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How to improve the Manager Stories area

Started on 9 June 2014 by Stam
Latest Reply on 23 June 2014 by zJordan
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Can we have all of the bbcodes such as goals and player ratings ready to use rather than having to find the article and manually type them in?
It'll probably become too clustered with too many BBCodes, so maybe have the major ones plus a few new common ones, but at the end have Ellipsis (...) which links you to the BBCodes guide page where you can find the others ones? Just so that the user can get to all the coded easily, but without making the bar above the text entering zone too complicated/confusing.
Instead of subscribing to stories, could it be possible to instead favourite stories, and there could be a section that is personal to your favourite stories which you can go to, to find the latest updates right away?
Can we sticky the bbcodes page up the top of the Manager Stories? I know a lot of new story writers have trouble finding it and if it was in such a highly-seen area it would not only increase it's views but increase the quality of stories?
As an Australian, there isn't a pound key on my keyboard and as it's the most commonly used currency in FM, could there be a bbcode ready to use when posting?
when editing a post you usually have 20-25 mins. i think it should be an unlimited time what with editing pictures to make sure you have the right one or if you're adding more and cutting and pasting etc. also whats happened to the chat on the bottom right hand side? seems to no longer work unless its been removed.
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9 yearsEdited
Make the area not specific to any edition of FM, this allows people to post stories from various versions and/or keep going with a story despite the release of a new edition.

Post and sticky FM Story Weekly within the forum so people can comment.
A real WYSIWYG editor... There are plenty of free, open source editors which can easily be used on websites. TinyMCE is one, I hate having to use BB Codes and it's put me off writing a story. I understand it will cause big conflicts with the current posts but maybe the new "proposed" editor could only be in use on the FM15 story forum, while the current one is retained for archive purposes.

Also you could add a filter, so for example I didn't want to see FM13 stories, I could just untick that from the filter, or perhaps the other way around.

I hope you take my suggestions and consider them, I understand possible complications from using a new editor but I believe if you want more people, who are less tech-savvy to use this section it is required.

Thanks, Jordan.

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