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[FM14] Doing It Down Under! v2.0

Started on 25 July 2014 by Feliks
Latest Reply on 24 November 2014 by Feliks
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Lodovico- I'm Hungry

Sydney FC messiah Sean-Paul Lodovico today conducted an interview with the Sydney Morning Herald, with the 30 year old chatting to Mark Bosnich about his side's chances in this year's final series.

"We're hungry for more. Last year was a hiccup, a fluke to be honest. We should have won the grand final, credit to Wellington, but that game was ours for the taking and we didn't take it. This year I will stop at nothing for the championship. 2 premierships without a Grand Final win is pitiful to be honest, and I think with this current set up we should be blitzing the finals. We've shown our dominance in Asia, our dominance in Australia- we have shown we are the best team in the A-League. We will defeat Adelaide on Saturday."

The 2 time A-League winner certainly has a lot of confidence in his team, and for good reason. Sydney FC has recently celebrated their back-to-back league win, whilst also dominating in the Asian Champions League. Lodovico was also asked about his chances in Asia's premier club competition.

"Well to be honest I didn't really fancy our chances when the group was drawn. Looking at it, the Japanese and Korean champions is a very hard task and then you've got Jiangsu who came second to Guangzhou. Not the best draw it seemed. But the team was absolutely incredible, dominated the group. 6-0 aggregate over Okayama, 7-0 over Jiangsu and 4-3 over Seoul. That is incredible form, and I honestly think we can go very far. Guangzhou will be a huge test but who knows? Maybe we can ruffle their feathers away and use the home advantage to get the win."

The Sky Blues will face Adelaide United in the A-League semi final on Saturday, with the winner gaining passage to the A-League Grand Final. Sydney will also be looking forward to their ACL second round game against Guangzhou Evergrande after the finals.
Don't f**k it up again! :*
Walter God I hope not :P
Eat some cereal or somethin
Neal Huehuehue :P

Sky Blues Demolish Reds

Sydney FC backed up their manager's claim of being the best club in Australia with a 4-0 thrashing of Adelaide United in the A-League semi final. The Sky Blues were lethal in front of goal, even whilst fielding a weakened squad, and the Reds had nothing to counter their incredible passing game.

There was a bit of trash talk prior to the game, with Sean-Paul Lodovico seemingly getting under John van't Schip's skin with his confident predictions. However Lodovico was quickly backed up by his team, as Josh MacDonald scored a toepoke in the 20th minute to give his team the 1-0 lead.

The frustrated Adelaide United fouled far too much, with 6 yellow cards over the course of the game. The ruffled defence couldn't deal with MacDonald who popped up again in the 42nd minute before youngster John Andrews scored a miraculous free kick to give Sydney FC an unassailable 3-0 lead at half time.

With the game beyond doubt, the Adelaide United players dropped their heads whilst Sydney FC began to prepare for the Grand Final. Stars Rhyan Grant, Dani De Silva and Jackson Irvine were all taken off and rested. Englishman Jack Batten wasn't slowing down however, as he simply shrugged off his opponent at a corner and had the goal at his disposal in the 58th minute. He used it accordingly, giving his side a 4-0 advantage which they held through to the end.

The unrelenting, efficient Sydney FC proved too much for the young Adelaide United outfit, who were unable to deal with the passing style and the great workrate of the Sky Blues. Rhyan Grant and Nikola Petkovic ran riot at wing back, assisting 2 goals between them, whilst MacDonald made everyone think twice about the sorrow of losing Batty.

This result means that Sydney FC will play Melbourne Victory in the Grand Final next weekend, which is sure to be one of the A-League's biggest ever games.

The next update will be my final. Stay tuned for the conclusion of Doing It Down Under v2.0
4-0 woah - that is some win :P

It's time for glory. It's time for someone to stand up and make that last push, put in the extra percent. It's time for someone to be that one little bit better than their opponent and make all of the difference. It's time to put in just that little bit more effort more than huge prize. And it's time for victory. 3 losses from 2 just won't cut it.

Welcome one, welcome all to the 2018 A-League Grand Final. My name is Mark Schwarzer and it's time to decide just who is Australia's best. We have back-to-back minor premiers Sydney FC, who tasted bitter defeat in last year's decider. And we have their fiercest of rivals, Melbourne Victory. Some may argue the Wanderers are, but ever since the Kelling incident last season it's pretty evident that this game is one of the most charged in Australia. The Grand Final atmosphere is sure to add to this rivalry in what should be an absolute cracker of a game.

Here's the Sydney FC line-up for today. We've got Usai in goals, still subject to some bids from Italy but you'd imagine he'd stay if they win this. The 3 centre backs, Jurman, Ryall and Batten are the regulars and then Petkovic and Grant on the flanks to provide the width. Dimitrijevic is obviously missing so we've got Terry Antonis filling in alongside De Silva and Irvine in that vital midfield 3. Ander Bergara will play alongside Josh MacDonald up top and it certainly looks like a very threatening team.

Then we've got the challengers, Melbourne Victory. Nathan Coe between the sticks, and then a very, very defensive back 5. Traore is really the only attacking player there at left back, and then you've got DeVere, Ansell, Duzel and Wilkinson spread across defence. Youngsters Jon Durand and Chris Cristaldo provide the speed on the flanks and then there's the deadly foreign pair in central midfield. Jonathan Romein and PSG product Abdullah Yaisien will cause some headaches for Sydney FC and Argentinian loanee Diego Varisco is one of the most talented strikers running around the nation.

I listened to Schwarzer drone over the loudspeaker in the rooms. Some managers like to keep their players focused on the game, block out all criticism, all praise, anything that could mess with their heads. But I prefer them to hear everything, to know everything. Because I know if one of these lads can't handle the pressure, the expectation, they don't belong on my team.

OK, it's time for kick off. Sean-Paul Lodovico and Mike Mulvey shake hands at the dug out and you just know it's gonna be a great battle between these 2. Bergara rolls it to MacDonald, we're underway in the 2018 A-League Grand Final.


Now, I knew we had crafted a good side over the years. Dani De Silva, Seb Usai, Jack Batten and Ander Bergara had been incredible since joining the club in the last couple of years, and we had truly become a force to be reckoned with. But I didn't want to be too optimistic against the Victory. I would probably have gotten away with it though.

DeVere hoofs the ball clear, Victory not taking any chances. They know just how potent Sydney can be, especially after that demolishing of Seoul FC in the ACL. The ball is with Bergara now, they'll be a tad nervous because this guy is creative, oh my word what a ball! It's MacDonald with all the time in the world, drags Coe out and there it is, he's scored the first.

"Can you taste it Sean-Paul? We're looking deadly man!" piped a familiar voice.

"Shut up Emile, it's only the 4th minute for pete's sake!" But I began to smile as I looked across at Mike. He was unsettled. His side was unsettled. And he knew it.


"It's the young Varisco on the ball, and oooh, that's a nasty challenge. Jack Batten pack your bags son, that's your second yellow. No hesitation from Queffelec."

Batten trudged off, scared to make eye contact with me. "Jackson, go to centre back!" I yelled, looking to reshuffle my line up but then I turned to young Jack, a 22 year old Englishman who lived with Emile.

"Listen mate, don't worry. Don't put the owness on yourself. The kid is quick. the bloody Argentinian. It was always going to be hard. The first yellow was a bit harsh as well, but don't dwell on it. OK, so I've put Jackson in centre back. I want you to give me pointers on where he can improve. Understood? It's OK, we can still win this thing." He looked better now at least, but I sure hoped we did win. The disappointment would be unbearable for young Jack if we didn't.


OK so we've got a deadball situation. No prizes for guessing who's taking it, it's everyone's favourite Spaniard! Pretty dangerous situation for the Victory, about 20 yards to the right of the penalty area, and we all know how good Bergara is at free kicks. Here it is, swinging in nicely, meets the head of Jurman, it's a flick on to Irvine... oh nice save by Coe...HOLD THE PHONE!!! HORRIBLE MISTAKE BY NATHAN COE, IRVINE TOEPOKES IT IN! 2-0 Sydney, who needs 11 men anyway?!

Now the emotions came out. I hugged Emile and Matthew, my trusty right hand men, and then Jack Batten who suddenly had a weight lifted from my shoulders. Mulvey was tearing up his notes across at his dugout and the larrikin in me just couldn't pipe down.

"Oi Mikey! Do you want me to take another off?!"

Those balled up fists were all the satisfaction I needed.


"Half time. Halfway to glory. OK, let's not dwell on the red OK fellas? Jack, don't worry about it. Jackson, great work going back there and great goal fine sir. Josh and Ander, you're tearing them to pieces. Seb, keep it up back there. No changes boys, let's keep it up, keep doing what we're doing because it's bloody working."


"Offside! You're f**king kidding me!" An angry look from the fourth official shut me up but oh lord that was close! MacDonald almost got his second, on the back of Bergara again, but no. It's the 52nd minute and it's still 2-0. Can't complain I guess.

"OK, what are we thinking Emile? Who's looking tired?"

"Everyone Sean, we've only got 10 men!"

"Haha of course, of course... Well, let's see. Aaron, Josh, Joel you're up." The 3 subs jumped up, ready to see some action. "Just go out there and enjoy yourselves boys, this is your time."



"Sydney FC are pushing forward once more, they're still hungry and they're down to 10 men! Victory are dead in the water as the young Andrews marauds down the middle of the ground. He lays it forward to MacDonald, who stops and props. Duzel loses track of Bergara and now it's played to him, has a pop, but that's a great second effort by Duzel who gets back to block the shot."

"Hey Emile, tell them to settle the hell down. Enjoy the moment, pass it around. Let everyone have a taste of it."

"Don't jinx us Sean, there's still at least 3 minutes to go."

I beckon over to the Victory dug outs. "Yeah, like he's gonna engineer a comeback."

We both look over at Mulvey sulking on the bench and laugh, revelling in our glory.


"The referee has blown for full time, this is it! Sydney FC have...."

But Schwarzer was drowned out by the sound of the Sydney FC faithful, the 35,000 who had packed Allianz Stadium today and spurred their team to victory. They cheered, they chanted, they danced and they cried. And so did Sean-Paul Lodovico.

All of this goddamn failure. Rugby career ruined. Getting so close in my first year, to throw it away at the last hurdle. Humiliation in my homeland. The bitter taste of a failed season and then another Grand Final loss. I almost wondered if I should just give it all up. But no. Finally. Finally I have tasted the glory....

As Rhyan Grant and Milos Dimitrijevic lofted the trophy high, for all the Sky Blues to see, Sean-Paul cried. And when he got up there on the podium himself, and finally felt the silverware he had been chasing all these years. He felt content. He felt alive.

And So It Ends

Oh, what a start it was. That banner is just, just.. despicable would be the word. But here we are now, 4 months later. Over 700 replies later, over 25,000 views later and a Story of the Month win. I started the story with a gung-ho attitude, not even stopping to think about what would happen if I didn't like the save. I just went with it and got lucky I guess. It's a luck of the draw thing, sticking to a save, and I stuck to it to the point where it would be my all-time favourite FM save. Believe it or not, but I made it to La Liga (albeit briefly) and now I'm managing in Poland again! It's just that kind of save I guess, I just roll with it.

The reason I'm ending this story is that my love for the save had overtaken my enthusiasm for the story, and I found myself having to go back substantial amounts of time to write updates. I found myself years ahead of the story and I don't like to work like that, I'd much rather just drop the story and continue the save. Besides, it's time for the new generation of FM15 stories to entertain you readers!

I'd like to thank a few people who have helped me along this journey. First and foremost, my closest friend on the site (Neal being a close second don't worry Neal :P ) in Walter. If you went through my entire story you'd probably find that he is responsible for about 150 replies, and his renewed support and enthusiasm (despite constantly pestering me to leave the A-League) really helped me keep going. He was also the creator of 2 of my banners, and on that note I'd like to thank Ziechael and Tallery for their graphical skills in this story. Justice gets a little mention for giving me the name and I'd also like to give shout outs to all the members that were at some stage regular commenters.

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  • Walter
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  • Ziechael (again)

  • You guys kept the story running, as did everyone who had a look now and again. I'd also like to thank the people who voted for me in Story of the Month, and delivered me a coveted win. Thankyou :)

    So, the Lodovico journey ends here. He's had a couple of runs, a couple of goes, but I think his time may have come. It's time for me to kick back and enjoy the amazing stories around the forums, and wait until December when I get FM15. Then, who knows what might happen? Maybe a familiar face will return....

    Edit- I got FM15 earlier than expected (well, the demo anyway)

    Great story, will go down as one of the greatest on the site!
    Farewell DIDU, what a way to bow out <3

    A terrific story and it is sad to see it come to an end. Looking forward to FM 15 and I know a story will be coming our way. Thanks for the mention.
    Brilliant story :)
    A great story, deserves a great amount of recognition!
    RIP Doing it Down Under. A great story and i'll miss it... thanks for the thanks too... twice!!

    Will miss this story but if it means you can dedicate all your time to Hesky's rise to power then good call!
    Everyone Thankyou guys, it's sad to end it but it was a great journey!

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