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Gary Lineker - A Kings Power

Started on 21 May 2014 by Aaron
Latest Reply on 1 June 2014 by Aaron
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Past to Present – Recapping My Career.

My teachers always said that I would fail. They’d repeatedly question my chances at life and even wrote that I concentrate too much on my football in numerous school reports. I never paid any attention to them, and stuck to football. I was determined to prove them wrong, and one day I did when I got a big chance to show what I could do to my supported club Leicester. I took my chances, and they quickly signed me on to a youth contract.

After playing remarkably in the youth teams, I finally broke into the first team in the early 1980s scoring prolifically helping them up into the first division. Two seasons on, I started to become a regular for the first team, and paired up well with Alan Smith up front scoring 19 goals. A year later I would become the Second Divisions top goal scorer and then would become runner up to only Ian Rush on the top scorers list. I then went one better the next season, and became joint top scorer in the first division with 24 goals to my name.

The total amount of goals I scored at Leicester (95) got me a big move to Merseyside club Everton where in one year I scored an amount of 30 goals in 41 appearances.

My spectacular goal scoring form and simply brilliant performances in the 1986 Mexico world cup saw me on my way to sunny Spain in Barcelona. How could I reject a move like this? I made 103 apps for the Catalonians and netted 43 goals. I helped the historic club add to the collection of silverwear winning the Copa Del Rey and the European Cup winners Cup.

My decline as a footballer began when I moved to Tottenham Hotspurs. Of course, I never really declined at all but this was the period of which my career began to end. I finished top scorer in the first division with another 24 goals, and a year later won my first piece of English Silverwear, the FA Cup. The next season, I finished my career in top flight football with a bang, scoring 28 in 35 games coming second in the scoring charts to Ian Wright who notched 29 in 42.

After a memorable career, I finished it all with one last season at Nagoya Grampus Eight, in Japan’s J.League where in one season I scored nine goals in the 23 games I was played in.

As for the national side, I earned 80 apps for England, and scored 48.

However, back to the present, I now somehow have been given the best job I could ever have hoped for. I was now manager of my boyhood club. I walk through the empty tunnel of the King Power Stadium, and finally reach the pitch. I look out to the 32,000 empty seats, and can only dream of packing the stadium out on the final day of a Championship season, coming out with a win which would take us to the top flight once more.

This team, this club, the fans, are all going places and I intend to make sure I am the one to do take them to said places. This won't be easy, and I fully accept that there is a good chance this may not turn out well, but for the time being, I gary Lineker will be the man to take Leicester City forward. And I cannot wait!
Nice start Aaron.
LOVE. The title, the banner. The bloody writing ain't three bad either!!! Good luck :D
Nice start mate. Good Luck.
Great start mate
Josh, fmhunter, Jack & Cfc: Thanks for the early comments, and fmhunter, the writing is supposed to be the best bit so I'll definitely look to improve it! ;)
good luck mate!
Wow great start I shall be following

A sleepless night - Meeting Vichai

It was a restless night. Despite the luxury bed, bathroom and outright amazing hotel room, I just couldn't relax. I was meeting Vichai Srivaddhanaprabha, chairman of Leicester City. A long, complicated name but that was the last of my worries. I was confident of making a good impression, but there was always going to be nerves mixed in. He is actually a really nice bloke, but the thought of letting him down when he has so much faith in me kills me.

But still, I'm no coward, and I wasn't ready to become one. I didn't have to dig deep for the determination to get out of bed and get ready. No, I was managing the club I support and regardless of the nerves I had, I was still full of excitement. I put on my suit, and straightened out my tie, leaving Danielle to relax and enjoy some time of her own in this simply brilliant hotel.

I left my room, and wandered down a few flights of stairs before finally reaching the ground floor. I opened the double doors to the lobby, and turned to my left, and strolled into the bar. I picked up a ready made cup of coffee and sat down at a table awaiting my new employer.

He didn't keep me waiting. I was there on my own for just a few minutes before his arrival. I looked up whilst trying not to make eye contact with him, but it seemed he was had the same idea. He took a seat, and spoke out to me in his thick Thai accent.

Vichai: "Good morning Gary! I trust you have a good night? This hotel is remarkable!"

Gary: "It sure is, and yes I think I enjoyed my night here thank you, yourself?"

Vichai: "Yes! It was nice. Anyway, let's get down to business shall we? First of all, I want to speak to you about our ambitions here at Leicester. Now, of course we haven't ever really been a great side, but now we have the chance to become one. We have many good young players as well as other older, experienced ones and I think they can take us to the Premier League next year. If this does happen, of course we will be investing heavily to make sure we stay there, but before we get ahead of ourselves, where do YOU, honestly believe you can take us?"

Gary: "Well, I am an honest guy and I want you to know that this isn't going to be easy. It'll take some getting used to but I am sure I can cope with the pressure, I think a play off spot would be the most realistic final position for us and yes I think we could progress from them. I don't like to say things like this but if you want us to win the league, we may have to rely on Wigan and QPR producing poor performances which is easier said than done. I think we are one of the best teams in the league and we can definitely get promoted this season, that is of course if the team gel with me and amongst themselves quickly."

Vichai: "Listen, I was never expecting it to be easy. You're new to this, and I had fully acknowledged that before I hired you. Now, I want you to be aiming for a a top half finish. Of course we are ambitious, but you are an inexperienced manager and we want to give you a chance. Get us promoted, and you can expect some serious changes here for the better.
Now onto finances, we are willing to give you £2 million for your transfer budget and £20K in wages. Are you happy with that?"

Gary: "Yeah, I don't think I'll be making any permanent signings, if I do they'll be free, but other than that it'll be loans and I have a couple of players in mind for as for those loans."

Vichai: "Mind telling me who so I can get an insight to your ideas for the coming season?"

Gary: "Well, I want an attacking midfielder, a striker and a left back. If you do not mind I would like to keep them confidential. A surprise so to speak..."

The meeting dragged on for about another 30 minutes, talking over the current players, the finances and our long term goals. In fact, I feel more reassured after the meeting. He was a really nice guy and has really taken the pressure off me. I feel now like I can work with complete fluidity and confidence. I can't wait to meet the players come Monday morning!"
Good luck :)
Like the update. Who could the signings be?

A sleepless night - Meeting Vichai

I stepped out of my office, and walked outside onto the pitch, lapping the field reminiscing the past. Once I got back around to the diner entrance, a group of lads walked out into my direction, Nugent, Knockeart, Wes Brown and Chris Wood. A loud bunch, but they seemed to get on well, which is nice to see. They calmed down after a few seconds and acknowledged my presence.

Nugent: "A'ight boss, how are ya? Welcome to Leicester!

Gary: "Thanks, David I'm ok, how are you lads? Ready for training I hope.

Morgan: "Always ready gaffer, we can't wait to get underway this season. We're taking it by storm I assure.

Gary: "That's a fantastic attitude Wes, I trust the rest of you have the same idea. Now, whilst I hope you're an ambitious group, which I am sure you are, I don't want you to get to ahead of yourselves. There are many other great teams in the league with older, more experienced players. We are a young team, and I am not expecting you to seal promotion in a season, so don't feel pressurized by that. Of course we aspire to be the best, but it's early days yet. Anyway, where are the rest of the boys?"

Knockeart: "At a guess, they're still in the cafeteria. I dunno how long they'll be, you might want to go and hurry 'em on a bit if we are too start training early.

Gary: "Alright then, go and get yourselves warmed up I'll be back in a bit."

I had instantly taking a strong liking towards Wes Morgan. He had a great attitude. He was a leader. After I had spoken to the lads, I went and sped up the rest of the team in the cafeteria. They came out with me and we met up with the group of players I had previously spoken too. We spoke as a group for a while before getting to training. The lads really are an ambitious bunch.

Gary: "Okay then. So, there have been a few changes around here recently, but please don't let that hinder our performances. I want what is best for you and the club, so have faith in me. Now, this coming season, is a season for us to work out our own way of playing, and working out how each other play. We must remain competitive and we will, I want us to achieve a high finish and I believe we can edge out a play off spot. As long as we can do that, and figure out how to play as a team with eachother, we can then prepare for the play offs and hopefully look forward to a Premier League campaign next season. How do you boys feel about our chances?

Morgan: I think that is achievable. There are many other great teams but we are certainly one of them. We can go up this season, we just need the passion and fight to ensure that. Lads? Agree?"

Wood: "Definitely. Of course it was disappointing to miss out last season, but we can do this. We have to pull ourselves out of fucking bed, remove any past grievances from your mind and take it to the opposition next year. This year is OUR YEAR!!

Whole Team: "C'MOOON!! LET'S 'AVE 'EM!!!"

I was taken back by the self motivation of Wood and Morgan. The passion and determination burns from within each and every member this season. Suddenly, I'm even more confident. We can do well next season for sure! I've been talking out of my arse...If the boys believe we can achieve promotion then we can. I set the bar a little low, and I find that even with such a young squad, they could well be ready for a title challenge. I can't wait.
Nice update Aaron! Hope you take them to the Premier League!
great to see you using gary lineker a leicester legendary player hope he can be a great manager to
great writing mate. good luck also pronouncing that damn chairman's name

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