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How Not to Manage Your Team

A breathtaking adventure that will rattle your brain.
Started on 29 July 2014 by BashingSquirrel
Latest Reply on 29 July 2014 by Aaron
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Square One


So, instead of deciding to introduce myself through other means (i.e. finding the appropriate thread for introductions) I'm just gonna do it here and kill two birds with one stone cause I'm practical like that. So, errr, what would complete strangers
want to know about me? Probably nothing, since no one actually cares but just to spite you guys I'm gonna share some of my personal information (there will be no social security numbers if you were hoping).

I'm Croatian...

That's true, born and raised in Rijeka, 3rd biggest Croatian city and current Croatian league runner-ups. I would probably start a career in my homeland but that won't be the case because the RL situation literally sickens me and would ruin the game experience for me. So where could a 21-year old, such as myself (oh look, another piece of information) start? Well, I won't share that just

Oh and you can call me Mr. Squirrel, Bash... or any other variation of my nick, however you please. I won't be sharing my name just yet, I should at least get to know you before we hit the sheets. Kidding! I will tell you my name.

Enough of this boring stuff, time to start!

P.S. Since I am 21 I had to make some modifications to my ''game-self'', I'm sure you guys will understand.

Chapter One: N. Ireland Here I come

Uninterrupted by any obligation or even an alarm clock I woke up at 1 p.m. that day. It was Sunday and I was free, knowing that there was no work today. If you could even call what I do for a living a real job. I am a soccer coach, dream job I know. Except in my case I sorrounded by a bunch of children since I work only with children up to the age of ten. Everything else required too much responsibility, which wasn't my cup of tea really.

So after I woke up, I spent the next few minutes remembering what exactly happened last night. Nah, I did not get drunk, just a quiet in front of the computer. In combination with quite a lot of weed. But that was my life and I thrived, somehow. My ''morning'' peace was interrupted by the mobile phone. After a few seconds I answered not recognizing the callers ID.

''Hey man, what's up?''
''Who is this?''
''Man, it's Luka. I can't believe you don't recognize my voice.''

Then I managed to somehow connect the dots and soon enough I had the face of my childhood friend in front of me. Luka and I were besties for quite some time until he moved to N. Ireland due to a job offer. He was 18 or 19 at the time and I haven't seen him since. So, yeah, it was like 6 or 7 years when I last saw him so you can understand my confusion.

''You can't be serious? How's it been man? Where are you? Holy fuck.''
''Yeah believe it. Actually I'm scheduled to land in Krk in about 2 hours so what do you say about a meeting in about an hour from then?''
''Sounds great, hit me up at my place. Still the same address.''
''Cheers, see you soon.''
''See ya.''

I was thrilled to see Luka again, damn how much has it been? From last I've heard Luka was earning some serious money with the cattle bussiness. I wonder why he came to Rijeka, most likely to visit his family. Yeah, that had to be the case since they were always going up to see him. The next three hours I spent proactively. I rolled two joints, smoked them, ate some pizza and starred at the ceiling while laying in my bed.

Once. Twice.
It took me some time before I managed to get back into reality. I opened the door and as expected it was Luka. We did all that greeting mumbo jumbo (yes, hugs included if you were unsure). We did some chatching up which is really irrelavant and boring for this story so there will be no mention of that. Except in the previous sentence. Conversation slowly started going into different directions (most likely influenced by a few beers and pot) until he popped one question that will change the course of my life. No jokes.

''What would you say if I told you I could get you a job in N. Ireland. Somewhere close to me. Damn I miss those good old times when we were rocking, don't

''Luka, you know how I feel. I won't do a physically exhausting job and I doubt-''
''No, it's nothing like that. Actually you would be doing the same thing you are doing here just managing the senior team.''
''Are you kidding, I doubt I'm even capable of that! Managing a real team? Joke, no?''
''Idiot, I didn't offer you Barcelona or R. Madrid. This team is in their third tier, that's like second regional here. You would be training mechanics, salesman and similar people that get shitfaced over the weekend and forget their names. Nothing troublesome. It's life full of party really.''

I can't describe how good this sounded to me. Just put yourself in my shoes. I would basically have a dreamjob. Managing an amateur club, not much responsibility. Impulsive like I always was I responded.

''Well, stop talking. I'm in. But are you 100% positive that I can get that job?''
''Yeah I'm sure, I have some ''connections'' with the board if you know what I mean. So, truth to be told, this was my main reason for coming to Croatia. I need to
rush back cause I have another shipment coming. I'll get back to you with the plane ticket and shit. Glad you accepted. See you soon.''
''Bye dude. Hey, wait. One more question. What is the name of the team?''
''Moyola Park.''
Nice start! Good luck with your first story :)
Nice start there looking forward to this!
Great start! Good luck :)

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