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Chelsea: Champions Of Europe

A young criminal released from prison is given the opportunity of a lifetime.
Started on 15 June 2014 by basham97
Latest Reply on 7 July 2014 by basham97
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Good luck mate!
Wonder who youre gonna buy with all that money ;)
I think I know what all that money is for... Won't give it away though!
Thats a crazy budget! D: still, Chelsea could probably do with it ;D really nice updates mate, keep it up

Backroom Staff | 2nd June 2014

I woke up this morning after receiving a 200 million transfer budget yesterday and due to me having very little knowledge about football, I decided to get dressed and make way for the Backroom Staff meeting.

I walk into the room and they all glared at me, watching every step, every breath. I sit at the desk alone and begin to browse through the team report and begin to assess the strengths and weaknesses within the squad.

I request my assistant manager to come and assist me, he remained standing there and shook his head. They obviously disliked me.

I decided to stand up and walk over to the nodding man, he looked intimidated as he looked to the floor as I towered over him.

"You're fired" I pronounced. He slowly and silently left the room with his head pointing to the ground. I headed to my office on the second floor and make a phone call.

Browsing my phone book, I found the man I wanted to help me in managing this disastrous team. I dial the number and wait for an answer.

"Hello?" the voice questioned.
Oooh, wonder who he's it's some sort of footballing legend

either that or a mental he met inside :L loving the writing on this

The Phone Call | 2nd June 2014
"Mr. Mourinho?" I replied subtly. There was a brief pause, deep breathing coming from his end. "This is Gerald, the new manager of Chelsea? We met yesterday."

"Ahhh, what do you want?" he said aggressively.

"Well, I have a job for you" I uttered, while gazing at the computer screen.

"Sorry to disappoint you, Gerald, I'm meeting some Russians at Venice tomorrow evening for a managing job at Monaco." He vainly said, seeming very proud of himself.

"Monaco? Well, we will be seeing you in a friendly on the 31st of July." I reported, as I began to click on the computer screen, under the scouting tab. "Jose, if you had a 200 million transfer budget, who would you buy?" I asked innocently.

"Neymar" he said as I hung up and smiled.
Neymar? Now that would be something :O
2014-06-18 13:40#180514 Neal : Neymar? Now that would be something :O

Plenty more where that came from. :)
Neymar would be very niice :O
Neymar! In Blue! Hope it works out. Poor Jose.

Splashing The Cash | 7th July 2014
After receiving my large transfer budget, it was time to put in a bid for Jose's 'suggestion' - Neymar. Only to realise, he has a minimum release clause of 161 million.

I sent my director of football to sort out the financial crap, I didn't have time for that. I needed to get ready for our friendly against Monaco where I will be facing the former manager Mourinho. This match is crucial to me.

A hard contemplation at the scouting tab for the club opened my eyes to new players. Players that have interested me were Will Hughes and Sven Bender.

I let go of a few dead weight, like the asshole Mikel, goalless Demba Ba both of which were sent to Mourinho for a total of 7.9 million. I almost feel sorry for Mourinho.

Looking at my new transfer targets, they would both accumulate approximately 25 million in transfer budget. This will leave me very little to get the rest of my transfer targets that I've observed records last season, especially, Everton's superstar Ross Barkley..
Looks really good so far...interesting to see how this goes being a Chelsea fan :)
basham97's avatar Group basham97
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Mourinho vs. Abramovich | 31st July 2014

This match seemed much bigger in my head then it did to the others like Roman or any of the backroom staff.

This wasn't just a friendly to me. This was a chance for me to defeat the old, former leader of Chelsea, the mastermind tactician Jose Mourinho. I've spent this whole week, watching and analysing his ways, his techniques.

This was a time for me to prove myself, not to the board, not to the backroom staff, but to these voices that scream inside my head. I can't sleep, and when I do I have nightmares...

We defeated Mourinho's AS Monaco Side 2-1 with John Terry getting a header in the 88th minute.

The piece of shit Mourinho didn't bother shaking my hand after the game. I must have wiped the smug look off his face.

No more words from Mourinho. After his thousand threats I've heard before at press conferences, words are cheap but lies are big to take...

Furious | 31st August 2014

I'm outraged by the beginning of the season. Every single piece of hard work that I've put in, has just been for nothing this month.

Then I had a microphone shoved in my face like I'm some politician, I have to give excuses to why we have been playing shit.

The press want to see blood. They wanna see hate. They wanna see pain. They are like a needle in your veins.

I'm playing for a change and its going up in flames. Then Roman tried to make me say something that's not what the voices want.

He can't tell me what to say. He keeps spitting in my face, every month of every day...

The Voices | 21st September 2014
They sometimes scream, they sometimes roar. They chant instructions, they chant horror. They order blood, they order hate.

I wash my face with cold water all I see in the mirror, is a dead man. I'm losing all my sanity.

I can't hide from the voice that speaks inside of me.

In around 20 minutes, I have to do a pre-match conference in-front of those idiots that hang onto every word.

A match against Manchester United, will be a tough bout, but no where near as tough as the battle inside my head. I goto the podium and I allow the press to ask questions.

"Are you nervous about the upcoming match against David Moyes' Manchester side?" the young female reported asked.
"I don't get nervous" I replied cautiously.

"Why?" an older gentleman in a nice suit questioned. "Because, somebody tells me not to" I said jokingly...

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