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The 'Old Firm' Challenge

Started on 17 May 2009 by xtremeganesh
Latest Reply on 18 May 2009 by Gspot69
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My new FM related exploit will be the old favourite - "The Old Firm Challenge"
...and I may even start a blog because it'll probably be funny for everyone to read about me crying after being repeatedly slaughtered by Celtic and Rangers.


The old firm teams are so overrated! I mean yeah theyre easily the best two teams in the scottish prem but for heavens sake theyre not that good!!!! Mid to low table prem teams at best.

I've decided to go with Hearts, theyre predicted to finish 7th so it wont be too easy, and theyve got a respectable debt as any good club should have =D but they do have a youth academy and good traning facilities - a good all round base to start an attack on the top two me'thinks.

Also I have a thing for their young striker Gary Glen. On my Liverpool game (8seasons in) he has risen from Finishing - 11 and Composure - 10 to Finishing - 15 and Composure - 18, very nice =)

been a long long time since i played with a scottish team. remember doing it once but not for that long.
Let us know how it goes. Andrew Driver is ace!
First of all the reason Rangers and Celtic are so good is that fm recognises that both sides have massive potential both are usually in the champions league and both have sell out stadiums of over 55,000 EVERY week however fm fails to regognise the financial climate both sides live in i am in my 4th season with Rangers and have a transfer budget of 65 million and a balance of 110 million it is not to difficult to go a side outwith the old firm in fm and achieve top place sensible signings during the first 2 years and you should be at least up to speed with the old firm
Hmm I think that the top two are far overrated, one of my friends is doing the same as me with Dundee and his words to me were "Prepare to cry a lot because Celtic and Rangers are going to beat you..... a lot!"

Oh, just incase anyone doesnt get what is meant by "The Old Firm Challenge"

The Old Firm teams are Celtic and Rangers, who in the Scottish Prem are typically miles better than everyone else.

Pick any team below them depending on the level of challenge you want.

You "win" when you finish a season either 1st or 2nd, thus breaking the Old Firm.

I think however I may keep playing after then and just turn it into a normal game, jump ship to a higher status team as and when the offers come.

Ive currently got Daniel Sturridge on a season long loan, a turkish keeper for £22k and Zuculini coming for £125k (over 24 months, plus 20% future profit). Zuculini is purely a business buy, Ive sold him in the past for well over £20mil to Roma, cant wait for the cash-in. That'll get me up to speed financially =D
What you say is true but isn't it always like that in real life too :con
From what I've seen is that Celtic and Rangers are by far the best clubs in Scotland.
As i say tho it is not much of a challenge most spl sides have a stable base to challenge the old firm a couple of signing and you should at least split them in the first 2 seasons most of my mates hate Rangers and Celtic go another team usually either aberdeen dundee utd hibs or hearts and win the spl and compete in europe within 2-3 years the real challenge would be to go a 1st or 2nd division team and win the spl within 5 years

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