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The American Dream!

Started on 2 August 2014 by bebero
Latest Reply on 10 August 2014 by Jer
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The American Dream!

I am a young coach without much experience and I decided to go to America! To experience the American dream! I have no recommendation, and do not even know football very well there, but I hope I adapt quickly and find a team that needs me to have!

It's been a year since I'm here, and no one gives me a chance, I went to various courses to learn about football here!
But with the start of the new season, we were looking for potential coaches teams.
We had a chance and I was accepted for an interview, and hopefully everything works out!

"A simple prisoner" - I decided to put saving a little break and try something new! It is the first time choose other leagues and not Europe!

The American Dream!

New England Revolution is the team that gives me a chance! Which puts me in hopes accest season! I hope to not disappoint and to get as much team, media team is a bad one, what are classified as worst team in the league, but I hope it will help us, and the rest of us not to attach great importance!
There has been much talk with the manager, and we have established conditions! I hope to do a good job here!

New England Revolution

I will come back with a more in detail the tactics and team!
I love the Revs! Will definitely be following, you have a gem in Fagundez!
Always wanted to do an MLS story! So to read one, is great. Good luck with the story mate :P

Presentation team!
Jerry is the best player of the team, and I hope to help! I hope to score more goals!
I do not know if Diego will confirm whether or not he is the best young team! I hope to help me, but for now will remain the reserve team until she grows up!
Lee is a good player, I hope to help me through what's best midfielders, but I hope I can bring other better!
Jose is the best quarterback of the team, I hope not to make mistakes, and help me!
Saer is a very good player, I found the reserve team thinking to promote. But I will see under Training games!
We decided to prepare two tactics, and rotate them in friendlies to see how the team plays better!



Parent Club
After discussions with the owner, I hope to find a strong team that we will find some good players!

Follow the transfer period, I hope to manage some good moves! It will be difficult because this system is not used to anything!

New players brought to the team!

A player with experience, which I hope will help me! It can handle multiple jobs and I enjoy it because I can play in more places if there will be accidents!

Steven is a good player, has good attributes, and hope to help! Welcome is the only player in the draft!

Anthony Annan
Annan is a good player with experience! He played in Germany and the Netherlands, and even in Norway, I hope to help me! Has good qualities, and I hope to be an indispensable player team!

It's an old player so to speak, is 30 years old. But I still say I can play well, and I hope to help me do a good job!

Hope brought the team to quickly adjust and to learn the old ones!

We had a tough match, but accelasi nice time! I'm glad I was able to start with the right, and win the game!

Parent Club

I hope to help me partnering with them in the future I can get good players from them!

The first 2 months!

The first two months have passed very quickly. We had beautiful matches, and more occurrences slowly begin to get used to anything football here, and the structure here.

Players start to win individual awards, and what I enjoy!

We brought a team player, another striker who hope to help!
I had very good matches in which we scored a lot! Definitely the best match was with New York, I made a very good match!

Doing very well, keep up the good work! :P

Good form continues!

Team keeps good form and managed to win many matches, and collect points! I decided to sell a player who we hope to be indispensable one team, but play very badly, and I decided to sell it because it started to miss workouts.
I hope I can bring 1-2 players on the money!

I received a contract extension!

A ranking that we had hoped, the team plays well! I have a player that is a decisive marker, or even as a passer to be decisive, and enter the top players in the league, but I hope to find one to help me a lot!

Taking the East and tied with the big boys out West! And San Jose has played quite a few more games.
Terrific start!

Some problems!

Were there problems with the team because of injuries and because of that I find that his players could bring. But a good football team practice, and maintains good form! We had two friendly and extremely beautiful, and countries!

Friendly team partner!

I managed to salvage the lack of matches, and I have a pretty good advance points!

Season over!

The first season of America's over for me, I had a tremendous year in which the team played very well! I managed to win the championship but the cup!

US Cup

The match was very important to us! But I played very well from the beginning, and was able to quickly mark the one goal!
After the break we managed to score a goal, as important!
So the score was 2-0, and both have to finish the game!

Man of the match!
My right defender made ??a very good game and managed to win the trophy for the best player of the final.

You meet other division team! It will be a very tough match!
But the game's started badly and got naked pretty quickly, but we managed to come back and I scored!
And so the match went into extra time, where I managed to hit it once, and opponents have scored, and the score was 2-2!
Penalty Shot
They missed her fast by the two players, but we've missed! And it was very disputed game yet!
It was the porters, and after my marked succeeded and there is a decisive blow!
Players were extremely happy for this victory!

Team Stats

Already have emerged players who want to leave, I will have to move quickly on the transfer market!

Really great first season! Great read also! Some of the graphics are also really impressive, like the player analysis. Looking forward to season 2!

Disappointed, the American dream can take over!

Driving'm disappointed we have not received any money for the performance of last season! There have been few players who decided to stay in the team, the start of the new season!

I managed to get some players to strengthen lot, but it's very hard, and I'm very disappointed, I think of a go!
An unexpected offer from Rome, which is in 10th place! I go to this interview!

It came in a very small amount on 90k, I hope to help me!

He came 250k is a player with great qualities!

A young player who can grow a lot, I hope to play well!

The only team goalkeeper, one reserv is 17 years old!

He's the only quarterback left the team!

I am very disappointed that we lost many players because of rules in America!
I hope to get the chance to Rome, and to reach Europe and, after a very delightful season here, I really want to go now!

Players did not disappoint at all! Unfortunately the lead did, although I had a very good year!

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