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Real Madrid: The Big Questions

Started on 12 June 2009 by x-law
Latest Reply on 5 July 2009 by Niknar
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Offence is the best form of Defence. If Real can keep the ball and score 5 goals a game I don't think they'll mind letting 1-2 in. It's easy to buy the best players but everyone knows some of them also have big egos so if they can't work as a team then it doesn't matter who they are.
It's quite simple. RM sign the best players they can, without thinking about the team as a whole. They have signed Kaka and Ronaldo, which in the top third of the pitch is great. But what happens when they are on the back foot? If they signed Vidic/ Terry/Ferdinand or any other world class centre backs, along with some classy wing backs then fine, they would be the b****cks for sure. But they've done this before and not been as good as we think they're gonna be. If I were Sir Alex I would sign a player like Ribery and then spend the rest of the money on 5-10 mil pound youngsters. Although he probably has that at his disposal anyway!

Apparently BM want 90 mil for Ribery. If Ronaldo is £80 mil, then Ribery is wrth half that, I think.

By the way, I am completely unbiased, I'm an Ipswich fan. IvanCamposHair, I salute you. BLUE ARMY!
Regarding the thread

RM have done this before under perez and they were good but not the wonderteam and i think it will be the same this year like everyone else has said the defence is completey off from the rest of the team and others will captalise on this

but who can RM sign, the three world class defenders at prime age are Vidic, Terry and Ferdinand and i think the managers for these players would be mental if they released these players

but who knows?

the thing i be looking at this season will be how RM handle the egos of these players after some will be forced ont he bench

and the pepe incident

what a tw@t
Neither Vidic, Ferdinand or Terry would go there in the forseable future, especially the last two, theyre pillars of their repective clubs and I think theres far too much love for the club to prise them away, thats before any bids are put in which i highly doubt even Ancellotti would accept.

Ribery for £80-90million?! Bayern Munich are insane. He's good, but I wouldnt value him higher than maybe £30million. And he's unproven outside of the Bundesliga even if he has been consistent.

Oh, and get Pepe out! Talk about going loco...
It's not just Ribery who has an insane price tag , Inter have slapped 1 on Ibrahimovic too.
There is also a rumour going around about Torres joining United from Liverpool for £40 million!
Not sure about that as Liverpool won't want to sell to us and for only half of Ronaldo's transfer money than it would be quite a bargain!
Torres signed a new deal not long ago that gives him the option to extend his contract by a year.

I have no doubt that he wont move to any other club in the prem as hes enjoying his time at liverpool too much. Honestly, I think he want to stay till liverpool win the prem, which i only realistically and forseably see happening within the next few seasons (within the next four maybe?) then he'll look to move, Barca, AC, something like that.

He's quoted as saying he wants to play Italian football in the future, but any player would love a move to Barce im sure.

And he'll never go to Real Madrid cause hes from the other side, Athletico.

Arguably the best striker in the prem at the moment, and easily one of the best in the world.
Torres is good but he's not that reliable yet, if he was more consistant / less injury prone then maybe he would be the best striker in the world. I wouldn't bet on anything that a footballer says , especially one in a foreign country. So many of them say " I'm loving my time at X , I want to stay here till I retire" etc etc. It's rare to see a footballer who has pride and passion for just 1 team and the money comes second.

Liverpool , like many teams have a problem with money , I doubt the manager would want to sell Torres but what about the people in the boardrooms? If they got £30million+ offer for him would they say no?

I'd never say he'd never play for Real. If you look at rivals with a massive divide and probably the biggest is Celtic and Rangers , there's a few examples of players playing for both.

I think the Torres rumour was only featured in the Sun newspaper so I'm not sure how accurate that'd be.
Torres won't move I'm sure since he already fits in with Liverpool.

RM, on the other hand, will also probably bolster their defense but not that much. They've already signed Albiol. They should also get rid of Pepe as he is becoming a liability on the back, not an asset. They should sign a CB with leadership skills to hold together the back line.
They are even harder to come by than good attackers.
Its funny looking back on this thread now and seeing more and more massive names go to Real.

Ronaldo, Kaka, Albiol, Benzema have all moved for massive amounts, and lets be honest, there will be more. Maybe not quite as big, but there will be more.

If they sort out their defence a bit (not forgetting that some of their defence is truly world class) theyre reallys going to be title winning material. Im not going to stick my neck out and say theyll win everything, far from it.

Theyre seriously going to push a Barca team that made them look poor last season. Assuming they all click together.
They are signing a lot of big names , great individual talent but I wonder what the price of failure will be if they don't achieve what they should on paper.
I'm going out on a limb and be realistic at the same time, Madrid will fire up the rivalry rings next year with some success. The Galacticos ver II will definitely be a great gamble but let's not forget that gambles also bring in some success. Though the extent of that success is the absolute gauge of the team, Madrid's project will bear some kind of good fruit.

Also Madrid will probably be gunning for long term success, not short term. I'm expecting their board to anticipate the problems of completely restructuring a team. Notice that the players they sign have contracts of 4 years or more. A possible hint of foresight into the future footballing generation.
what will happen if they don't win the league then there goes the manager
Real Madrid change their manager a fair bit anyway though do they not?

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