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Poll: Kit of the Week #2: Manchester City TIEBREAK


What set do you think is the best? (24 votes)
Set 1, pompeyblue 54.2% (13 votes)
Set 9, TodayAtTomorrow 45.8% (11 votes)
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AlexTHFC's avatar Group AlexTHFC 2014-08-03 08:43
gb 1789 posts 161 likes joined Jun 12, 2013
There is a tie for first place, after a few days of voting! So, it has come to a tiebreak. But who are the two members behind the two popular first placed kits?

Set 1, pompeyblue

Set 9, TodayAtTomorrow

Now vote for your winner!
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InvertedWingbacks's avatar Group InvertedWingbacks 2014-08-03 21:05
gb 1861 posts 156 likes joined Nov 09, 2013
When does this end?
ARSENAL_ruleZ's avatar Group ARSENAL_ruleZ 2014-08-05 18:55
cy 194 posts 21 likes joined May 27, 2012
When will this end???
InvertedWingbacks's avatar Group InvertedWingbacks 2014-08-05 19:49
gb 1861 posts 156 likes joined Nov 09, 2013
holy god. the tension D:
Justice's avatar Group Justice 2014-08-06 12:28
00 5515 posts 685 likes joined Feb 11, 2013
I think that this has gone on long enough, I'm locking the thread and the poll. Whenever Alex is ready to announce the winner and the next set of kits to be made, he can.

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