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FC Barcelona - The Rebuilding Process

Started on 26 June 2014 by pokarioboy
Latest Reply on 4 July 2014 by pokarioboy
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6 yearsEdited


Everything happened so quickly. I still get shivers after that meeting, and now here I am, about to be revealed, as the new manager of FC Barcelona. FC. Barcelona. The club that has given me so much, yet I have yet to give to, has given me the chance of a lifetime. Who would’ve thought a young Iraqi manager, with no major club experience would’ve got the job of head coach at FC Barcelona. However, I wasn’t any Iraqi immigrant, the world already knew me, as the young boy whose talent went to waste, the boy who combined at a young age with Lionel Messi, and formed the indestructible duo. I was a left-winger, with a deadly left foot, and great dribbling ability. Messi and I used to occupy the wings at a young age, with Frank Surray, an English striker with big presence and decent passing ability, took the central striking role. Up until 19 I was touted second best to him, Lionel Messi, in my eyes, history’s greatest footballer. I didn't mind it however; he was a brilliant man, a great friend. We formed an interesting link, we often complemented each other tactically, constantly adapting to each other when we went off on your mazy runs. But it was that Sunday afternoon, against Espanyol that changed everything. I was running with the ball, Rijkaard behind me told me to pick out a pass for Messi so I cut in, and kept running. The rest is a blur. To immensely strong defenders tackled me at the same time, the hacked at me. I was fragile, prone to injuries and fairly weak muscle-wise. Next thing I remember was waking up in a hospital and the doctor telling me I suffered and injury in my hamstring, which would never recover fully. I was told I would be out for two years, and that it would be wise I quit the game I loved so much. All the sacrifice from moving from Australia, leaving Iraq, all that shattered due to two idiot defenders. It was then I retired, had no will to move on. My girlfriend was also caught cheating on me with on of my best mates at his house the night after my injury putting me in immense depression. All was not well.

After leaving the hospital, I took up a coaching role in Barcelona, witnessing the beautiful Guardiola Era, the Vilanova era and the not so good Martino era. After watching the club I advised the club president to scout certain players I saw who would benefit the team. The president seemed very interesting in what I had to say, but I loved it, the tactical business, the excitement of the game, I had loads to say. But it was once again, a Sunday afternoon where my life would take another turn.

I remember it so fondly as it went something like this:

President of FC Barcelona walks in to my office, where I was working quietly on the Youth Teams tactics.

Me: Ah! Mr. President sir, so nice of you to drop in, please, take a seat

President: Thank you Faisal

President quietly sits; I get up and pour a glass of water from the nearby mini fridge

Me: So Mr. President, what would you like to discuss?

President: Well Faisal, it’s big business you see, it’s got to do with your position you see, how do I break it to you in the most fitting manner….

Me: My position sir? Have I done anything wrong? Last I checked my team maintained division 2 status, even topped the league….

President: No no Faisal you understood me wrong, you are staying at the club, we have been absolutely delighted with your achievements and tactical expertise, infact I think I might as well just get on with it.

President shifts on his seat, clears his through then begins to explain, I had never been so nervous

President: As you know, Martino had a rather upsetting season with us, and you constantly opted to help out everywhere, especially with the rebuilding of the club, and how the tactics should be panned out. After a serious amount of considering, we decided it is best, giving your immense knowledge of the club, your tactical ability and your close relation with the players, that you become the head of the rebuilding process, that you, become the head coach of FC Barcelona.

I nearly spit out the water in my mouth, because from that moment on, I was the Head coach of FC Barcelona.

The rebuilding process has just begun.
Feedback is welcome! :D
This is my first story, and I look to build off of this and improve.

Thank you for reading
Great start and good luck! :)
Thanks a bunch :)
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6 yearsEdited

I had never been so nervous in my life. Every question in the press conference was something everyone wanted to hear. I had to look good. The press conference was filled with journalists from almost 50 different countries. All wanted to hear from me, the new FC Barcelona Head Coach. I’ll never forget this day, no, not ever.


Camp Nou, Barcelona, Spain. Journalists from around 50 different countries gather to see the new FC Barcelona Head Coach, Faisal Hamza; deliver is first ever press conference, not only as the new head coach, but as a new manager all together.

President: I present to you all, the new Head Coach of FC Barcelona, Faisal Hamza!

The room is filled with applause

Me: Afternoon everyone

Host: Please raise your hand if you want to ask a question.

Bearded journalist raises his hand, host hands him the mic

Journalist 1: You realize you have no previous managerial roles with established and big teams. How do you think you will fare with the stress of handling a……a proper team?

Crowd bursts into a fit of murmurs; I lose all faith at that point and sink into a place where I thought I could never sink. Silence fills the crowd, it feels like an eternity before I pipe back up, an answer with comes out nervously

Me: I……I…

The president looks nervous, the journalist coughs in disapproval almost look disgusted. I almost lose it.

Me: Oi, oi. Don't you cough whilst I’m talking to you. Listen and look at me when I talk to you. Guardiola started out a B team manager promoted, so did nearly every other world class manager. We’ve all had to start one day, so I started today .I am the youngest manager in Barcelona’s history, and proud of it. And also, press confrences are for questions, not for statements, so I’d advise you re-consider how you ask your questions.

Journalist looks taken back, closes book and rises, I tell the host to pick another journalist and the questions move on.

Journalist 2: How do you plan on taking the club forward from here on out?

Me: Good questions. I will restore discipline to the side, add intensity and sharpness, something they lacked from the last season. Undoubtedly I will look to offload some players as well as add new ones. I will expand the tactics, and what’s more, I will restore winning ways to the Barcelona name.

Host picks another journalist.

Journalist 3: What is it like having Lionel Mess in your team?

Me: Momentous, I’m absolutely eccentric about it. He is in my eyes the greatest in history, and still in his prime age I look to get the best out of him. I also knew him from a young age which also helps, we are best friends and I look forward to working with him and the rest of the squad.


That’s all I really remember, I was so nervous I’ve basically forgotten everything about it. Naturally the media is dissecting it and picking out my flaws and strengths, but now, I think it’s time to pay a vistit to the tactics board, and the transfer market.

The rebuilding process is almost in full swing.
Another good update!
Thank you so much :) Good to see someone is keeping up with my story! Hope you enjoy
Keep it uo, looks brilliant so far!
Good luck!
Very good start, I hope you can make some interesting signings! Good luck!
pokarioboy's avatar Group pokarioboy
6 yearsEdited

FC BARCELONA - THE REBUILDING PROCESS - Transfers, transfers, transfers....

So far so good. After the press conference I decided to go home and straight to bed so I could put all my focus into how the team is going to play and whom I want to play. It was on odd sleep. I had a dream that I failed to sign any players, and had to sell messi for an unknown reason then came last in the league. It was more a nightmare, and I woke up at around 4:30 am sweating. I decided to go for a run. I ran around the facilities, it was a beautiful morning, the cool breeze came across my face gently, and the air was chilled so that it was just cool, not cold.

After that beautiful refreshing start, I went straight to the Director of Football to discuss transfer targets and transfers. This was where the rebuilding was to begin.


A nice warm summers day, the directors office was full of charts and players. We both took a seat, and discussed players.

Director: So, we’ll start of with goalkeepers. We have no one there now the pinto and Valdes have both left, so, any ideas? I personally think we should target Petr Cech and upgrade a youth keeper.

Me: Sounds good, but Cech would deplete the budget and hes indispensible to the club and old. I need someone younger with huge potential to fill, and another decent keeper to back him up. Olazabal isn’t good enough, and we both know it.

Director: Hmmm, how about Marc Andre ter Stegen?

Me: The German keeper? That kid has a lot of potential to fill, very true. Lets watch some videos and see him in action.

We look at ter Stegen and break down is weaknesses and strengths. Someone who also catches my eye in one particular game is another German keeper named Kevin Trapp.

Me: Well I think we just found two good keepers.

Director: Pardon? I’m pretty sure we only looked at one….

Me: Well, ter Stegen is great with huge potential to fill, that's for sure, but for backup, Kevin Trapp caught my eye. Two great keepers, can you keep tabs on them? Add them as transfer targets and do your best to sign them.

Director: All righty then

The director types the names of the keepers onto his computer, whilst I start looking for new defenders.

Director: Finished. So anyone in mind for defence?

Me: Yes, yes there is. I feel I have 3 viable options, which I can turn to. Mats Hummels, Thiago Silva and Mehdi Benatia

Director: All very expensive transfers and could be hard to persuade, are you sure?

Me: yes, we can get on of them. Hummels has once expressed a desire to play for us, Silva is good friends with Alves and neymar. As for Benatia, he’s last resort.

Director: Alright, but how would we afford them?

Me: I don’t like what I’m about to say, but I have to say it. I think it’s time to say bye to Cesc Fabregas, Pedro and Cristan Tello.

Director: I understand fabregas,, but pedro and tello? We need them.

Me: No, no we don’t, we need their funds, yes, but not their plaing ability no.

Director looks nervously at the screen, silence surrounds us for a bout a minute before I talk again.

Me: As for decent replacements, with Xavi leaving we need two midfielders. I suggest Ivan Rakitic who we know can play well at La Liga level, and a world class Box-to-Box midfielder as well. That’s who we need.

Director: I understand, I’ll add Ivan Rakitic to the transfer targets and start looking for a couple of midfielders.

Me: Well then, see you soon, great meeting, very productive!

Director: See you then

I walk out of the directors lovely office. Shame, I thought. He gets a better view then I do.


It’s been a couple of days since that meeting but we’ve come close to signing a couple of those players already. Rakitic, Hummels and ter Stegen I am going to meet relatively soon to discuss contracts. Fabregas was sold to Chelsea for a good price, whilst Tello went to Monaco and pedro to Arsenal. It was emotional saying bye to Pedro, I played with him when we were in the B Team. However, I’m pleased with our progression so far. I have a rough idea about the tactics but I haven’t finalised yet, but everything is coming together well.

The rebuilding process is now in full swing.


Football Club Barcelona announce signing of new young German Keeper Marc ter Stegen


Football Club Barcelona have offically signed new midfielder Ivan Rakitic and new goalkeeper Kevin Trapp

Ideal replacement for Fabregas? Rakitic is thought to be the player who will fill in for Fabregas after his departure from FC Barcelona

Second or first choice keeper? Kevin Trapp is one of two new keepers brought into FC Barcelona, and is at a similar level to ter Stegen at this time

Manager Faisal Hamza has expressed his delight at the new arrivals, saying the rebuilding process has been successful so far.
Two good signings, especially Rakitic! And Trapp is a very good, young keeper for Barca. I would personally make him the back-up keeper
Great signings there!

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