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Team is not being disciplined - help.

Started on 17 August 2014 by pedrofrancab
Latest Reply on 28 August 2014 by SideLineBiscuit
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Hello everyone, could the more experienced of you help me please? I've been playing with a team from the egyptian premier for 9 months in-game now and in the first half of the season my team was being very disciplined with the very same tactics I'm using now (all 3 of them are 4-1-2-2-1; be disciplined; rigid), but after the transfer window - and I'll admit, I made lots of changes in the squad to improve overall quality - my team simply won't respect my tactics. They're playing better, yes, but only based on individual talent! This is upsetting me so much, they're playing like it is a kick-around and if it keeps going on like this we'll stand no chance against the leading teams in the premier. Any ideas of what I could do? I thought about changing the mentality to very rigid, but I don't want my attack to be completely rigid, as some individual ideas work quite well.

Some info:
-They're screwing up the midfield work. The base of my playstyle. (All 3 of my tactics variations are Exploit the middle - Play narrower - Be disciplined)
-My tactics bar is on the middle. Things I've been trying: training team cohesion and training teamwork as pre-match training.
-My fullbacks aren't pressing the wingers anymore. And even though I ask my attack to infiltrate the box, they keep attempting some crazy shots. To sum it up; a real mess.
You have to be patient with your team, bringing new players in can disrupt progress made with your current tactic. After a few months your team should begin to play how they did beforehand.
The same happened to me when i got promoted to the premier league with York City, brought in a lot of new players and got relegated straight away but bounced back up after time playing together so being patient from my experience is what works.
Next time you plan on overhauling your team so to speak, try bringing in a maximum of 3 or 4 in at a time to minimise cohesion time.
That makes sense, but I wasn't expecting this from a videogame. I guess FM is more complicated than it's straightforward presentation let us know. Thanks for your answer, I'll keep pushing the club forward. If teamwork gets better I'll update you guys.
Yeah, it is all about the team gelling. The Premier League in recent years is a perfect example of what bringing in too many players can do wrong; Tottenham 13/14, Liverpool 11/12, Chelsea 11/12, and so on. If you do decide on bringing in new players, make sure that they have similar personalities so gelling will be made easier.
Team cohesion might help you out also

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