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Skysports Scout

Started on 16 May 2009 by micah
Latest Reply on 11 July 2009 by bryn
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look at all the players they have scouted on the right at the bottom

i use this to sign youngsters/potentially world class players

has anyone seen this before
lol, I'm starting to think that Sky Sports and Sports Interactive work together:p
Almost all the names there turn out to be great players on FM. Very nice scouting tool =D
this awesome micah

nice one!
yeh saw that a while ago.

i think that is a bit over the top as they are still youngsters and they are putting a certain potential to them rather than just giving a brief text about their talents and which areas they look to be more impressive at.
yeah i use this as well
Yeh use that. How i found out about Lewandowski, Kerrison, Bounatte and what not. Very useful
you know its because they buy player information from third party scouters (if thats a word)
Ehm think so... maybe. Who cares, you get to know about young players for free, it's sky they could have charged you.
lol they could if they wanted to lol i love this scout the way you can win fm live just for recomending player
It gives you a good reality and depth to finding players. I mean on Fm you find players but without the editor you don't know the potenial.
It's good for me because I only really follow Scottish and English football and champs league so I don't know about all these other teams, especially the little ones, so it gives me an insight into those. Also been following Kerrison and Buonanotte, who are my two favorite players just now
Skysports have Released a new feature called free agent here it is,19528,11096_5408790,00.html
Yeh I noticed that, it won't be so good for FM users, well not if what you want s a free transfer
yeah but for people with lower league clubs could be helpful
the scout on sky sports is great! i found out a lot more about the players that i have found on the game and sometimes a good report on skysports has made me decide to buy a player or not. i bought Kerrison beacause of it.

Also the free transfer is great i use it to have a look at a few players that are on the cheap for my low league side bromley.

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