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chat down?

Started on 13 May 2014 by No1VillaFan
Latest Reply on 14 May 2014 by aaronsinteur
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is chat down?
Not on mobile devices it seems. Thre seems to be a new chat system
Our previous chat service is technically dead, so I've switched to the new one even though it doesn't have the features I want yet. The key feature needed is single sign-on which will allow only FMSCOUT members to use the chat, because as things stand now even guests can use it. I could change that to require Twitter or Facebook login, but I'm not sure I want that. The problem is that by allowing guests to use the service, it's always maxed out at the 50 chatters limit which is currently purchased.

What do you guys think of the new chat system?
Which new chat service?
Our old chat system was no longer working when I entered the site today. So I had a choice to make: either switch to a new system (which is still unfinished) or go without chat entirely. I went for the first option.

The problem with this new system is that it doesn't have an option to work for members only, but instead I had the option to allow guests to use the chat or "lock it" with a Facebook or Twitter sign in. Initially I tried guests but this way the chat would be filled with guests and reached its limit on a permanent basis (due to high traffic). So I had to go for the last option, which is something I don't really like because the anonymity of our site accounts is much better for most people here.

This new chat service would have been our future choice, but with the implementation of certain features which are now missing. I'm talking about single sign on (to allow chat usage for members only), multiple public chats (instead of just 1), and ability to have private chats between more than 2 users. Hopefully we'll get these features before June, but there's always a chance that we won't. It's not within my reach to affect these changes.

The question remains whether we should keep this unfinished chat system as is, or to disable it all together. What do you think we should do?
I like its when you get used to it its quite fun
It's hard to say, I guess this chat allows us to talk to each-other, but there are a few aspects of it I don't like :/
I've just tested it and it isn't all too terrible. It just so happens that for me personally, having no chat really does benefit me because now I have less distractions while completing work here. To get back to my point, the chat does run smoothly, although it is a bit slow at times. However, we are missing a few vital aspects in this chat and at the end of the day, it is this site that is paying for the use of the chat server, completed or not. I think it needs to be looked at from a 'value for money' perspective rather than as a utility. Is it worth paying the undoubtedly large expenses for a chat which is not yet complete?

This site isn't about the money, it is about FMers from all around the world congregating together and sharing our love for the beautiful game. But I do think that perhaps returning back to the olden times here and not having a chat system until it is 100% complete would be a more financially viable option. After all, we still have FM Bar :P
Not the best in my opinion, but like Stam said it is not finished. Alright for now though so people can chat to eachother.
Financial expenses it's not a concern for me because it doesn't cost more than the previous service. My concern is whether it's better having people complaining over this unfinished chat system or complaining about having no chat at all. At any case, complaints cannot be avoided so it's something I take for granted lol
Whatever happens, you can't escape criticism from people on several things, the older chat was more practical, and didn't force people to show some of their personal information, as Stam said earlier, as connecting to Facebook or Twitter, which can make people vulnerable? Still this does not protect the user and doesn't allow him to be anonymous. However, I don't know what happened to the old chat but since the old chat being unstable and not good for use, then it's no benefit talking about it. I do notice this chat does skip out some times though, not showing some sent messages if they are consequent. Since you are also talking about June, it's not a very distant time but may be hard for some people to put up with it, and by allowing chat sign in via Facebook or Twitter, you are allowing non-FMScout users to join us, which doesn't seem like a very good idea. This chat is missing out on a lot, it doesn't show users, doesn't allow private conversations, shows people by full names not usernames, which creates a confusion for me. My opinion is that I think this all depends on how it is working out financially for you, since you are paying money for chat, its of no benefit to have a chat which people do not use or wouldn't like to use, and would better avoid, so you can cut down on the payments for now until a decent system is developed or just put up with the payments, but I will not be upset if you turn off chat and in return have a decent better system in a month or so, but if you cannot provide that due to not having time, facility, finance, skills, or anything of that sort, then leave the current chat so people don't complain and add some changes from time to time. Good luck :)
I have no chat anymore?

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