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plz help me

Started on 24 May 2009 by someone
Latest Reply on 24 May 2009 by The !RedDevil!
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plzzz help. I want to play like arsenal does in real life. I have downloaded all tactics who are about arsenal but they dont work. I use patch 3, can someone help me with the team instructions and the individual player instructions???
hmm, i can "help". but in future dont create a thread like this, especially when you dont have any information at all.

if you could give us more info on who you have etc, then we might be able to help.
my team is arsenal. i have just signed miguel veloso. i havent sold anyone. if you want to know something else just ask . thanks for helping
well first of all you can more or less never play as realstic tactical football as in real life with so less options.

never the less.

what you are looking at is to find a decent line up. a 4-4-2, 4-5-1 or whatever YOU think is best and works best.

now the next thing you might think of is, how do arsenal play for an example away from home against a big team? well they rely themselves on more of an counter attacking play(when theyare at their best that is), they try to play short passing game, but really quick tempo.

at home they will be looking to control the game more so that would be short passing game and around normal tempo. maybe even slightly slow if you think that is working better. also to gain more control at home they will make sure their back four is higher up the pitch, pushing up a bit that is. also relying a bit more on the offside trap.

they will also make sure 1-2 of their midfielders come into the box often. they will try to push up their FB really far up so their wingers can cut into the pitch to create more central danger.

also they rely a lot on through balls rather than long balls or anything like that.

and now you have to also think about that some players need to have the freedom to pass around. like fabregas should have mixed on his passing instruction, thats what i do anyways with good passing players.

you will need to make sure that the PERSONAL instructions are balanced. that you have one CM with maybe less freedom than the attacking one etc.

you have to alter things yourself as well according to the team.

now if that doesnt help you also in the future on how to watch real football and convert them into FM tactics. then all hope is lost.

red spot on again like always haha.

to be honest you cannot play like arsenal play in real life.
arsenal play a very original game. the passing and creative talents in the team are not as good as they should be on the game.
you also can't have a single tactic, as arsenal you need to tweak you tactics to each opponent, considering the strengths and weaknesses of the defenders and changing your attacking options to take advantage of that. e.g. a slow defence play quick counter attacking play. a strong defence play the ball along the ground always. low marking skills play crosses and throughballs often.

you have to mix it up, if not teams catch on to your tactics and counter you

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