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De la Parra diabolique cherce la domination

Bringing Auxerre Back up
Started on 6 October 2014 by Michael
Latest Reply on 10 October 2014 by TheLFCFan
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It was cold for the time of year. It was already June, and temperatures weren't even rising above 20 degrees. The few days that it was above 20 degrees always ended with severe thunderstorms. It just wasn't the kind of summer you would like, or you hoped it to be. Cold, windy, rainy, stormy. Not a calm moment for the last few weeks.

And I adjusted to the weather. If the day started with some sun, I started with a smile. If the morningbreeze made it look like it was winter, I stayed in and watched English comedy's on Netflix. Everything to stay in the mood. But hey, what would you do if you were unemployed for several months. The glorydays of Killymoon were over, and after the hostage-situation at PSV there was no club insane enough to hire me. I was, as they said, to big of a risk to take. Of course I send in applications, but most of the time I would hear from the news that they had chosen another candidate.

Let's go on jobhunt again, as 9 months doing nothing is just way too long. Hey, Ajax needs a new manager after De Boer is fired because he lost 2 prizes. Well screw them. And Feyenoord need a new one after Koeman went to England. I dont think they will hire me after I did beat them with PSV. Lets look past the border. Wrexham in England? Naah, seen enough rain. Duisburg in Germany? I want a team which is well-known, so I will pass. Murcia in Spain? And getting trashed, no thanks. Well, the only other 2 free jobs are Fiorentina and Auxerre. I dont mind both of them, Either I have some French wines or Italian Pizza. Let's send in the applications.

To be continued...
good luck!
What is wrong with French Pizza and Italian wine???

You complain about the weather, yet turn down a job in Spain. Talk about insane...
(see what I did there??)
Edu: I'd like to have a round Pizza, and prefer Champagne :P
It has been 2 weeks since I sended my applications to both Fiorentina and Auxerre. 2 Weeks of waiting, checking the news, and hoping one of both wants to have me. And boy, did I want to go back into business. I've been aching to get to work again. Done my homework on both teams, I know where to strenghten them, where there weak points are, and which players could be an asset to the teams.

I was in the news. Well, I wasnt called by name, but accordingly to the Fiorentina site they got an application which they wanted to keep quiet, and the French National television reported that Auxerre got an application from an enfant terrible which would not be made public, along with a dozen other applications. The Auxerre job seems like a wanted one, whilst Capello and Di Cania applied to the Fiorentina job. With those 2 wel-known trainers my chances to manage in Italy looks slim. I got hope from the rejection of Laudrup for the Auxerre job, but I still havent got word from Auxerre.

At least I got my daily mail coming in by the mailman. Bills, bills, an invite to a party, some lottery bullcrap, and quite a heavy A4 envelope at the bottom of the pile. Strange, I never get those big envelopes. In the topleft corner of it is a big Auxerre logo. Will it finally be? A club which is in desperate need of someone willing to go all-out crazy to win things? After opening the envelope I read this

Dear Mr. De la Parra

In response to your application to the vacant position of headcoach at Association de la Jeunesse Auxerroise we would like to invite you to an interview to discuss the possible appointment of you becoming the headcoach of aforementioned club.

Including with this letter you will find a planeticket from Schiphol Amsterdam Airport to Paris-Charles de Gaulle, where you will get picked up by a limousine of the club, which will drive you to our complex for the discussions and/or negotiations. After this you will be driven to Hôtel Parc Des Maréchaux where your stay for the night will be. 

We hope to have you informed enough, and we look forward to the meetings

With kind regards,
The Board of AJ Auxerre

So this will be it. 1 interview will decide if I can redeem myself in the footballing world, or that I am doomed to sit on the couch, watching NCIS, Little Britain and the occasional footballmatch. I'd better get a new suit for this, as I gave the old one away to charity.

To be continued....
Good luck at the interview! :)
Good Luck with the interview and the story
Love the journal style writing, hope the interview goes well, no major news events or anything like that to disrupt the process!
Good start! Good luck at the interview sir!
Great start to the story, will be following!
Nice start to the story good luck with writing the interview
Well, that was an interesting interview. It all started at the plane to Paris. Some guy screamed that he was from IS and wanted to hijack this plane. I don't like to be disturbed whilst listening to Linkin Park, so I kicked him in his balls, and went back to my seat. Damn Idiots who think they can just disturb my peace.

In the limoride towards the interview I wanted to have a drink, but all they had was Champagne. Really, not even some bottle of water, not even for the driver. So we both took a glass, and we toasted on the fact that Auxerre needed a coach. Whilst sipping on my drink, I took the last Cuban cigar I saved from my job at PSV, and lit it. Finishing the connection to my old job, I arrived at the stadium.

I wanted to open the door, but before I could, it was opened for me. And there they were: The Chairman of the club, the complete board, 2 corrupt referees, and the captain of the team were staring at me, a guy in a limo, a big cigar in his mouth, holding a glass of champagne, and smiling like an idiot. Luckely for me they saw I didn't knew what to say, as they welcomed me, and brought me to the interview room.

It was quite the short interview, as they already had decided I could have the job, as long as I promised not to bring Englishman to the club. "We are a team from France, and proud of it. We dont like those angry teasipping English basterds at the club, and we wont allow you to bring them in. We understand you would bring in Dutch people, as thats your nationality, but no Englishman."

After this 15 minute interview the Captain took me to dinner. The obvious baquettes were brought out, a lot of cheese, and another glass of wine, and he started talking. "Boss, I want to promote this season, and im behind your decisions, as long as they bring us wins. the day we get too many loses is the day I will make a fuss within the club." This clear warning was one I didnt need, as I didnt plan on losing too many games.

Now Im just back in my hotel, having the paid sports channel on, seeing Ajax lose their first pre-season friendly game against some Amateurteam. Tomorrow I will be revealed to the press as the new coach, and after that I will be searching for an own apartment, because how nice this suite may be, I want my own place which can be guarded.

To be continued......
Bit harsh to the English haha! Good start and looking forward to next update.
Great read. Ashame there will be no English players at the club though :(
Well, Here I finally am, back at a club, and checking my players. and damn, what a unch of wankers. I have shitload of work to do, luckily they gave me quite a decent budget and I do know which players I will need to buy to get at least a decent squad here. The backpositions could use a new player, I need a stronger goalie, there a no decent strikers, a few wingers wouldnt hurt either, and the midfield needs more enhancement than a shiny turd to look like something decent. No, Im not talking about the squad of Ajax, Im talking about Auxerre.

Luckely I know quite some free players from my old times, who may want to get here. Michael Prins and Dion Halekor already said they would love to come, and Wiese and Keita may want to come in for the goalies. Singh is already called if he wants to get his shirt here, and for the other positions I may need to spend some money on the other posiitions.

As for now, I'm planning to use my 4222 tactic, but I need to check how it works out for my team, as this is a bunch which I just collected. With the likes of Savitskiy, Zivkovic, Stanciu, Bazoer, Ayling, Duarte and Fofana I bought a shitload of players, and I really need to get off to a good start to get some nice results for my team, and to secure my place at this club.

With the first friendly just 9 days away, Im not sure if my team is ready for it, but we shall see. As long as I dont need to break-up the swordfights in the dressingroom, there may be actually be chances at a win.

To be continued

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