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Attributes for through balls?

Started on 23 May 2014 by sa3vat3
Latest Reply on 29 October 2014 by Obama420
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Just after some help and clarification. If my midfield have high long shots, passing, creativity and decisions, I'm assuming that I can safely play them more direct passing and passing into space. Which I am in turn hoping leads to more through balls, would this be correct?

Ignoring everything else, if I was looking for stats for my forwards to have to properly receive these through balls, I would look for things like acceleration and pace, but I'm guessing 'movement' (in the comparison tab) and anticipation would be the highest priority?

Also just to clarify, what is 'Movement'? I'm assuming positioning and off the ball, but does agility play a role do you think?

On top of all this, safely playing a through ball style based on this would only really be effective against opponent defences who are slow, have good heading that my attack can't match or a high defensive line?

I'm very new to football manager and am yet to go a season without being sacked or relegated, trying to get my head around tactics from the ground up and just hoping for some clarification and reassurance that my mind is heading in the right direction. Or some help if it's not!
I've explained what each attribute means in this guide:
Football Manager Basics: Player Attributes and Roles Explained

For better results you should also pay attention to PPM (player preferred moves) as well, and train your players to develop moves that could further aid your style of play. For example "tries killer ball" is really useful if you're looking for suitable players to execute through balls.

I believe long shots basically affects accuracy (mainly) and shot power (secondary) when a player tries to place a shot towards goal from distance. Passing, creativity and decisions are crucial if you wish to build up play through direct passing. I'd also look out for first touch, technique, anticipation, composure, and of course teamwork and work rate will help a lot that cause.

If I had to assign specific attributes to explain movement, I would name off the ball, positioning, anticipation and agility (yes, it affects movement). Obviously pace and acceleration are important here.

Through ball style should probably work best if your offensive players are faster than the opposition's defenders, as simple as that. A high defensive line would make it even easier.

By the way, heading is not related to winning headers but it's rather about the accuracy of them. Jumping and player's height are key factors in being able to compete for a header in the first place (and positioning obviously).

I highly recommend reading some of the tactical guides we have here:
How to create a successful tactic
Tactical Guide: Pairs and Combinations
The Mentality Ladder: Understanding Fluidity and Duty

I hope this helps :)
I would say first touch is also a desirable attribute for the striker receiving the through ball, as it not only relates to the ability to pass the ball at first touch but also the ability to control the ball.
And flair a desirable attribute for the passer. The higher the flair, the better and most unpredictable passes he will provide "ceteris paribus".
Other than this, really nice explanation above.
i am currantly bradford city manager in English league 1 is it wise for me to us a more advanced tactical formation like 4-1-2-1-2 (Wide Diamond) or should i stick to standard 4-4-2
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