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Anthony McPartlin - The Next Messiah - Corrupt Save

Started on 26 May 2014 by cfcmarkt
Latest Reply on 27 May 2014 by cfcmarkt
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A New Beginning

I have been a celebrity all my life, always thriving in the acting business but now I want more. Since I was young I have always loved football, the thrill of the game watching my team trot out onto the pitch in those black and white stripes. I have always listened as the away fans chant ‘you’re just a s**t f***ing barcode’ at us, never deterred from the club I call my own. I may have taken the acting road rather than a football one but now all I can do is dream of managing.

I call my agent, the man who has got me countless prime time TV slots and sent me to Australia for I’m A Celebrity. He answers confirming he will search for a managerial job but expressing his concern at this so called ‘whim’. I settle back and think of them cruel mocking banners at Villa away, believing that one day they may come true.

I may be famous as an actor but that is not my true dream, one day I will be a football manager.

Good luck!
2014-05-26 23:03#176888 AaronHJFT96 : Good luck!
Thanks Aaron
Good luck!
good luck!
Good luck
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Player Walk out leaves Newcastle in crisis

Alan Pardew’s future as Newcastle United manager has been threatened by a player walk out. In a bizzare turn of events all Newcastle players refused to attend training due to the alleged affair between Colocinni’s wife and Alan Pardew.

Alan Pardew has always been known as a womaniser however for a manager to have intimate relations with a players wife is something that has never happened before. It is a disgusting abuse of trust by Pardew and one can understand why the squad is revolting.
Sammy Ameobi tweeted this.

Newcastle United have been in turmoil recently finishing just above the relegation zone and Pardew was in a delicate position before this event. Speculation persists that Pardew will be sacked however with 9 years left on his contract it will likely be expensive business.

We got fans views on the matter:
Fan 1: Us fans have been wanting him out for a long time he should definitely go for this.
Fan 2: He is an appaling man, an appaling manager I don’t know why he’s still here.
(Fan 3 broke into a chant of we want Pardew out.)
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One Confusing Night
I spin the wheel one more time, in a mist of red and blacks I feel I cannot lose again, the ball settles slowly bouncing between the two lines and stopping. Stuck in the red, my gamble had failed, I walk out on a cloud of misery falling in to the pub which lurked just across the road.

The sign on the door read the Stanhope as if to tease my current predicament, barely able to think straight, I shuffle through my wallet and buy a double of whisky. As I guzzled the whisky down, a large burly man approached, tapping on my shoulder with the tact of a bear.

He spoke with a rather threatening cockney accent ‘Ant we have been watching you’ before dragging me across into the corner. Greeting me in the corner were 3 similar looking men who sat alongside a fatter man who I swore I could recognise.

The fatter man began to speak, he told me his name ‘Mike Ashley’ the Newcastle United owner and began on how he wasn’t rich because of Sports Direct but how he in fact lead a drug smuggling ring in the capital. His predicament could solve mine he said, after Pardew’s behaviour he needed a new manager and I needed the money.

We moved on quickly, it felt like a whirlwind, we caught the underground I’m not sure where to. I blanked out as we passed south Kensington and woke up in an unknown location, I heard Ashley speak ‘sorry Ant but you understand, you can’t know where we are’.

The walls were peeling grey, I felt as if I was having a nightmare but that illusion shattered as Ashley handed me a contract and I obliged by scrawling my name. He now revealed that the club was used for money laundering and that was also true of his business as well.

I woke up in a car outside Kings Cross, and a note left in the car confirmed it wasn’t a dream. I guess I was the new Newcastle manager now.
This story is over my save corrupted AGAIN.

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