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The Whitehawks of Brighton

Started on 10 May 2014 by STFCDan
Latest Reply on 15 May 2014 by STFCDan
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Picture the Scene

It's 2021, you've taken Whitehawk FC (formerly Brighton City FC) through successive promotions from Skrill South the League 1, winning Skrill South and League 2 in the process. After your initial career with Derby didn't work out when they sacked you for finishing 17th in the Premier league, you sought refuge with Whitehawk.

Things seemed blissful in the city of Brighton.

But after your first two seasons in league 1 finishing 15th and 16th respectively, things began to take a turn for the worst. The fans want you to leave, the players seem to lose motivation to play for you and the chairman has given you one more season to prove your worth.

Your make-or-break season begins now.

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Time To Build


Nemanja Ristic to Leeds - £500K

Not a good start, alas there was nothing you could do. Ristic is a talented player and was always destined to play higher up, and with his big money release clause this sale was out of your hands. Nevertheless the fans despise the decision and the speculation of your future grows bigger and bigger. For you, those 4 red cards Ristic received since January is a thing of the past.

Tomas Bunclark to Hereford - £7k

An important man in your League 2 promotion after signing on a free from Preston, he never really cut in League 1 level. His 4 goals in 83 appearances will be probably soon be forgotten as the fans were not too fussed with his departure.

Joe Keehan to Staylbridge - £5k

He's been with you right from the very start, but you feel like it's time for him to move on. His 11 years at the club with be remembered with great fondness as his 19 goals in 54 appearances in a single season helped you clinch promotion to League 2. Signed on a free from Havant & W he scored 59 goals before his age stopped him from being a regular in your team. He will be sorely missed by your fans.

Raphael Rossi Branco - Released

A singing from Swindon for £3k, you promised big things of Branco at his second stint with the club. However to your misfortune he never really delivered and his 60 appearances with 2 goals have already been forgotten by the fans.

Reece Fitzpatrick to Accrington Stanley - Loan

Your assistant claims that Fitzpatrick is destined for the first team so you sent him on loan to get some game time. Nothing more to it.

Tyler Roberts to Ilkeston - Loan

More or less the same as Fitzpatrick, out on loan to gain some first team experience.


Shaun Brown from Leyton Orient - £240K

With Theo Robinson retiring on you at the end of last season, you realise you need to delve into the market to buy a striker or two. Shaun Brown has been relatively unkown in the world of football, and the fans are disgruntled that you shelled out £240K for him.

Martyn Adams from Aberystwyth - £110K

Desperately trying to plug a hole in your leaky defence you try to shop around until your scout mentions Mr.Adams and how highly regarded he is in the world of Welsh football. Deciding to take his word for you, you pay £110K for the 23 year old.

Alex Coleman from Barnsley - £90K

Deemed surplus to the requirements of Barnsley Paul Jewell, you pounce on the opportunity to sign him. The fans are happy that you spent so little on him.

Sean Kennedy from Prestatyn - £75K

Another Welsh youngster with an eye for goal. You can see him playing a major part in your season to come.

Pablo Zabaleta - Free

He's not necessarily any good any more, but you feel that the 37 year old has the experience and the knowledge you need to guide you to something memorable this season. The fans are over the moon with the signing of such a well known player.

Connor Roberts - Free

Again, another much needed defender in your eyes.
Good luck!
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The Friendlies

Whitehawk vs Eastleigh
Whitehawk vs Peterborough United
Whitehawk vs Tranmere Rovers

"Only three friendlies?"

This is all you've been asked since the announcement of the pre-season fixtures and as of yet you haven't given a justifiable reason. "Keep the team fitness" and "We don't need any more than 3" are the most repeated things coming out of your mouth, and yet no one believes you. You don't even believe you.

"What have i done?" You keep asking yourself, certain that this will be enough to turn the board against you. That is, until, you see the statement on the official website.

"Boy" you think. "I've been let off the hook there."
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Crunch Time

Whitehawk- 4

Sean Kennedy 3,38,79
Shaun Brown 15

Eastleigh- 0

Possession 52% : 48%
Shots 9 : 4
Shots On Target 6 : 4
Corners 2 : 7

Phew. You're glad you got your first friendly out of the way. A tidy 4-0 victory with a handy hat-trick from the new signing to boot. That should ease the tension.

Whitehawk- 1

Alex Coleman 57

Peterborough United- 0

] Joe Mason (Offside) 37

Possession 45% : 55%
Shots 9 : 13
Shots On Target 6 : 11
Corners 2 : 5

Things are staring to look good for you. Another victory and another goal from a new signing. Admittedly you were slightly nervous when Posh originally scored but it was ruled out for offside. 2 down, 1 more to go.

Whitehawk- 2

Shaun Brown 29
Danny Mills 73

Tranmere Rovers- 1

Merrick James-Lewis 34

Possession 51% : 49%
Shots 12 : 4
Shots On Target 7 : 2
Corners 2 : 1

The full time whistle was greeted with a cheer both from the crowd, and yourself. You had managed to remain unbeaten in the pre-season and continuously impressed throughout. You tell the boys, especially long serving veteran Danny Mills, that even though they were only friendlies they have made you feel so proud. The negative you can pick out is that Tranmere scored the first goal against you all pre-season. Bring on the Season.

The Ignorance Of The Young

You're fuming. You cannot believe what you just heard.

"Sorry, what?" You said.
"I feel like i should move on here, the press says i can play higher and i want to" Said Sean Kennedy.
"How can you want to move on? You've only just joined here." You're trying desperately not to lose your temper.
"I feel like i'm too good for this team, it's time i moved on higher."

You can't even begin to comprehend the words flying into your ears right now. The player you signed less than a month ago wants to move on. All because of the press.

"Tell you what", I said. "You stay here for one season. If you prove your worth you can go at the end of the season."
"I guess that's fair"
"Good. Now leave, i have things to do."

You don't even know where to start with this. Part of you wants him to do badly so you can keep hold of him, however that would end with your job on the line again. If he plays well he'll move on. It's a lose-lose situation for you.
Ew, Whitehawk! :P
Good update, but be sure to lose to Enfield Town if you play them! ;)
2014-05-10 20:30#174249 The 510 Series : Ew, Whitehawk! :P
Good update, but be sure to lose to Enfield Town if you play them! ;)

Can't imagine Enfield Town playing in League 1, but sure i;ll bare that in mind ;)
STFCDan's avatar Group STFCDan
8 yearsEdited


SkyBet League 1 - 7th August 2021

Fleetwood Town - 2

Jamie Allen 5
[ Joe Bunney 72

Whitehawk - 2

Shaun Brown 11
Simon Hooper 56

Possession 58% : 42%
Shots 9 : 7
Shots On Target 6 : 6
Corners 4 : 0

You look at what went wrong. How did we draw? How was the possession so one sided? Too many negatives, not enough positives.

Capital One Cup - 11th August 2021

Whitehawk - 2

Danny Mills 10, 76

Swindon Town - 1

Rob Townsend 15

Possesion 44% : 56%
Shots 8 : 5
Shots On Target 5 : 5
Corners 1 : 5

This was much better, as you begin to remember the importance of competition for you getting all the way to the semis last season (probably the only reason you still have a job).

SkyBet League 1 - 14th August

Whitehawk - 1

Shaun Brown 8

Doncaster Rovers - 0

Possession 43% : 57%
Shots 5 : 4
Shots On Target 4 : 2
Corners 0 : 1

The team that you couldn't beat at all last season, and the team tipped for promotion. This is massive win for you. Unfortunately the fans don't recognise this.

SkyBet League 1 - 21st August 2021

Brentford - 3

Morten Yoshida 10, 21, 31

Whitehawk - 2

Kyle Rowe 16
Simon Hooper 41

Possession 57% : 43%
Shots 11 : 10
Shots On Target 8 : 7
Corners 2 : 1

This results disappoints you. Not only did you lose the game so early on, but the player you were hoping to sign just a week before scores a hat-trick on his debut. Time to pick up the pieces.

Capital One Cup 2nd Round - 25th August 2021

Charlton - 1

Nile Ranger 73

Whitehawk - 2

Sean Kennedy 31, 72

Possession 58% : 42%
Shots 13 : 3
Shots On Target 11 : 2
Corners 3 : 1

You were absolutely obliterated in this game, and yet you still walked away with another cup win. Perceived as a "giant killer" yet again, you marvel at the chance of playing a premier league team.

SkyBet League 1 - 28th August 2021

Whitehawk - 1

Alex Pearsons 69

Leyton Orient - 1[/b]

Harry Coates 86

Possession 43% : 57%
Shots 3 : 7
Shots On Target 1 : 7
Corners 5 : 1

You can't believe how many games you've had this month and you almost faint at the prospect of playing one more before the month in out.

JPT - 31st August 2021

Whitehawk - 1

Tommy Fraser 4

Barnet - 2

Ashley Morris 9
Tom Hooper 29
Josh Doyle 56

Possession 49% : 51%
Shots 8 : 7
Shots On Target 5 : 5
Corners 3 : 1

You can finally breathe easy again knowing that this hell of a month is over. Sure you lost in the JPT, but in truth you didn't really care about that. Two cup victories and a respectable league position is more than enough to make the fans forget about that.
As you say, long month haha. You'll get there, I have faith! UP THE WHITEHAWKS!

"That bitch of a month"

You've been on record as regarding the August month of 2021 as "that bitch of a month" and to be honest no one really blames you. The fans praise you (for the first time in recent months) for the club's success in the Capital One Cup and the board sympathises (again, first time in months) understanding your current league position.

You're quick to heap your praise on a certain Mr. Shaun Brown. Despite not being too well known when you signed him, he's been quick to prove his worth for you. With a goal on his debut, and frequent man-of-the-match performances, you feel he deserves all the plaudits right now.

Reflecting on the league itself, it's been a good start for Barnet who are trying to make a light of their rare appearance outside of league 2. Two wins out of four is enough to see them in 4th place, a place you would like your own team to finish this season. At the other end of the table no wins in 4 leave Sheff Utd rock bottom. The team you tipped for promotion this season has made a torrid start. Bet you wish you never made that bet with your mates...

Zabaleta injured in training

Former Reading and Manchester City star Pablo Zabaleta and injured his leg in training today and could face up to 3 months on the sidelines.

The Argentinian who was once lifting the Premier League trophy is now said to be a crucial figure in Whitehawk's promotion push. The League 1 side have currently experienced 2 seasons in the division with little to no success.

"This is a massive blow", said Whitehawk Manager Daniel Abbott. "I signed Pablo with the intention of him pulling the strings in defence midfield. The only hope now is that he used his experienced footballing brain to the teach the younger members of our squad how to stay calm."

The Brighton side, who face Oldham at home next Saturday, will find it tough to readjust with out their star man.

The Month After

Whitehawk vs Oldham - League 1
Bury vs Whitehawk - League 1
Whitehawk vs Reading - Capital One Cup 3rd Round
Whitehawk vs Sheffield United- League 1
Bristol Rovers vs Whitehawk - League 1

You look over you fixture list for the month. Needless to say, you're not looking forward to it.

Whitehawk - 5

Alex Pearson 13, 22, 30(pen),45
Sean Kennedy 40

Oldham Athletic - 1

Jonathan Meades 50
Liam Wakefield 35

Possession 54% : 46%
Shots 18 : 3
Shots On Target 11 : 3
Corners 2 : 2

You start to wonder why the press even doubted your ability to achieve without Zabaleta. What a win this is for you. It's always nice going in 5-0 at half-time and even better when your youth team graduate gets a hat-trick. Start as you mean to continue.

Bury - 1

Ryan Bowman 30

Whitehawk - 2

Shaun Brown 24
Martyn Adams 58

Possession 50% : 50%
Shots 10 : 13
Shots On Target 7 : 11
Corners 5 : 3

Yet again you marvel at another brilliant performance by your team. You sat in 10th and travelled to the team sitting in 1st, to come away with a win was nothing short of miraculous. Another three points and you set yourself for the company of Reading on Wednesday.

Whitehawk - 1

Alex Pearson 32
Martyn Adams 55

Reading - 6

Jeff Hendrick 3
Jake Livermore 24
Chuba Akpom 27, 36, 57, 81

Possession 48% : 52%
Shots 6 : 14
Shots On Target 4 : 12
Corners 2 : 1

This is the first time since you joined the club those 5/6 years ago that your team has been booed of the field and in your opinion deservedly so. Reading certainly gave you a master class of how to take your chances and it's one you hope your team have learnt.

Whitehawk - 0

Sheffield United - 2

Jahmal Smith 9
Eddie Nolan 17

Possession 55% : 45%
Shots 3 : 4
Shots On Target 1 : 3
Corners 4 : 4

Well you guess the lesson from the Reading game was not learnt. How you came away from this without getting at least a point is beyond you. Still you've got Bristol Rovers Away to look forward to.

Bristol Rovers - 1

Chris Dillon 61

Whitehawk - 4

Sean Kennedy 24,80
Danny Mills 62
Moses Swaibu 82

Possession 44% : 56%
Shots 10 : 15
Shots On Target 8 : 9
Corners 3 : 1

Being a "die-hard" Swindon fan, this win is nothing short of delightful for you. Not only have banished the demons left by Reading, but you've managed to smash 4 past the pirates. You drove home with a giant grin on your face.

A month that, despite your heavy cup defeat, can be regarded as a success. Three wins out of four in the league pushes you up nine places to 8th. This is a much better place for you to finish. The 5-1 victory at home to Oldham really shut the press up more than anything. They predicted you to fail without Pablo Zabaleta but your players have responded superbly.

This month really has to go to a Alex Pearson. Despite not being regarded as a youth prospect any more at 22 years of age, he's still been a proud recruitment from the youth team. Four years of first team experience has worked wonders and his four goals before half time in the 5-1 drubbing of Oldham really proved what he's worth.

Looking at the table now, that win at Bury has really become that much more special. They sit top of the league and so far the only game they have lost is to you. However on the flip side of this, the only game that Sheffield United has won so far was against you. Still, you can't complain with sitting in 8th.

"Now more on the story of League 1 side, Whitehawk, as two of their players have reportedly had an incident on the training ground."

"Striker Sean Kennedy and defender Martyn Adams apparently fell out after the former received a rather strong challenge from the latter. A heated exchange of words and pushing followed before first team coach Luke Williams was forced to intervene."

"Sean Kennedy, who has already been reported to be leaving Whitehawk, could well have seen his last action for the club."

"A representative for the club has yet to come forward and... "

You've had enough. Just one month. You want just one month where your on field antics are remembered more than your off field ones. You sit back and take a deep sigh. Yo have no idea how you're going to deal with these two players.

Sometimes you just hate football.

You are reading "The Whitehawks of Brighton".

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