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Poll: The Football League, 1888-89

The first season in English football history.
Started on 24 July 2014 by The 510 Series
Latest Reply on 11 August 2014 by The 510 Series
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Who will win the League this season? (32 votes)
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Author's notes

Hello and welcome to the nineteenth century! This story will be done in a diary style, written by the man in charge of Everton ( not the manager. Theo Kelly was Everton's first manager), Joseph Northrop. He will be picking the team and attending the matches, as well as giving advice to the owner of the club. Despite all this, he doesn't actually exist. I've decided to have a poll to see who you think will win the League ON THE GAME. It may or may not be relevant to real life. Also, as I'm not good at graphics, pretend that this doesn't look like it was typed on a computer. Anyway, please enjoy this, the first ever season in English football!

1st August 1888

Dear diary,
Great news! We've been accepted into the Football League! There are twelve clubs in total, and to kick off our first ever League game, we were to face Preston North End away, on the 10th of August. Our first match at Anfield, our home ground, will be against nearby Bolton Wanderers, on the 17th. We also have some kits together; an attractive blue and white halved number for our matches at Anfield, and two alternative kits - a navy and yellow striped option and a navy shirt with a single thick white stripe going down the middle. I am unsure of when we will wear these, though.

--Joseph Northrop
A very interesting idea! I will be following this! Good luck mate!
Will follow, good luck!

10th August 1888

Preston North End 1-3 Everton
We won our first match! Jeffrey Spalding scored our first goal in a matter of seconds, before they equalised. One of their players then got sent off, allowing Ivorian striker Mamadou Traoré to score a couple. Us English lot are told to be "cautious" of these foreign players, but when they're as prolific as that you don't seem to care. I have no idea why I have to be cautious of them anyway. I have to go now; got the match against Bolton at Anfield to prepare for!

I thought Preston went undefeated in this season...
Read the authors' notes. :P
Good start Deji! In fact, this is such a good idea, I am going to follow with interest despite you managing Everton :P
It's clearly gonna be Aston Villa.... How can they not with all the titles and cups they win?
Thanks for your votes, and thanks, Aaron, for being reasonable as a Liverpool fan. :P
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9 yearsEdited

Author's Notes

Side note: I may have to put this story on hold as I'm currently on a two week holiday. Everything may be okay, though. I definitely can't play FM so the game updates will be delayed.
Basically, there will be a second section to this story, set in the present day. It'll be following the story of seven American teenagers. Their names are Edgar, Omar, Otto, Leon, Jerry, Henry and Duncan. Yes, they're characters from a certain video game but I had a very interesting thought regarding them. You'll see in a bit. An update will be coming soon.
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I was awoken by shouting, and I then realised that it was going to be one of those days when Edgar gets unnecessarily excited.

"Guys! I just checked the timetable; there should be a cargo ship going to Liverpool in a few hours," said Edgar, considering our options, "that seems like our best bet. Sure, it's illegal immigration, but if we can get a better life, who cares?"
"Okay, but what's the cargo?" Duncan asks, "if we do get caught, we'd get into more trouble if the cargo is age restricted or something."
Edgar laughed, and said, "well, it's hardly raw opium or fucking weapons-grade uranium. They're transporting American electrical items to the UK, to places like Liverpool, Newcastle, that sort of area. Let's try not to think about getting caught."
"But, what if we do?" I say, "we're pretty much screwed!"
"Oh, Jerry," Edgar chuckles, "you were always the most paranoid one out of all of us. But, you were also the most intelligent - along with Duncan, of course -, so I'm going to leave it up to you to come up with a plan."
"Shit. Duncan! I'll need a hand!" I say, and go into an old warehouse to think up a plan for Edgar and the lads. He follows me.
"This may take a long time," I say.
"We don't have a long time! The ship's going in four hours!" He replies.
"Fuck," I say, leaving Duncan to it.
"Jerry!" Says Duncan, "I've got a plan!"
"Brilliant! What is it?" I ask.
"Well, I've found out the ship's cargo."
"So what?"
"Listen! It's full of metal containers. So, we have to all hide inside a container. There are empty barrels. We hide behind them."
"And, when they check them?"
"They won't. The security at shipyards are useless nowadays!"
Suddenly, we hear the door open. Afraid that it was a worker, we try to find somewhere to hide. To our relief, it's just Edgar, telling us that the ship had arrived. Now was our chance.


After what felt like two days on the ship, crammed into a container with six of my friends, we arrived in Liverpool. Unfortunately, Duncan was wrong about the ship not being checked, but, using the money of a rich person Omar had robbed earlier, we were allowed to go. I don't think he realised that the money was in dollars.

We made it into Liverpool some time later. It was a remarkable place; really big, full of job opportunities. But what we needed was a place to stay. Eventually, we found one, an old church hostel with a school. It was run by a man who introduced himself as Father Jonathan, and said that he could provide a place for us to stay, but it was in a tightly-packed room. As well as the seven of us, there were about a dozen other kids, all of them boys about our age.
Father Jonathan silenced the room and said, "Everyone! I'd like to introduce you to our seven new arrivals, Edgar, Omar, Henry, Otto, Jerry, Duncan and Leon."
The only one of them who took any notice was a foreign child.
"Hi, I'm Constantinos," he said, in a thick Greek accent, "welcome. This place is a dump, but you'll soon get used to it. I'm assuming that you'll be sleeping here..." he pointed to a large, empty space of carpet.
"Okay. I guess it'll have to make do," said Leon.
"Constantinos? How long have you been over here?" Asked Duncan.
"Ah, I came over from Limassol in Cyprus a few weeks ago. It was shit. What about you?"
"We actually came here today, from America. We were originally from New England, but made it to the East Coast to come here, where we can hopefully get an education."
Constantinos laughed, "despite how crap this place is, Father Jonathan isn't actually that bad a teacher. I'm sure you'll make do."
"I fucking well hope so," said Henry.

What we didn't know is that we'd get much more than we bargained for, up here in the north-west of England.
Where'd you get this database mate?
I found it somewhere. I have the link bookmarked on my computer at home, so when I get back I'll send it to you, if you want. Or are you the creator of this database? ;)

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