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An Angry Letter to Sports Interactive for past FM editions

Icarus's avatar Group Icarus 2014-10-11 16:55
it 599 posts 90 likes joined Aug 09, 2012
I did not write this, I simply found it on the steam page, and wanted to show it to the fmscout community since it does bring up a "few" good points on the game...

We've all experienced one of these at least once, and for a game that bases itself on "realism" and football management simulation you've gotta admit some things really do go amiss in the long run, which could be easily fixed by SI (and hopefully are on FM15).
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NVDTahir's avatar Group NVDTahir 2014-10-11 17:03
gb 640 posts 73 likes joined Oct 21, 2013
all in all, the word "fuck" has been used a record 44 times in this image xD
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Zap's avatar Group Zap 2014-10-11 17:19
gb 691 posts 46 likes joined Sep 04, 2013
Even for me he swears to much...
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The 510 Series's avatar Group The 510 Series 2014-10-11 17:30
am 631 posts 49 likes joined Aug 06, 2013
Aha! He used incorrect grammar! He is therefore inferior to everyone on the site!
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Icarus's avatar Group Icarus 2014-10-11 17:33
it 599 posts 90 likes joined Aug 09, 2012
I'm glad someone counted it, but surely it has to be more than 44 times!
markoffden's avatar Group markoffden 2014-10-12 15:42
00 6 posts joined Sep 29, 2014
Yes, the game is far from perfect nowadays... they were in competition with FIFA Manager, but now this Bright Future shit finally sack down, so SI are alone at the market and can do what they want... my fav is 10 games DDDLLDDLLD series with a top middle squad after one poor pep talk either press conference... realism is overwhelming)))

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