I have asked 20 people if they would like to sign up for the English Chairman Game, and if they have said yes, they have chosen a number between 1 and 20. This number will determine what club they have. The reason we're doing it randomly is because we want things to be fair.
You may sack you Manager at any time. You will have to pay out £5m and it's down to the game who you get as a replacement.

To sign a player from another team in your league you must contact the Chairman of that team and agree a value with them via PC. Both Chairmen will then need to PM me. with the agreed transfer fee.
You may sign any amount of players on a permanent transfer or loan from other Premier League clubs.You need to have 8 players trained in the same nation for 3 years before their 21st birthday

You may have 5 foreign transfers and 3 transfers from the lower leagues in England. To do this, you must name the player and his club in a PM. In this PM you must also post the transfer fee you wish to pay, which must be over the player's value. You first offer will be final

For the transfer fees of foreign and lower league players:
Aslong as you bid atleast £3,000,000 over the value, then the highest bidder of that player takes it. Be careful though you only get 5 bids, so if someone beats you to all 5 you will make no foreign signings,For the Lower League transfers you just have to bid above their value

Your manager will be given the remainder of your transfer and wage budgets to sign players that he so desires. This means that you will be able to rely on him to find a player to fill a gap in your squad rather than having to do it yourself. However, the manager may sell any one of your players to another team.

Every Club will start with 75m Transfer budget

Transfer window is open!!! 6pm 02/05 until 7pm 03/05
5 foreign transfers and 3 lower league ones allowed following the rules i set may bid for as many freebies as u like, highest wage wins,you can recall players for 1M

The Save!Q5BFxaaa!USCaW7zF8oUzyqD2DKvW3Qp1h5zLrCH_yY8-cvTAXsM
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9 yearsEdited


Liverpool (Arvind)
Neymar 42 Million
Alaba 20 Million
Javi Martinez 21,5 Million
Pogba 25 Million
Sanchez 24,5 Million

Arsenal (Pauker)
Koke 18 Million
J.Martinez 13 Million
M.Verratti 8 Million
De Sciglio 7 Million
Varane 23 Million

Fulham (ZapdosTheGreat)
Marquinhos 9 Million

Norwich (lolbaconboy)
Logashov 5 Million

Manchester City (TodayAtTommorow)
Ter Stegen 16 Million
Rafinha 14,5 Million
Dante 14 Million
Cerri 4,5 Million

Manchester united (AlexTHFC)
Danilo 10 Million
Rodriguez 10 Million
Kovacic 7 Million

Chelsea (LFC)
Sebastien Corchia 10 Million
Stefan Strandberg 5 million
Diego Costa 38 Million

Cardiff (aaronsinteur)
Kevin Strootman 7,5 Million
Aleksander Dragovic 8,5 Million
Younes Belhanda 7,6 Million
Alderweireld 6,9 Million
Volland 15 Million

Southampton (TVDLC123)
Bernard 12,75 Million
Hummels 21,75 million
Thiago 19,75 Million
Nkoulou 8,25 Million

Lower League

Cardiff (aaronsinteur)
Jordan Rhodes 8,75 Million

Arsenal (Pauker)
Hughes 6 Million
McCarthy 6 Million
Knockaert 7 Million


Cardiff (aaronsinteur)
Van Ginkel from Chelsea to Cardiff (loan)
Iago Aspas from Liverpool to Cardiff (3,5M)
Cleverley from Man United to Cardiff (4M)
Javi Garcia from Man City to Cardif (4,5M)

Southampton (TVDLC123)
Courtois from Chelsea to Southampton (loan)
Hernandez from Man United to Southampton (13M)
Ramires from Chelsea to Southampton (7M+Wanyama)

Manchester United (AlexTHFC)
Coutinho from Liverpool to Man United (10M+Mata)
Monreal from Arsenal to Man United (15M)

Chelsea (LFC)
Evra from Man United to Chelsea (4,75M)
Clichy and Pantilmon from ManCity to Chelsea (7M)

Manchester City (TodayAtTommorow)
Henderson from Liverpool to Man City (18M)

Fulham (ZapdosTheGreat)
Lucas leiva from Liverpool to Fulham (28M)
Torres from Chelsea to Fulham (15M)

Arsenal (Pauker)
Schurrle from Chelsea to Arsenal (8M)
Bst's avatar Group Bst
9 yearsEdited
Premier Division
Week 1

Let's see if Wenger can finish the drought this year, after making valuable additions to Arsenal :)
Bst's avatar Group Bst
9 yearsEdited
English Premier Division

Week 2
POTM:Player Of The Month
Robin Van Persie AlexTHFC/ManUnited (10M)

YPOTM:Young Player Of The Month
Erik Lamela FMP/Tottenham (10M)

MOTM:Manager Of The Month
Jose Mourinho LFC/Chelsea (5M)
Bst's avatar Group Bst
9 yearsEdited
Premier Division
Week 3

League Table
Premier Division
Week 4

League Table
Premier League
Week 5

League Table
POTM:Player Of The Month:
Daniel Agger Arvind/Liverpool (10M)

YPOTM:Young Player Of The Month
Luke Shaw AlexTHFC/ManU (10M)

MOTM:Manager Of The Month
Manuel Pellegrini TaT/ManCity (5M)
Premier Division
Week 6

League Table
yusss, top! :D
Solid first few games considering I've had many injuries, but we seem to picking up form.

*loses next 20 games*
Premier Division
Week 7

League Table

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