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Atlético Madrid: Los Rojiblancos are Back on Track

The story of a new superpower in Madrid
Started on 18 July 2014 by dialsquare
Latest Reply on 31 July 2014 by pokarioboy
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9 yearsEdited

So, what? This guy has less than 10 posts at our site and is already on about making a story? What does he think he’s doing? Yeah, I’m not quite sure yet myself, but this will be my first attempt at making a proper FM story. I’ve been reading a few stories on this site before although I never made myself a profile. I recently got tempted to go on and try it myself, and right now I can’t wait to start. It’s my first so don’t keep expectations high, but give me a shot.

It’s July, and in just a few months FM 2015 will be released. It might be a little late to start a story now, but we all know how addictive this game is so I’ll keep playing as much as I can. I’ve played with lots of teams with different levels of success, but this is my first try with Los Rojiblancos in Madrid.

Although they have been extremely successful the last two years, they still have a long way to go in order to be considered as consistent favourite in the Spanish Primera División. Their individual players hold back for the mighty powers of Real Madrid and Barcelona, but they have worked hard collectively, and that is something I will try to do myself and improve even further. Atléti also hold back a lot financially, and they find themselves forced to make profit every summer in the transfer window.

My goal for this story with Atlético Madrid will try to keep their excellent form running while improving their financial situation. It will take time, but while doing this I will not only try to compete with Real Madrid and Barcelona, but also beat them in the fight for the league title. I will also attempt to win the Champions League, but that will require 100% from every possible part. It might take time, but becoming champions of Europe is never easy.

I will be playing with pr0’s newest transfer update (July 15th, 2014).

Wish me luck!

(Thanks to AaronHJFT96 for the banner)
Good luck, very nice start :)
Good start, I'll be following!
Good luck, and no problem :)
Thanks for the support, hopefully I'll be able to continue their excellent form :)

Simeone looked clearly affected by his resignation

With a very surprising decision, Diego Simeone himself confirmed his resignation from Atlético Madrid at a press conference he announced just a few days ago. It all happened very quickly as the reason for his leave was to overtake the manager role of Juventus. Just a couple days earlier Antonio Conte resigned from Juve due to disagreements with the president of the club. These disagreements are not known for the public, but it is rumored to be about Juve’s tough financial situation and the way the club was going to take the next years.

Although Simeone was quick to take his job offer from the Italian giant, he was also very affected by leaving Madrid. In the press conference he seemed very categorized claiming Atlético to be one of the most important things in his life. He spoke of how grateful he was for everything, and how he has loved the club both when he was a player and as manager. Even though this is a good bye, he said he’s love to come back one day. Managing director Miguel Ángel Gil says the club will now look for a replacement and get one as soon as they can.

“We are very surprised by Simeone’s decision to leave the club, but we must be grateful for what he has done for us. The club will now look for a new manager who can help us move in the same direction as we were going in. Atléti and our ambitions will remain the same with our without Diego Simeone,” said Ángel Gil.

Diego Simeone has built Atlético Madrid into becoming a force to be reckoned with not only in Spain, but also in Europe as he won La Liga and became Champions League finalists last season. Many claim these accomplishments to be one of the best managerial achievements ever. And even though the vital manager is leaving, the root of the team stays and it is looking better than ever.

Simeone is leaving after a busy transfer window for the Rojiblancos. After their huge success last season the club has seen stars like Diego Costa and Filipe Luis move to Chelsea, and their star keeper Thibaut Courtois is also going back after a three year loan. Despite loosing key players from every direction, the club has brought in replacements quick. Mario Mandzukic has joined from Bayern replacing Diego Costa. The club has also brought in Guilherme Siqueira from Granada replacing Filipe Luis and Jan Oblak from Benfica taking Courtois’ spot.

No matter who Atlético Madrid appoints now, they will be left with a strong, competitive squad capable of emulating at least some of the success from last season.
Really good start, loving this level of detail! :)
Great job so far! Loving the details :)
Love the banner and updates, good luck!
Great start, good luck! :)
Thanks for the support again, you should consider yourselves as inspiration :)
dialsquare's avatar Group dialsquare
9 yearsEdited

Antonio Conte looked happy at his unveiling as Atléti manager

In a manager switch which nobody knows whether this was planned or not, Antonio Conte has taken the Atlético Madrid job right after resigning for Juve, the club former Atléti manager Diego Simeone just took charge of. Antonio Conte has been shown trust as he was offered a lucrative deal linking him with the club for five years.

Although everyone at the club was disappointed with Simeone’s departure, chairman Enrique Cerezo seemed very pleased with their new main man. “Antonio Conte is a world class manager, and he has proven that at his time in Juve. The trophies he brought to the club speaks for themselves,” said Cerezo.

“There is an end to everything, and although I enjoyed a great spell there, I thought it was time to say good bye. I wanted a new challenge, and when Atlético became available I didn’t hesitate,” said Conte. “Diego Simeone has done great things here, and I wish to continue this and also further improve on it.”

This huge manager switch between Atlético and Juventus has shocked the football world, many speculating whether it has been planned for a long time, or if it was sparked and just dealt with after Conte’s resignation with the Italian club. Rumors say the disagreements with the board have been going on for some time, and that they knew of his resignation. Juve has because of this been looking at a replacement for a few months, and Simeone was reportedly contacted by the club in April.

Although the rumors say the Simeone tranfer has been done long time ago, the appointment of Antonio Conte is still looking like a huge surprise for everyone.

Even though Conte has enjoyed a great spell at Juve winning the Serie A three times in a row, questions are raised due to his differences with the new Juve boss, Simeone. Antonio Conte is known for a very different style of play, often playing three at the back. No matter what tactic Conte will be playing, he promises the club will continue to entertain while getting the results the club needs.

"I've been ready for a new challenge for a long time now, and Atlético fits my needs perfectly. I also hope I will be able to fit their needs, and together we will aim and shoot for our common goals. I have proven my ability at Juve, and hopefully I can do the same thing here. The team and I are ready to start the next season," said Conte.
Great choice of manager, good luck
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9 yearsEdited

TWO IN, TWO OUT AS CONTE START BUSINESS!/fileImage/httpImage/image.jpg_gen/derivatives/16x9_460/79168737.jpg
Alessandro Florenzi joins fellow Italian Antonio Conte to Los Rojiblancos

Antonio Conte hasn't even been at the club for two weeks, but he has already started shaping the team up for the next season. Due to an aging squad, Conte has decided to get rid of Raúl Garcia and Tiago. The Spainard was sold to London club West Ham for a sum of £8 million, and Tiago joined Sporting Lisbon for £3 million. Both players were amongst top earners at the club. Due to the financial situation were in, these departures were great as we got £11 million and £100 thousand less to pay every week.

But the big news this week for Atléti fans will not be the departures, but rather the arrivals as the club has landed a £13 million deal for the Italian engine, Alessandro Florenzi. Roma were surprisingly happy to recieve this sum for the player, a sum Conte was more than willing to pay. Florenzi is only 22 years of age, but has already proven himself by playing regularly for Roma and by getting several call-ups from Italian manager Prandelli.

Atlético has also signed right-winger Álvaro Vadillo from Real Betis for a sum of £1.9 million. The Rojiblancos is lacking some wide players, and Vadillo has been brought in to solve that problem. Even though he is just 18 years old Antonio Conte has committed his trust with the player. Although one winger has been brought in already, Conte has said that the club is still looking for another.
Some really nice signings there! Vadillo is a fantastic young player, and Florenzi for just £13M is certainly a steal!

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