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FC Barcelona - Visca Barca, Visca Catalunya

Started on 20 July 2014 by TaroMisaki
Latest Reply on 27 July 2014 by TaroMisaki
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Luis Enrique to sign at Barcelona

FC Barcelona granted Tata Martinos' wish to resign as Barcelonas Manager and were in need to find a new manager.
There were lots of speculations of who will be the next manager of FC Barcelona and Luis Enrique was the one who had the upperhand against his contenders such as Marcelo Bielsa, Mauro Pochettino or Michael Laudrup.

Luis Enrique was presented at a press conference earlier today and he said that a dream came true and he will give everything he can for this club and catalunya! Luis Enrique said that he will relay on the strenght Barcelona has, the La Masia and their talents!
Josep Maria Bartomeu and Andoni Zubizarreta are happy that they were able to catch a Manager of this status.
Enrique is a Manager who knows this club very well and had succesful Manager spells at other Liga BBVA clubs and also had couple of years as Barcelonas B-Team on his record.

Here are the most important lines from the press conference:
Reporter: What made you accept the offer from Barcelona, as you had build an succesful team at Celta Vigo?
Enrique: I'm happy with what i'd build at Vigo with the other staff members and the players. It was very hard for me to leave the club, but what do i have to say, it's Barcelona! Who could reject an offer like that?
With Cesc and Carles departing, will you bring some players in?
We already bought players, which we will unveil later today. We(Zubi, Bartomeu) had some interesting talks about the squad a couple of weeks ago and as i saw which players they already bought i kinda knew that i maybe got the job.
And we have to say that Alexis Sanchez also will leave the club to Arsenal London, as he wanted a new challenge, i tried everything to keep him here at Barcelona but i had no chance.
Will you make major changes at the playing style and tactics?
I have something in mind, but i can't tell you in detail as other clubs would make plans against us. I can tell you this, Barcelona stands for an inspiring, attacking game and i will try to keep that!
We like to give the spectators what they deserve to see and that is the most important task for us!
What are your targets for this season?
Trophies! What else should we aim for?

Luis Suarez joins Barcelona

Luis Suarez will join Barcelona at the start of the season, but because of his worldwide football action ban 'til the first of october, which will cause the question, why would someone buy him, when he can't play for the team, can't train with the team or anything?

Luis Enrique responed to the medias questions by saying that "Luis Suarez is an outstanding player and will give us another option in our playing style, of course it is not helpful that he can't be at the training facilities but he has the quality to make an instant impact when he'll be able to play!
Just so you know, i wanted to start a game with the new database update! Feedback and ideas to increase my writing style is always welcomed!

A Meeting with...

It's only hours since I've been presented to the press, but it feels like days have gone by. There's a lot of work to do and so less time for it.

Luis Enrique: Carles you're now the Director of this team, I'm glad that you'll work with this squad very close together! Once in a while you may have to take over training in the next few weeks with my assistant manager, becuase I may have some meetings with the Board or someone else.
I hope you're fine with that!

Carles:Of course I am, i knew what kind of Job I'm taking at the club and I wanted to work with them as close as before, so tell me when you need me to take over a training session and give me our plans for that.

Ok, I appreciate that. Thanks a lot mate.

Not a problem at all.

Ok, then now I need to ask you, can you participate right now, as I have the chance to talk to a player which might give our team a hugh boost.

Who is it?

Sergio Agüero, he is on vacation in nearby and I want to have the upperhand against the other teams, whom might be interested in signing him.

OK, then go!

Talking to Agüero

Luis Enrique: Sergio, it's really nice of you to meet me that spontaneous. Are you enjoying your vacation in Spain?

Oh yeah, it's really lovely here and there are so many thinks to see.

That's good that you like it here! Do you have plans for the next days to come?

I wanted to stay a couple of days and then go to the Cote D'Azur. Never been there, I hope it's as beautiful as it is here.

Well I want to invite you, as long as you are here you're welcomed to visit FC Barcelona and have a inside look to the club, i know you have a contract signed in Manchester but maybe I can show you, how family like this club is and that we would love to have you here.
I had a talk with Lionel and Masche, before was announced at the new Manager and both of them spoke so good about you, that you've become my number one player to sign this summer.

I really appreciate your nice words, but I have a meeting with AS Monaco in a couple of days and we really had a lot of talks 'til now and our clubs had an agreement for a transfer and only I need to make up my mind about France and if I want to live and work there.

Well that's OK, but I just want you to think about us. You can call me anytime if you want a word with me.

Thanks, you've been really nice and you'll hear from me in a couple of days, i promise that!
good start so far mate, noone is commenting cause big teams usually lead to pretty boring stories, but ill follow anywaz
Suarez thinks Suarez is an outstanding player, seems about right haha!
@toonman a shame that big teams didn't catch the interest, as it is fun to make some unusual stuff with them.

@griffo what's wrong with a little confidence? :D no, but seriously it were too much luis' in the text and i seemed to be confused at the end^^
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Luis Enrique announces transfer decisions!

A couple of players came to me and asked me to put them on the transfer list and I was unable to convince them that staying here would be the best for them!

Pedro came to me, in mid pre-season as Bojan Krkic got ahead of him and Pedro only had a bench role for now. His situation would have gone even worser, when Luis Suarez ban had been ended in October!
The second player to ask for a transfer was Cristian Tello, and he brought the same reasons up as Pedro. Tello also had Gerard Deulofeu in front of him and seemed to be the last choice for me.

Also Sergio Agüero called me to tell me, that his club doesn't allow him to leave this transfer period.
Now with Lionel Messi, Neymar jr., Luis Suarez, Bojan Krkic, Andres Iniesta and Gerard Deulofeu we have more than enough players for the attacking positions and there is no rush to buy someone just for the sake of it!
Good start ! Good luck !

Players to watch

Today we are listing you three players from the famous FC Barcelona which might be the next Stars in a few years! Our Reporter daily presents you some young players from all Liga BBVA clubs and today is the turn of some La Masia talents!

  • First player to watch is Alen Halilovic, a under 18 year old new signing from croatian side Dinamo Zagreb. Halilovic is a attacking midfielder, a classic number 10 or you can use him as an right winger.
    He might get some chances in Barcelonas first team, as they recently sold two players, Pedro and Tello, who play in this position!

  • Second player to watch is Adama Traore, a young spanish winger who is a Barcelona player for a few years now.Adama can run down the lines and cross a ball, like never seen before. Adama also could get a chance at the first team, just like Halilovic, but the pre-season friendly matches already showed that Halilovic is a little step ahead of him. But Adama could be a key player for Barcelonas Liga Adelante B-Team with Halilovic by his side!

  • Third Player to watch is Jean-Marie Dongou Tsafack, a young cameroonian striker who joint Barcelona a few years ago and is reported as the next Samuel Eto'o from some experts. Dongou seems to have the most problem to gain playing time in the first team squad, as in his position play Luis Suarez and Bojan Krkic. He has to play and train magnificantly to get moved up from the B-Team, but Luis Enrique told us about Dongou Tsafack, that he is an outstanding player, who has all of his future ahead of him and if he doens't do anything stupid and keeps his feet grounded, he will be our striker for the future!

    Barcelona got 40mio for outgoing transfers!

    FC Barcelona announced on their Facebook page, that Pedro will join Paris St. Germain for a fee for 28mio € at least and if Paris wins the Ligue 1 this year, the fee could raise to 33mio €.

    Cristian Tello also leaves Barcelona, as Barcelona received two offers for him. Both clubs will pay his 10mio. € release clause. Sources say, that the two clubs are Paris St. Germain and the italien side AC Milan and only Tello needs to decide where he is going to, as Barcelona has not even registered him for the new season!

  • Bartomeu & Zubizarreta wants to talk!

    A few weeks have passed already and we had loads of work to do, Pedro and Tello wanted to leave, I've so much tactical stuff which i needed to train with the lads and of course the talks with the officials to reduce Luis Suarez ban a little bit, maybe even try to cancel this ban completly!

    I step into the conference room, where Zubi and Barto waited for me.
    Enrique: Hi Zubi, Hi Josep you wanted to see me?
    Zubizarreta: Yes, we have something really important to talk about! Pedro left us, Tello left us and you didn't even contacted other players as an replacement, tell us why? You told us in the contract negotiations that you always look for the best for the team!
    Isn't it the best thing, to make your own players? Players who know almost everything about the club, who knows how we play and we can train the players exactly like what kind of players we need. Also we got Deulofeu back and we bought Halilovic for the B-Team, then there is Adama who even had some playing time in the first team on Tatas' reign!
    Bartomeu: We can't rely only on our talents, they need time!
    Of course they need time, but that don't exclude the first team! I want to give them time in the first team squad! They would learn more here, than in the B-Team in the Liga Adelante!
    We need to aim for the League Title and it will be an tough campaign if we don't improve the team!
    Zubi is right, we need to improve the team!
    As we hanled out the contract and talked about my reign as the Manager, the both of you told me that you were fine with my approach to include some youth talents and I'm a little bit dissapointed that you won't let me do my work!
    But you sold two players which were really important for our offense.
    And i got players who will be important from now on. We got Deulofeu back, after his loan spell with Everton and he gained a lot in the Premiere League and we got Rafinha who was a leading player at Celta Vigo. Give me the time to show you, that you can trust me with my approach, if that isn't the fact, we might have to talk about my future here, as I need that level of trust in my actions.
    OK, you can do what you have in mind. We will talk to you, if we think that your actions won't improve the team!
    I'm fine with that! See you later!

    Pre-Season and Season Update 'til 09/01/13

    The team really don't needed a long time to inherit my tactics and my style!
    It was a joy to see, how many chances we created and how good the ball was passed around.
    Also it was good to see that Lionel is really comfortable with his new position as a playmaker. Bojan Krkic really showed how important he is and that we can count on him, when we need him and we need him now as Suarez is banned a long time!


    We changed the tactics a little bit in comparison to the former Managers. The full backs moved a little bit higher up and are in a line with Sergio Busquets and now can really fast switch from defense to attack and the other way around.
    Andres changed position and is now used as a right winger and clearly is comfortable with that and this allowed me to move Lionel a little bit deeper as he now won't be marked that thight as he used to the last years. He can creat chances and score goals and now is even more unpredictable as bevor!
    In front of Lionel is another player who opens the space for Lionel or who scores goals!

    Pre-Season results and first League games!

    A great start in the Season and a early upperhand against Real Madrid!
    The ball rotation was amazing and we created 15+ chances per Game, but sometimes we wasted too many of them, for example in our loss against Villareal, as we had 29 shots and 17 or 18 were on target, but we weren't able to score on that day!
    Bojan Krkic was in superb form as he scored 3 goals and 1 assist in the first 3 games. Also in good form were Andres Iniesta (0 goals/3 assists/3 games), Lionel Messi (2/2/3) and Marc-Andre ter Stegen with an amazing performance against Real Madrid, as he destroyed loads of chances, for example two 1-on-1 chances from Cristiano!

    Liga BBVA Table

    The surprisingly loss against Villareal made us lost the League leading position. Our fiercest Rivals Real Madrid are behind us, as we won our first el clasico of the season!
    The only Team with a the perfect number of points are newly promoted Eibar!

    Teams looking at Barcelona striker

    Barcelonas young striker Bojan Krkic seems to finally settle down at the Camp Nou, after some unsuccesful loan spells he is a regular first eleven starter this season.

    A couple of spanish teams and a team from abroad are looking into the possibilite to sign Bojan Krkic in the next transfer window!
    Arsene Wenger was at the el classico to have a look about what Bojan is capable of and he delievered!
    Bojan scored 2 goals and assistet Lionel Messi' goal and showed an all around awesome performance!
    The other teams who seems to have interest in Bojan are Atletico Madrid, Valencia and FC Sevilla!

    September Update

    The last games where unbelievable as we've been on an outstanding run and our form is sky high, like the moral among the players.
    The only bad thing is, that our squad is really decimated and we only have 3 Goalkeepers and 16 outfield players who are available, that means that the rotation is not existing and all players really need to give all they have in their tanks.


    What a month, 5 games 5 wins! What do I need to say? Marc-Andre ter Stegen kept his goal cleen 4 times in a row and he hadn't had the easiest games! In superb form was Lionel who scored 5 goals and created 2 more in only 4 games!
    I hope we can hang into that!

    Liga BBVA Table

    League leader! 22-5 that is amazing and our difference is as high as the other teams goals scoring record! 2 points ahead of our fiercest rivals Real and Atletico.
    Newly promoted Eibar are the surprise of the first months.
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    8 yearsEdited

    End of October Update

    Loads of goals and a long clean sheet streak in the last few weeks!
    Marc-Andre ter Stegen seems to be a magnificiant capture for the club, as he can save the 100% chances in a row!
    The first three months shows how effective out tactics are!
    One surprising thing is, that our offense seems to work better with Bojan Krkic in front. Luis Suarez made a few games and it seems that our offense lacks something.

    Liga BBVA Update

    Almost a third of the season has already passed and we're already 7 points clear of a three-pack right behind us, two of the three teams you would have expectet there with Real on the second and Atletico on position four, but Eibar is third and already is 14 points clear of the first relegation spot!
    6 clean sheets in a row for Marc-Andre ter Stegen and over 600 minutes in total!

    Champions League Update

    Half of the group phase has passed and we're clearly behind our own goals as we are 5 points behind Napoli and we're fighting Zenit for the second spot to qualify for the knockout rounds!
    A really interesting tactic, but it seems to do you wonders! Doing well so far :)

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