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Buckinghamshire Bisons: A Club of Crime, Conspiracy and Dishonesty

You may remember me. I used to manage Oxford until Gareth Pack came along. He wanted me to join his new club. But Danny Rose got in the way. It's all sorted now, though. And what a good season it should be.
Started on 15 July 2014 by OUFC2k14
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Some very interesting updates mate and the team is in great form! Keep it up!

Disaster No.2

It was a bitterly cold day. The wind nipping at my face despite the feeble protection I was offered by the gray and purple scarf that caressed my neck. The clouds were closing in on the sky and the multitude of greys provided little stimulation compared to the dark, dank, concrete that surrounded me. About 300m ahead of me crouched three men, all wearing black, their heads covered. Using the cover of a couple of wooden crates, they placed an electrical explosive, detonating instantly, yet silently, upon impact. Anything within a 5 meter radius would lose their legs, and a silent alarm would then be transmitted to MISA's radio system, alerting the team of the compromise.

That was the first entrance covered, and safe for at least 2 to 3 weeks. Skirting around now, the men headed totally outside of the building and onto the pale yellow track. Dust was frozen on the surface of the track that circled the building right the way round, providing a good distance between the building and the outside world. On the other side of the track wilted long, lifeless grass that must not have been cut since the reign of Queen Victoria, stretching back 50 meters at least, and again acting as a perimeter around the building. The grass stood about 8 or 9 foot tall, saturated with snakes, scorpions and a selection of poisonous spiders.

In England? Yes. I've had that question a lot. When MISA first acquired the building, they set up a number of traps, including adding genetically modified animals, grown to not only cope with the new conditions, but also to be considerably more aggressive. So far, these protection procedures have acted as extra security, an insurance policy, the authorities were yet to even realise that this was our building. This was very likely to change over the coming days, though. A high-profile victim means a high-profile case. Everybody suddenly switches their eyes on, puts their brain into action.

I've never been part of this set up before. But it was a very, very impressive side of things. The building was just off the M25, not visible from the motorway, though. The building was totally engulfed by the grass and shadowing it on the outside was a 20 meter high electric fence, which not only alerts the MISA team upon impact, but also has an anti-aircraft homing missile attached to it on the inside, on 2.5 meter spaces. Although a manned project as oppose to automatic, I would not like to be caught out flying over. There were no doors into the complex. No weak points. No secret entry spots.

There were only 2 ways in which you could get in:

Through a tunnel, built 15 meters deep in the ground, reinforced with metal and with several stop off points through the 17 mile journey to the final destination. Some parts came off at safe-houses, where after entering a pin and completing the facial recognition system, the reinforced 12" inch double platted steel doors would draw back for exactly 7 seconds, allowing you to be dropped off and merge back in with normal society. A one-way system, though. Once in, you were in. There was no going back. Another safety procedure.

The only way to get in was at the end of the 17 mile passage. At 15 miles, the tunnel splits off into 3 directions. 2 lead to certain death, as the wall caves in upon entry and then all oxygen chambers switched off, and the final one takes you down to the entry/exit point: a safe house in Boreham Wood. Another safety procedure, of course, but a very necessary one. We have had just 1 accidental death so far, a prisoner attempting to escape. A miracle he got that far, really, things have been stepped up dramatically since then.

The only other way to get in or out is through the air. By helicopter. It's not big enough to land an airplane, but there is a disguised helipad amongst the grass. Upon request, it raises 15 foot into the air, above the grass and its creatures offering a spot to land as well as a track back to the building. Try to land anywhere else, and the pressure pads will be activated, giving you 3 seconds before chlorine gas is released in a 4x4 meter protected area.

We haven't had to test our security systems yet, thank God, let's hope that's not about to change.
amazing description, and a great plot as well
fzmdegs: Cheers mate :)

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