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Tactic for attackers with good aerial ability

Started on 14 September 2014 by RBD
Latest Reply on 2 October 2014 by RBD
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Someone had done tactic for attackers with good aerial ability for fm14?
single attacker or a pair?
i have a 433 to be played with wingers and a TM. i use it in arsenal with di maria/ozil/regen as left wingers and deulofeu/walcott as right wingers, with cerci, giroud and a TM regen as lone striker:
GK: sweeper keeper support, pass it shorter, distribute defenders
WB: WB support, cross more often, pass it shorter, shoot less often
CB: CB defend, pass it shorter
DM: DM defend, pass it shorter, close down more
CM R: AP support, close down more, pass it shorter, roam from position
CM L: AP attack, close down more, pass it shorter, roam from position
(both CM are interchangeable, those are the only assimetryc roles on the tactic)
WR/WL: Winger Attack, stay wider, mark tighter, cross from byline, shoot less often (if crosses are not being efficient then i choose a target for them depending on the opponent and who i see is free when i cross)
ST: TM support, pass it shorter, shoot less often.

General instructions:
Control/attack, very fluid
Retain possession, work ball into box, play out of defence, float crosses.
Exploit the flanks, higher defensive line, play wider
Hassle opponents
Lower tempo, be more disciplined

Contrary to what one may think from instructions, this tactic does not aim to secure possession, it rather uses that shout to reduce the number of players who try through balls just to both AP. You will most likely get between 55-60% possession, not the 60-70% possession tactic aim for. Defensive phase is clearly designed towards high pressing, thus not Half-Back and instead a good old classic DM. If facing a narrow tactic, you can change to play narrower without losing effectiveness. However, defensive line must be high or higher, as all your players look to press on the opponents rather than sit back and wait for them. Same for tempo, i only change the tempo by changing mentality from control to attack. You need slow tempo to give time to your TM, who plays in support duty, and both AP to reach the area. Not slower though, as if used you will lose your advantadge on the wings. I would love to share some screenshots and results, but i am not currently in the computer i play FM, maybe later.
Thank you very much
did this work for you as well as it does for me?
Not work very well i have a problem in defence
you need fast players with good mental abilities and tackling, as most probably they will be the last players between a striker and the goalie. marking and aerial ability are not that important in this tactic.
I made small change like I changed one ap with bwm and wingers from attack to support.
that's cool, i'm currently testing in a less talented squad and will probably have to do some similar tweak. is that working welll for you, with the TM still in support?
Not much
do you have full familiarity? if not it will never work. also, once you reach it, you have to train teamwork.
I will try it
What trainings to do?
regular training has no effect on tactics as it only sets which attiributes are trained. match preparation at maximum on tactics until it gets full familiarity and after that teamwork, with the match day or match day and half the day before dedicated to it.

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