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Who is 'past it?'

Started on 23 June 2009 by xtremeganesh
Latest Reply on 24 June 2009 by Niknar
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A quote on the BBC sport website about Micheal Owen reads as follows:

"Owen is past it and nowhere the player he was and indeed nowhere near the standard required in the Premier League."

I disagree. He was a world class striker, but for years now he has been hampered with serious injuries. He's nowhere near his best, but if a club can get him fit again.....or get his wage demends down a bit, he'd be a great buy for a lot of prem clubs. Hull are the only ones publically chasing him but I'm sure other clubs are considering it.

With the right deal he's worth the gamble.

And are there any other players who you think are past it, or want to argue are not?

I dont think he's past it but he should not be demanding the wages that the media and clubs have been qouting

if owen can get fit then possibly may regain some of the form he had while at liverpool but to be honest i can not see that happening anymore or its too late, owen key skills is his speed and aglity and hes getting on abit now
well he is past his best years thats for sure.

i mean many players can still contribute when they are "past it". it doesnt take any natural qualities away from them. given the right mentality and luck with injuries then of course he will do a certain job. but wont be near what he has been before though.
he would be an awesome signing for a prem club. obviously he is used to extremely high wages, which he will not get anywhere. and he has amazing positioning, so fox in the box.

i don't know anyone like that anymore, its rare the oldies are past it or gone, inzaghi, ruud van, sheringham etc they are not in the current game, its more pace
i just really cant imagine owen playing for hull if they do sign him that would be a big step down for him and he really does need to take a big step down on his wages as well
I was thinking, both Owen himself, Shearer and many pundits were saying that Owen can easily score goals if the opportunities are made for him.

Now I know Hull started well, very attacking and all, but I fear that toward the end of the season they showed their true colours. How on earth is Owen going to have chances provided for him at Hull, they were hardly noted for their attacking flair last season, and I dont think new additions this summer will change that around too drastically.
All I can say is he was another one of these players who got so big headed, Real came calling he thought it would make him bigger... he got sold to Newcastle. In my opinion he needs to show he's still something, stay at Newcastle, take a wage cut and get them promoted, but he thinks he's still the best player in the world, he will be looking at Hull as a team he can move on from.
Personally I think Owen still has at least two good years in him, three if he could stay injury free. But if you want to look at a player who is well passed his best, what about Shevchenko? I remember telling everyone i know what a threat he would be when Chelsea signed him, Boy was I wrong. But what really caused a former footballer of the year to turn into what Chelsea paid 30 Million for?
No one is ever past it, not at the level of noticable we are taking about. They can still be the best player for a league team. The more their game rellys on technicality the longer they can last at the top level. At Owens predicament he isn't ovber the hill, he is just facing the bad descions he made after Liverpool/Madrid, as well as his luck wth injuries.
He should never have left Liverpool. Did he really think he was going to be there for the rest of his playing career, if Newcastle never came for him he'd be in their reserves.

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