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[FM 12] Old Mancunians AFC - Lower than low

Started on 4 July 2014 by Rogvi
Latest Reply on 10 April 2018 by jrm1927
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Season n°1 : [url=]Pre-season[/url] <> [url=]Full season[/url]

Season n°2 : [url=]Pre-season[/url] <> [url=]Full season[/url]

Hello to you, fellow FM collegues ! I’m here to present you some old school story on FM 12, one of the best editions so far, but that’s just my opinion. As a typical lower league manager, I’ve been wandering through numerous crappy clubs from everywhere in Europe for more than 10 years. This save won’t be an exception, and it will begin in England, my favourite “country”. Besides that, you certainly will improve your knowledge of French, because it’s my mother tongue and so the screens will also be in this language.

Now it’s time to discover which destination I chose !

(These are not the official shirts, just a self-made creation)

Normally the logo won’t help you much finding out which club I’m now controlling. That’s because they play at such a low level in the English football pyramid, in this case the Lancashire Amateur League Premier Division, the 14th level. The club is named Old Mancunians AFC, and the road to the top seems to be very, very long. I found this update on the official SI website, and I immediately wanted to try it.

Let’s have a deeper look !

I knew nothing about this club before launching this save, but that was predictable. I couldn’t gather much information about it, but I managed to find an official website. Here it is : The geographical location wasn’t to hard to find out :

No surprise, the club is situated in Manchester, between Stockport and the city centre. I couldn’t find any general or historical information, but this is what FM tells us IG :

When I saw the incredible club’s value, I knew it was some kind of challenge…
It’s the same for the actual facilities :

There are virtually no facilities, everything has to be built, and that’s exactly what I like ! To complete the presentation, here are some pictures of the environment and the club players :

Amateur football at its best, it would be difficult to find a worst club for any FM addict. I noticed that the club’s line-up was totally empty, but that was also predictable :

The update creators already did such a hard work to create all these divisions, I can understand they didn’t pay too much attention adding the real players. That means I only have greyed-out players in my team, so I’ll have to build a whole new squad… But you’ll see that in the next update.

And these are the other teams of the division. Of course I don’t know any of them, but that’s not a big deal, mediocre players are everywhere.

Last but not least, the financial part :

Mmmmmh… According to me, that’s just enough to buy some new shirts for the team. I think I’ll have to look into free agency players, because there will be no transfer budget, as you can imagine.

Now some explanations about my club’s choice. I took them because if I manage to climb to the BPL, I will play some great derbies against the other Manchester clubs, and that’s some kind of motivaition. I also like the club colors, and I think that’s enough to convince me ^^

The manager I picked for this « adventure » is Liam Daish, an Irishman who used to be manager at Ebbsfleet United. I played a couple of long saves with this club on FM 10 and FM 11, so I chose him again for this one.

And finally, some technical information about this save :

  • Leagues :
    • England : Level 14 (update)
  • Database : medium
  • Patch : 12.1.1
  • Additional nationalities : Scottish and Irish players

That’s all for now, this is more than sufficient for an introduction. I hope you’ll like it, and don’t hesitate to correct mistakes I could possible make ; as I told you before, English is not my first language.

See you soon :)
Hi! Did you make much progress with this save? I play for Old Mancs and one of the lads at the club came across this. We're honoured you chose us! ;) And very interested to know how you got on trying to get us to the Prem!

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