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Manager Central: The Story

Started on 14 October 2014 by No1VillaFan / First Post
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Welcome to Manager Central!

This is a game where you create your own manager and I will let you know where they sign and who they sign in the quest for Club AND National glory.

You will start with no club but the highest coaching badge possible and I will post when things happen and at the end of transfer windows show you all who you bought etc along with updates on how your team is doing. You will have 20 attribute for manager and 14 for assistant manager.

You must choose three personal attributes from Adaptability, Ambition, Controversy, Loyalty, Pressure, Professionalism, Sportsmanship and Temperament

Then six attributes from Attacking, Depth, Determination, Dirtiness, Dirtiness Allowance, Flambouyancy, Flexibility, Free Roles, Marking, Offside, Pressing, Sitting Back, Tactical Knowledge, Tempo, Use of Playmaker, Use Of Subs and Width

Then eight attributes from Buying Players, Hardness of training, Judging players ability, judging player potential, level of discipline, man management, motivating, squad rotation, working with youngsters, coaching attacking, coaching defence, coaching fitness, coaching goalkeepers, coaching mental, coaching tactical, coaching technical, business, interference, Patience, resources and pysiotherapy

This will give each manager the chance to be different! There are between 10-15 spots open so good luck :)

Seasonal Points:

Highest transfer signing of the season: 5 points
Highest sale of the season: 5 points
Highest position in the table (e.g. 16th in nations highest division is better that 3rd in the first division) : 5 points
Moving to a new club (In A Higher Division): 5 points

Manager Of The Month:
1st - 10 points
2nd - 7 points
3rd - 5 points
Winning a domestic cup (Any cup in that nation) : 4 points
Winning a European Cup: 10 points
Winning the top division title: 20 points

Getting Fired: -20 points

This will be updated as the season progresses so make sure you look back here to see how you are doing.
Can't wait for this to start, wonder where Ali will go?
what happened to Mike Bassett
sorry Zap my fault will add it now
you spelled mines wrong lol -Jesè Mouragno- (like Mourinho)
no problem i will update when i update the table thing
yea no worries ;)
where did I go?
Can't wait :D

To get everyone started I put you all at a club in the conference north

Lets see who moves or gets fired etc etc

Woo everyone in Skrill! Let the games begin ;)

Monthly Awards

What a Special start for Jesè Mouragno... There's definetly something Special about him, I just can't quite put my finger on it...

Monthly Awards

League Table

points will be updated soon
come on telford!! someone has to topple that special person ;)

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