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The Footballing Dream Of A Young Girl

Started on 8 July 2014 by ChloeAJLee
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A life I wish I had

I'm AJ... AJ Lee, I grew up in Union City, in New Jersey and let's say... I didn't have the best of lives when I was a kid. My mum died at a young age and my dad was all I had, I lived in a small house and I wasn't as lucky as some. I was quite poor. I was one of those people that looked homeless, one of those thin people that just look like skeletons.

I attented a local school where I were top of the class in most lessons... ok that's not true, I was one of the average people who wanted to be good at something, but could never find what they were good at. It took me years to find out what I was actually good at and when I told my friends they laughed and said 'You're a girl' and this was because I wanted to be a Football Manager. I'd say Football is the only reason I'm here, if it weren't for Football I may not be here, enjoying my life to the fullest (well, as much as I can enjoy it) however I have always ignored the people that think like that, I have to believe I guess.

Right, enough about the past, let's just talk about the present. I am actually closer than ever to being a football manager... I have been offered interviews from places such as Aalborg, Wigan and FC Dallas. Look, here's the letter I got of Wigan
Dear Mrs Lee,
I would like to invite you to the Wigan training ground for an interview at 2.30PM (GMT) where we will discuss your application and try and see if you're the next manager of Wigan. I hope you're able to come and I have attached a form to the letter, which you will have to fill in. I have also left you some directions to get to the training grounds, in case you lose your way.
Yours Sincerly,
Dave Whelan. Wigan Athletic chairman.

I was over the moon when I got this one, as I love Wigan, they're like a second club to me. Anyway, I really have to answer this text I just got! It's quite important! So... until next time... WAIT! I forgot. Here is yours truely ahead of the interview, as you can see I've gone for the more... layed back style!

Author's notes

I'm back with a story! This is my last attempt at making a story, until FM15 (sorry Niko but I have to make a FM15 story) and it's with my idol... the one... the only... Mrs AJ Lee! That is all you need to know! Hope you enjoy :)
Good luck!

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