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Inter - Winds of Change

An Inter story, by an Italian Inter supporter.
Started on 6 September 2014 by Icarus
Latest Reply on 12 September 2014 by Zed
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The date is 5th of May, 2010, Inter have just lifted the Champions Cup, the final piece of the puzzle; the magical Treble. The first and only Italian team to ever achieve this feat, cordinated by the amazing Coach Josè Mourinho - The Special One. The fans themself couldn't believe it, they had gone through all the top teams of Europe to lift the trophy, as massive underdogs the entire tournament - The players had shown technical & physical abilites that no one thought they posessed, was it magic? No one knew what it was, it was indescribable...

Yet, as he has given, he has taken... Inter, after that amazing season had gone in tilt; their downfall was subjected into three factors:

Mourinho, knowing he had gotten the most from all his players had decided to leave a Champion.

The Players, Older & prived of any motivation after such an amazing feat would feel complacent of every match, thus recording embarassing losses on the pitch even against freshly promoted teams from Serie B.

The President Moratti, incapable of firing the staff or players after that Season for being overly grateful watched as his Club shamefully crumbled into a shell of self hatred.

4 Years had passed, the ex-Glorious treble players were no more. Javier Zanetti had been announced Vice-President, from freshly appointed President Erick Thoir - Indonesian businessman. It was the begining of a new era, a new begining.

The fans, disappointed by every previous Coach after the leaving of Mourinho wanted a new face to bring glory back to the club, it was a time of financial trouble where Italian Clubs could no longer afford first hand players, it required a person able to adapt under any circumstance, and because of this the Inter board would soonly announce that the new Coach for the 2014-2015 Season would be..... . . .
Good luck :)
Good luck with the upcoming season.
Thanks guys, I'll try my best!

New Inter Coach to be revealed in press conference today at 2:30pm GMT+1.

President Erick Thoir welcomes newly appointed manager Stefano Farina to the Club, new to the football world Stefano Farina presented himself as a man that loves the beautiful game, and in terms of football targets he aims to make use of the youngsters in the Club to help the team grow alongside them and achieve many victories in the future.

Obviously, after the conferences were over the new Coach was invited into the Presidents Office to discuss the Clubs stature.

Stefano Farina had been told he would be appointed a transfer budget of... 0 Euros, he had no leverage whatsoever due to the gigantic 300m loan Debt owed to the Banks of Milano. And to add to this massive plague, all transfer revenue percentages would be sent to the Banks to hasten the debt repayment... He had to make due with what he had.

After of course they talked of the tactical approach, a high defensive lined 4-3-3 with controlling posession attacking mentality was what the Coach had in mind, approved by the board of directors the plan was A-Go, now the Pre-Season officially began, and he would meet his players - but there was one thing he knew he would have to take into his own hands very soon, after the retirement of Inter-Captain Javier Zanetti.. He would soon have to appoint a new Captain to the arm band, a very important choice for the Club & the future of his stay at Inter.
Good to have a little healthy competition, good luck with this story.
Icarus's avatar Group Icarus
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Griffo: Cheers, though I doubt I'll be causing your amazing thread any trouble ^^;

Inter Coach Stefano assigns new Captain for the 14-15 Season:

Vice Captain: Andrea Ranocchia

Vidics expertise would be surely be put to good use in the hard season to come. Meantime lets take a look at the 14-15 Inter Squad:

How about a more in-depth look at some of our key players? (I apologize for the bad resolution, DF11 skin doesn't give me much space and takes up alot of space).








I'd say the team looks quite tough to beat, as for the pre-season friendlies, heres how the teams gotten along with them so far:

I'd say overall acceptable, now we're going to prepare for some official games before the start of the actual season, so every win matters from here on out.

- - -

This spot would be reserved for the Transfers, except that the Club has blocked my budget for now as the debt is too wide... Although I have released some old players such as Tommaso Berni, and younger players whose potential didn't make the cut (to shrink the squad sizes).


Amazing, I know.

Anyway, time to evaluate my management skills with the up-coming fixtures, stay tuned!
Great graphics and a great start. Good luck buddy! I'll be following!
Awesome to see an Inter story, forza il Nerazzurri! :D
Thanks Neal, your bad italians the best! xD

Off from where we last left off, after manager Farina finished all his Pre-Season friendlies it was finally time to put the petal to the metal, and here are the results of his first few matches!

First Official game of the season in the Coppa Italia Qualifier vs Bari, and after going down 1nil right at the start of the match we manage to come back and secure the win, not worried too much about Zdravkos injury - I'm just glad the team showed the right attributes here today.

Playing Home in the first fixture vs Hajduk Splat (Croatia) wasn't a big sweat for the team, they handled the match as they should have - carrying on from the last win - and sealing the qualifications early, Nagatomos form continues!

My wingbacks take the win home, was expecting a larger win but I guess playing Home and playing Away are two different ball games... Nagatomo has been just exquisite thus far.

The start of the season draws near! In just a few days Inter will be opening up alongside Parma: Stay tuned for the outcome!

Even as a Roma fan, I wish you the best of luck in the Serie A, Coppa and in the Europa League (hopefully the Champions League next year ;) )
Thanks Zed I hope I beat Roma 3-0 in the away fixture :)

Opening fixture on the 31th of August! Stefanos first in Serie A.

I think in general it was a good match, we held the ball and we tried our best in a tough away match, I don't want it to become a limit for the team and I've spoke to them that losing these games in the long run will be disappointing and hurtful for the table.

The Player of the Month for August is definetly Nagatomo, despite the loss vs Parma he helped the team qualify for both the Coppa Italia & the Europa League which is pretty important - In 4 Apps hes had 3 Goals and 1 Assist with a 7.40avg rating, rather decent.

The transfer window ends here, no new signings just a few youngsters loaned out... Times are tough, the Clubs in debt and it's up to me to bring them back to glory, and despite the opening fixture I'm still feeling rather optimistic!

Coming Soon, All of Septembers matches & updates!
Good month and good updates! Where abouts are you in the league?

I didn't show it because I had only played one game in Serie A so far, but lol Chievo 1st and Roma in relegation... All in the norm.
Haha I'm sorry buddy I thought for some reason you'd played more! Hopefully you can close that gap at the top, still a few games to go ;) :))

Heres the update for the month of September, our squad following the loss at Parma have finally started to win a few matches.

Andrea Castro (16), brought from my Youth debuted as youngest ever player - and scored as youngest ever.

I also dropped my posession tactic, it would have taken too much effort getting the team to learn it, so I put my rigid 4-4-2 and pumped a few balls into the box... Glad to see it worked.

The League Table sees us at the top so far, alongside beaten Sampdoria in our last clash 3-1 ;)

I don't think picking a player of the month would be fair, as my whole team has been playing exceptionally well, especially the defense (Juan Jesus - Vidic have well over 7.30 ratings) Lets just say the collective is the team of the month! :)

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