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Bosnia & Herzegovina - A Darkened Pathway

Started on 4 June 2014 by Aaron
Latest Reply on 11 June 2014 by Aaron
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Hey guys, welcome to yes...Another story! Now, Leicester has ended, Which I'm not happy about. I will tell you now if you want to know. We ended up narrowly getting 2nd place ahead on goal difference of Burnley and Blackburn. We started well with life in the Prem but after about 5 games we collapsed and went something like 10 games without a win and only 3-4 points to our name. I ended up getting the sack of course and then I decided I wouldn't move to another team because really I wasn't enjoying writing for it either. I find it hard to write in a first person view and I miss writing with a media style.

However, I will be starting all over again, but this time with a nation. I thought it fit to do this with the World Cup fast approaching and I think I have chosen a talented squad with a lot of potential.

As you may have guessed, it'll be Bosnia who will be managing and I have a few goals I wish to fulfill here.

Firstly: I want to take Bosnia to the World Cup. We have Slovakia 1pt ahead of us and Greece 6pts ahead but with 4 games left and them both to play, it's all to play for.
Secondly: Without knowing how long I'll be here, I'll set a short term target. Purely and simply to get the best out of Roma attacking midfielder Pjanic. He's a fantastic player, and on form he can tear any team apart with his passing. And with Dzeko and Ibisevic in front of him, who knows what we can achieve?
Lastly: I want to try and make Bosnia a competitive team. In real life, they are only just starting to appear on the big stage so I want to carry this on, and make sure they stay on the big stage. Maybe even put them at the front of the stage with a slim chance of a World Cup or European Cup win. (Which would probably take a loooong time!)

So, yes I will be writing in the media's view and again, I am sorry if you were enjoying Leicester but I just couldn't keep up writing in first person. It becomes a bore after a while.

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy.
Good luck
good luck!

Susic Step Down, Hardy Rises Up

Tonight, the Bosnia & Herzegovina manager stepped down from his role as his nations head coach, after his disappointment at his teams performances. He is said to be shocked at the amount of talent that just isn't performing well enough in these World Cup qualifiers. Now, many people, Bosnian's mainly will be wondering why he has come out and said such a thing? His team clearly do have talent but they don't have it everywhere on the pitch. They haven't got that quality everywhere. They're not like Germany or England who have that quality in the first team and on the bench. So surely being 3rd place just a point off the play offs is a respectable position?

Susic did leave us some kind words, and was really open about stepping down. Here is what he had to say; "I personally don't think the teams performances have been good enough, and under my management I don't think it can improve. We are one point off the play offs but I don't think the players can react in a positive fashion under my management. I wish the next manager all the best and really hope he can do this country proud. Know that I am stepping down for the nations benefit."

Well, a fair point, if he doesn't believe in himself he is right to quit, but many Bosnian's had thought he was actually doing a decent job.
Now, Bosnia aren't without a manager. Actually, the Bosnian FA have wasted absolutely no time in hiring one and have hired England international legend and recently retired striker Aaron Hardy. It's a ballsy move, and a massive surprise to see someone such as him manage a nation as small as Bosnia, but the fans seem relatively happy, as does he.

Groy bindec (Fan): "I think it's a good move. He was a great player and I think he can be a good manager. Of course not all great players make good managers but I have faith in Aaron. He's confident, and ambitious which I think is the key to getting the best out of our players."

Aaron Hardy: "I'm speechless. I never even applied for the job. I mean, this team is a fantastic one with lots of talent and I can't wait to meet the lads. I'm fairly young at 40, and so are they in their 20s and I have worked with younger players on and off the pitch all my career. I think it's good that I'm younger as I know how players will react and such. I'm confident we can start well. it's off to South Korea in a month and I grow more an more excitd by the minute. We will get off to a good start I am sure of it."

When asked on his goals for the Bosnian national team he replied what can only be good news for the people of Bosnia.

Aaron Hardy: "I'm really excited by the qualifiers, we are one point off a play off spot and we could easily get that. Greece and Slovakia to play, same with Leichtenstein and Latvia. Not a problem. We could win them all. We will get to the play offs and we will look to make it to Rio in 2014."

A really enthusiastic man, and a manager that is hotly tipped to become one of the many greats in the game. Can he?
Looking forward to this 'cos I like Edin Dzeko. Good Luck!!
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Bosnia & Herzegovina vs Paraguay Press Conference

Hardy: Hello, if we could all get to a quick start? Me, Edin and the rest of the side have a lot of work to do.

BBC Sport: Evening, Aaron and Edin. How are you preparing for your first match as a manager?

Aaron: Well, just as any team would. We are working hard, training hard, and we're also building up some good spirit in the side. A lot of the players have been hanging around with one another, I know that Edin here as been influencing some 'team bonding' so to speak.

BBC Sport: Ok, and how are you going to lineup for this game? Who will be with you in Bosnia for the game?

Hardy: Well, there is not a lot of variety in Bosnia, which in a way is good because it means we can keep the same team, and don't have to mix it up all the time. But, of course we would like the extra talent in the ranks. I know a few younger players actually who are looking good. That Armin Hodzic from Liverpool is looking a bright talent, as does Osman Hadzikic our u21s goal keeper. So, same team as normal this time around, but maybe we'll look to see if we can look elsewhere from time to time.

TalkSport: Hi Aaron, George Zarquey from TalkSport here...I think everyone is dying to know, if you get off to a successful start will you be here for the long run?

Hardy: Any job I take will be for the long run. If a team hires me, my goals will be to only take them forward and if I can, be with them for as long as I can. Of course this may not turn out well, or I might get offers from other nations which I MAY consider. If a club offers me a job, I'll see how I feel but if a club does offer me a job and I am still with Bosnia. I will remain with Bosnia and take on the pair. Some may say that'd be casting a lot of pressure upon myself but I thrive on pressure, I love it. Proving people wrong is what spurs me on.

TalkSport: And obviously you are English, so how difficult will it be to develop players? Considering Bosnia's top league is behind the likes of Azerbaijan and Georgia in the UEFA coefficients which will surely mean it'll be extremely hard to find the right games and gain any knowledge of Bosnian football?

Hardy: Yes I am English. And personally, I think you're talking out of your arse there. I will learn Bosnian and then I will study each Bosnian league. Discovering the teams renowned for good youth and the biggest teams in the nation. Every nation has them. West ham has always been known for their youth development in England and Manchester United and Liverpool are two of the biggest clubs in England. It's not hard to learn which teams are good and which aren't. And don't think for one minute it's hard spotting a good bit of talent that could potentially become a professional. It's simple.

ESPN: Hi there, I am John Golroft, from ESPN. A question for Dzeko. How do you believe will do in the World Cup Qualifiers and if you get there, the World Cup?

Dzeko: Well, four games left, two of them against the two above us. If we can get I would say...Nine from the twelve possible, we will qualify. But we MUST beat Slovakia, and I have every confidence that we will. The World Cup is a long way off, and we'd have to go through the play offs to get there which would be extremely hard. But if we did get to Rio and got a good group, I think realistically we could make it to the Rounnd of Sixteen. Maybe we could push it one block further like Ghana in 2010. Who knows?

Hardy: Ok guys, can we end it here? still much to do, thank you!

Bosnia vs Paraguay

GL: Hello, everyone I'm Gary Lineker and I'm with Jamie Carragher and Gary neville for this build up to the live coverage of Bosnia & Herzegovina vs Paraguay. A game which will lead up to the last half of the World Cup qualifiers. Bosnia sit 3rd place in their group level on points with close rivals Slovakia. They also have a new manager in the form of Aaron Hardy, can he make an immediate impact to day? Jamie?

JC: Well, I think Bosnia are a team that are quite underrated by many. Paraguay are also exactly the same, they're underrated. They both burst back onto the scene only a couple of years back and a few people are starting to notice them as big threats. I think with the likes of Dzeko, Pjanic, Ibisivec and Begovic...Bosnia are the better side and I can see them winning this game. Not by many, it will be narrow. But they are the better team. So I will go for a Bosnia win!

GN: Yeah, I would say the same. They're both underrated but today I can see this as a draw. 1-1 for me.

GL: And what do you guys make of Aaron Hardy?

GN: Well, he was a great player! No doubt about that, I played with him many times on the national stage and he was phenomenal! Whether he'll make a good manager, only time will tell. But I can see him becoming a successful man in management, he knows his football.

GL: Ok, well it's now time for kick off so we'll hand you over to commentators Martin Tyler and Andy Gray.

MT: Thank you Gary, and welcome everyone to this international friendly game between Bosnia and Paraguay. It's looking to be a good game so let's get down to it here as bosnia kick off! Here we go!

MT: 1'- KVrzic has the ball in midfield. Bursts into the Paraguay half now, great skill to beat the defender passes to Ibisivec who takes it up onto the win...Rounds his defender, he's got one on him, he's pulled it back to Pjanic, PJANIIIIICC!!!!! Oh what a shot! Dream start for Aaron hardy and his Bosnia side!!

AG: That was absolutely spectacular wasn't it. In 30 seconds they have attacked the Paraguay back line and somehow managed to score before the first minute ended with a brilliant shot from outside of the box from Pjanic! And really, that is on of the best goals I have ever seen, they make the ball do the work, Ibisivec brings in the skill to beat two defenders and Pjanic from outside the box...Oh my word! Great start!

MT: 17'- Mujdza will take the throw in for Bosnia, straight to Ibisivec who's dispossessed on the wing. Ball is cleared by Riveros only as far Kolasinac. To Salihovic.
Crosses to Mujdza on the right wing, first time cross! DZEKOOO! OOOH! How did he miss from there?!

AG: It's only a matter of time before they get another and I feel for Dzeko there. He shoots from about three yards and some how Riveros risks injury to stretch out his leg and block the shot! Very unlucky but heroic defending!

MT: 44' - Begovic will take the free kick. Launches a pass up top to Dzeko. first time to Pjanic. Ibisivec now...To Mujdza! Great play!! Chips it to Krvzic on the wing, bursts over to the byline, cross comes in front post AND PJANIC! What a header! It's 2-0 Bosnia now, absolutely fantastic football!

AG: Wasn't it just. I can't believe how well these boys are playing! And Pjanic is playing out of his skin today, as is Ibisivec! Well done so far, let's hope for more in the second half!

Second half:-

MT: 66' - It's a corner to Paraguay now, Martinez, into Barreto, who volleys it IN!! OH NO! Rebounded out, and cleared! Moment of madness from Paraguay! So unlucky!

MT: 77' - Torres in the middle, to Piris on the wing, forwarded on to Perez, in the middle to Cardozo, Barreto, on the left to Ortiz, they've switched sides really well here! Chips it in to Cardozo, short pass to Perez! PEREZ!! 2-1 now, little hope for Paraguay!

AG: Fantastic goal, it's all about the teamwork here and they've proven this sport is a team game. Amazing football on show here tonight!

MT: 90' - Well, it's been a good night of football here in Bosnia! Some really good football from both sides! Aaron Hardy will be pleased with the first half performance, but they slipped in the second half! Meet us again soon when Bosnia take on Japan in a friendly, and Latvia in their World Cup Qualifiers. Thank you for watching, good night!

Pjanic Ruled out of Bosnia squad for Japan

It will come as a shock to many fans to see Pjanic left out of the next Bosnia squad for the Japan friendly. Especially after such a good game against Paraguay. But not to worry Bosnia fans, there is a legitimate reason. Just days after the Paraguay game, Pjanic was at training with Roma and sadly picked up a nasty injury after a brutal tackle from Gervinho.

He has reportedly torn his hamstring and is expected to be missed by club and country for around 7-8 months. Just as it was looking good for the boy, he's wiped out of contention for any game by his own team mate! We caught up with him after his examination in the hospital.

Reporter: Pjanic, after being on such a good run of form it must really hurt to be injured at this point in time? Especially by your own team mate!

Pjanic: Of course it is upsetting to be out for so long, and to be honest, it was accidental from Gervinho, he didn't mean for this to happen...It's life and I have to deal with it. Thankfully, the actual competitive season hasn't started yet and I should be back for the Serie A games and the World Cup Qualifiers which is nice to know, but yes it's not nice knowing you could be playing for your country if you were not injured.

Reporter: And, if you don't mind us asking, how was your time with the Bosnia squad last time out? The new manager Aaron Hardy, how do you rate him?

Pjanic: Yes, of course! We got the win, and I scored to goals which is always nice. I always enjoy my time with the national side because I know I may not get the chance to play again for them if I am injured or something, and yes I think Aaron is a very good manager. He has some good ideas, and has set us some achievable goals which we will be looking to complete in the near future.

Reporter: What goals are they?

Pjanic: *Laughs* Aaaah! That would be telling. Those goals are personal to the team, we want to keep them from everyone to avoid fans putting pressure on the side. That way it makes it easier for us, sorry!

Reporter: Before you go, predictions for the Japan game?

Pjanic: 2-1 Bosnia.

So, he remains fairly upbeat and not to worry bosnian's. you do still have the likes of Dzeko, Ibisivec and Begovic to help you on your way to glory against Japan!
You can also tune in to ESPN to see live coverage of that game on the 9th of September.
Good luck
An interesting choice of team. I hope this story continues for a long time! Good luck.
I am a massive fan of the Bosnia and Herzegovina national team, Begovic, Pjanic, and Dzeko being my favorites. I'll definitely be following :D

Bosnia squad announced for Japan game

The usual this time round for Bosnia & Herzegovina for their game against Japan, except unfortunately there will be no Pjanic this time round who is undoubtedly the player that pulls all of the strings for his side. The likely replacement for the Roma attacking Midfielder will be Haris Medunjanin who will be looking to take this chance with open arms. Not many chances arise for other players in the squad when Pjanic is lurking about.

Hardy already got his team playing exceptionally well in their last match against Paraguay, and were absolutely dominant within most of the game but did start to slip late in the second half. The squad will want to keep a good run of form up at home to Japan and it certainly won't be an easy ask. The likes of Kagawa and Keisuke Honda await Bosnia in their next game.
here is the squad for the game...

Asmir Begovic
Asmir Avdukic
Kenan Hasagic

Emir Spahic
Ante Puljic
Mensur Mjduza
Sead Kolasinac
Sejad Salihovic
Muhamed Besic
Ervin Zukanovic

Senad Lulic
Mateo Susic
Adnan Zahirovic
Zoran Kvrzic
Haris Medunjanin
Izet Hajrovic
Enis Nadarevic

Aidin Mahmutovic
Vedad Ibisevic
Edin Dzeko
Amer Bekic

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