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FM Experiences

Started on 16 June 2009 by Fackman
Latest Reply on 16 June 2009 by _Man_u_barmy_army_
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Write and talk about your amazing experiences about FM here. Tell us about your best comeback in your latest match or some of the more memorable moments in FM without having to write a blog:p

I'll start off,

I started a new game with Napoli and went into my second Serie A match against arch rivals AC Milan in San Siro. I had just won against my other arch rivals Lazio (not a very popular team I have chosen I guess) so I was going into the game with confidence. Once I heard Kaka wasn't going to start I felt even better :)
The match started and I instructed my players to close down Seedorf, Pirlo and Ronaldinho. But my players were in a lazy mood and didn't want to follow up those orders and let Seedorf blast one in from about 25m.... 1-0 down. All my confidence just disapeared when the ball hit the net. Milan dominated till the end of the first half. I decided it was going to be everything or nothing at this point. I instructed them to give it their all and go for the three points....
I was already beginning to see an improvement as Maggio sent Miccoli past the defense, Miccoli thought 'why not?' and shot ..... right at the keeper but Abiatti being the gentleman that he is he pushed the ball right in front of Maggio and he blasted it into the top corner =D Now the momentum was on our side and Napoli pushed on. As we pushed on Zambrotta did the same thing but a little bit too hard as Lavezzi went down in the box earning us a penalty:satisfied Hamsik stepped up and placed the ball into back of the net =D We were leading in San Siro! Now I had only one thing on my mind: 'Get the hell back and defend!' I took off my wingers and replaced them with experienced defensive midfielders.... Milan were knocking at out door again but now my defense stood strong and Gargano hoofed the ball clear which fell behind the Milan defense and know my first game plan was going to work: Let the defense do the work and put our fast strikers (Lavezzi and Miccoli) to use to just out-run the defense. Lavezzi picked up the ball and put us 3-1 up with a cheeky chip which paid off.

4891-sander van de ven-3.jpg

Now tell about your story....
i wish i had things from the good old days. i remember having such great games with ipswich in fm 06 and 07.

and played so much fm that i dont remember much =P.

nah but my best ever game was with fm 07 with ipswich.

i remember buying a few good players etc, i remember that danny haynes random PA was around 171 or something. lucky me that he had high PA, because he became a great player for me on the game for some reason. i remember starting a game in fm 07 with ipswich after a year and he had like 150 in pa :(

but anyways, i went onto have a dodgy start to the season not doing too well neither doing too bad. but i needed players, and back then i had signed Djuric and Dahlberg so they would come when their contract ended, and that is around november if i remember correctly. so when they came it helped alot, well Djuric became a good player, Dahlberg didnt do that well but in matches against worse teams i could use him and he would do good, so he was only backup.

never the less i went onto doing quite alrite, i remember making it to the 5th round or the quarter finals of the carling cup. but never the less as i had quite a decent team after the signing of Djuric i went onto a good streak in the league.

BUT as the FA Cup started i changed things around, so i played my strongest team in the FA Cup but rested my players in the league.

so i started doing a bit badly in the league, i remember being around 7th 6th with like 10 games left.

but the best thing was that in the FA Cup i met teams like Fulham Wigan etc. from 3rd round until the final. i won all my games 1-0 except one i won 2-1 against sunderland i think.

but i was in the final!!! winning over fulham 1-0 in the semi if i remember correctly. i was delighted to be in the final in my first season. my best game ever.

then i could concentrate on the league and i ended up as 3rd, far from the 2nd placed team and just creeped ahead in the end of the league.

i went onto win the play offs. great season im promoted and im in the fa cup final and also i will be in the UEFA cup next season.

but in the fa cup semi i was against Tottenham, they got a red card in like 20 mins and we scored.

guess what i had a formation of like 5-1-3-1 or something in the end of the game, i won 1-0!!!!!

it was a brilliant season and i couldnt believe it. and from there on i started doing quite well and in a few years i was more or less around the top and in the champions league.

dont know what happened later in that game. i will never forget the first season i had with that game though.
my favortie moments have got to be finding those hidden gems of footballers
not the young ones tht are always posted around

favortie ones was probaly with spurs on fm07

three or four seasons in

sigurd Rushfeldt (35 when i bought him for 500,000) and Salvodor Cabanas(4mill)

these became the best strike partnership iv ever had, without no cheating or editing these two scored 50 goals + for two seasons together before rushfeldt retired, (i think i had downing and joaquin supporting them from either wing)

and in the same team a player called Sultan Cem who i bought from galatasry age 16 went on to be the most amazing striker o have ever seen on the game, evenutally sold for 30 mill age 25
For me it was when I was at my Juve season the one which I blogged about two great moments came out of it firstly. I had had Palladino as a sub and he was complaining in the media about how he wan't to leave and how I wasn't playing him. Before this outburst he had done mediocre. But I put him on in the second half against Inter or Ac but he scored a hat-rick or something like that. in 45 min. He also later in the season went on to score 2 against arsenal in the uefa cup winning it for me 2-1. In the 6 seasons I did that blog palladino was always in my squad every season.

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