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FMScout's Very Own Mafia!

Started on 29 May 2014 by AlexTHFC
Latest Reply on 3 June 2014 by AlexTHFC
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So, yeah, this is just another idea I've had for an interactive FM game, that won't properly start until Sunday at the earliest, but I want to get some sign ups from active people so this can run effectively.

What is FMScout's Very Own Mafia?

This game is much more based on her story than the save, although the save is a very vital part of the game. Those who sign up will pick a number (list below) and I will PC or PM them with their team and role. You will find out what these roles are later on in the post, but I promise you, they are interesting.

Once you've been given your role and the description, and 20 people have signed up, I will edit a transfer embargo onto the Premier League. In the Summer and January, there will be a transfer window where you can sign any three players for at least 3m above their value. You have an unlimited budget, but you cannot bid over twice the player's value unless the value is under 10m, meaning you can't bid 200b for Lionel Messi. The highest bid after the transfer window wins, and this is where the real fun starts.

On the 1st of every month, starting with August, you can choose to do something with your role that affects one team of your choice. You will have a whole day to either PC me or PM me with what you want to do with your role, before I do some of this in the game or respond. I will gather all of the information and post it in this thread. This will mean that everyone knows what people have done, but not the teams behind it. When this is posted, it'll only have what members have done what, not the teams doing what.

For the rest of the month, you can discuss what evidence you have found. At the end of each month, you can vote for one TEAM to have one random player killed (removed from their team).

The Roles

The roles are a vital part of this game, because without them, it's just a restricted Chairman Game. There are three alliances - Town, Mafia and Neutral. The aim of the Mafia is for everyone to finish in the top ten. If that happens the game is won by the mafia. The aim of the Town is to keep at least 1 team of the Mafia out of the top ten, which will be tricky as you won't know who is in the Mafia. If this happens for 5 straight seasons, the Town will win. The aim of the Neutral is to sneak up the table and win the title. The Town won't know who else is in the Town, the Neutrals won't know who else is Neutral, but the Mafia will know who is in the Mafia, and they can confer with each other at the start of every month.

Town - 13

Doctor x2 - If you are the doctor, you can choose 1 team to protect at the start of each month. If the mafia chooses to attack the team you protect nothing happens to that protected team. You can protect yourself once every season, and you can store these if you want.

Jailor x2 - If you are the Jailor, you can jail 1 team at the start of each month by PC-ing me. I will then tell you the role and member of that team, and you can execute a player of your choice from that team if you want. You can execute 3 players a season, and they cannot be stored. Those who are being jailed can give me a fake role to tell the Jailor if they want.

Investigator x2 - You investigate one team at the start of each month by PC-in me. I will tell you three possible roles for them to help you figure out who the mafia is.

Sheriff x2 - You investigate one team at the start of each month by PC-ing me. I will tell you if they're in the mafia or not, unless you've investigated the godfather. I will say they are town like every other member of the town.

Escort x1 - You can block one team from using their role at the start of each month. In August and January, you also block them from signing a player. If you block a killer, they can't use their role, but you also lose a player.

Veteran x1 - You can choose to go on alert at the start of the month three times a season. If someone visits you while you're on alert, they have 1 random player killed. You can store alerts through the seasons.

Vigilante x1 - You can choose a team to have 1 random player shot at the start of each month. If you shoot and kill a town player, a random player from your squad will be killed. You can do this three times a season and it cannot be stored.

Spy x1 - You can see what the mafia say to each other across the day, but not necessarily the team or members behind them, unless the mafia give this information in their chat.

BodyGuard x1 - You can protect one team at the start of each month. If that team is attacked, but you and the attacker will have a random player killed. You can protect yourself once each season, and they cannot be stored.

Mafia - 4

Godfather x1 - The leader of the mafia. You order the mafioso to kill a player of their choice from a team of your choice. You cannot lose a player at the start of each month.

Mafioso x1 - You PC or PM me with the player you wish to have killed from the team the Godfather ordered. If you do not obey the Godfather, you will have a random player killed.

Consigliere x1 - You can find out one team's exact role each start of the month.

Blackmailer x1 - You choose 1 team to blackmail at the start of each month, and they cannot talk at all for the entire month. If you blackmail someone in January or August, they cannot buy any players. If the blackmailed member speaks at all during that month, they will have a player killed.

Neutral - 3

Serial Killer x1 - You can choose 1 player from 1 team to kill at the start of each month. You can't have a player killed at the start of each month by anybody but the veteran.

Arsonist x1 - You can choose 1 team to have a random player doused in gas at the start of each month, and you can set them alight once every season, meaning every doused player will be killed.

Amnesiac x1 - You can choose to be any role you like once the game has begun. Everyone will be told that you've chosen that role.

So... If you have any questions, feel free to ask.
Where do I sign up? :)
I'm down for this.
This looks as weird as naturally I am in.
I'm in.
Strange but yeah, count me in.
Thanks for signing up, pick a number between 1 and 20, but not 12, and I'll send you your team and role by PM because chats full.
That sounds fun I am in and I choose 7
I pick 16.
I'll pick 1.
Can I join and pick 14?
Can I join? If yes I would like to pick Numbah 4! :P
I'm in. I'l take number 9.
I'm feeling 19.
im in, ill have 1 please :)

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