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Conquering The Poles

Time to bring Poland back to it's peak!
Started on 15 October 2014 by Feliks
Latest Reply on 22 October 2014 by Feliks
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Fornalik Sacked By Poland

9th July 2013

The Polish FA today released a statement outlining the removal of manager Waldemar Fornalik. The 50 year old was surprisingly sacked after a strong showing thus far in the World Cup Qualifying Section but Polish FA president Zbigniew Boniek assured fans it was not an internal affair.

"I understand followers of the national team may have some concerns with the dismissal of Fornalik, however, it is not the cause of in-fighting, I can assure you that. Mr Fornalik and I agreed that we needed a new direction for the national team, and Waldemar very graciously stepped down to allow that to happen. We will announce his replacement in the coming days."

Boniek has not given any clues to potential new faces, although Legia manager Jacek Magiera is currently the bookies' favourite. Other front runners include Adam Nawalka and Maciej Zurawski. Whoever takes the helm, Poland will be hoping they can commandeer them back to their lofty heights of 1982.
Nawalka <3


We gave him his own bottle of Famous Grouse last night! :P
Another story Feliks?! So close to FM15 too ;) If it is anything like your others i'll be a regular reader :)
Can't wait to see how this plans out, good luck :)
TaT :))

Ziechael I figured I had 2 months to get a story in and I'm determined to make it as good as Doing It Down Under :D

Tallery Thanks bro :)
Oo Poland is an interesting choice, intrigued to see how well you do. Can't wait to see Arkadiusz Milik firing you past Germany ;)

Speculation Builds Over Poland Job

13th July 2014

4 days have passed since the surprise dismissal of Waldemar Fornalik and Polish football fans everywhere are speculating his replacement, which is to be announced in the next couple of days. Zbigniew Boniek, president of the Polish Football Association, was coy about the new man in charge in a couple of interviews which suggests the manager may have already been found.

Sources within the FA set-up are increasingly confident that Boniek has gone to the most reputable manager in Poland for the gig, Legia boss Jacek Magiera. Meanwhile there is also talk of Adam Nawalka, once the assistant manager of the national team, perhaps returning to a more senior position. 2 former national team stars in Jacek Krzynowek and Maciej Zurawski have both put their hands up and that could be a good option as well for the FA moving forward.

Boniek refuses to give away any more details, so fans will have to wait until tomorrow or perhaps the 15th to find out the new manager. With just under 2 months until their next qualifying match, the incoming gaffer has plenty of time to mill over his new squad and will look to get the best out of the likes of Robert Lewandowski and Jakub Blaszczykowski. Stay tuned for the official announcement.
I can see either a massive plot twist or Legia's manager taking over

Great update, by the way
Tallery Cheers Tal :D

Boniek Unveiled As New Poland Manager

14th July 2013

In a surprise move, Polish Football Association president Zbigniew Boniek has stood down as president and become manager of the national team. This will be Boniek's second stint in the role after a brief 5 month period in 2002.

With many pundits suggesting Jacek Magiera would get the gig, Boniek's appointment has been a surprise and even more so considering he was president of the association that was in charge of the appointment! But in a brief radio interview this morning, the 57 year old assured fans bias was not a factor.

"When, as a group the FA sat down and decided to dismiss Waldemar- which wasn't just my decision, it was a group decision-, I put my hand up as one of the candidates. Now by that stage I was informed that I would not be on the committee to select the new manager, which I fully understood. I was of course still president of the association, but as soon as they selected me the move was made- with my consent- to remove me as the president."

Zbigniew Boniek is one of the greatest Polish footballers of all time, etching his name in history when he scored a hat trick against Belgium at the 1982 World Cup, in which the Poles finished 3rd. The former Lodz, Juventus and Roma star also has experience as a manager, with a speight of Italian clubs in the 90s and a brief spell in his current role as Poland manager.

The move has been an extremely popular one, as Boniek is revered across Poland as one of their absolute greats. The popular president has lost no brownie points in his jump to the change rooms and is sure to have the full backing of the fans.

Experienced and popular are certainly great adjectives for a manager, but now Boniek must translate that onto the pitch. Drawn into a tough WCQ group including England and Ukraine, they have started extremely well and sit just 2 points behind leaders England. Boniek will need to continue this run to perhaps guarantee a spot in the World Cup. The 57 year old will be under immense pressure to deliver qualification to the fans, but can the legend do it? We'll have to wait and see.
And the twist I mentioned, I must be psychic!

Boniek Press Conference

17th July 2013

Newly instated Polish manager Zbigniew Boniek sat down in front of assorted journalists today for his first major press conference since being appointed manager of the nation 3 days ago. A multitude of journalists from Poland and all over Europe attended the short conference. Here's a manuscript sourced from Sky Sports 2.

Polish FA Press Officer- Welcome assorted journalists, Mr Boniek will now take questions.

Mr Boniek, BBC News here. Congratulations on the appointment. First question, how was the transition from president to manager?

I found it an easy transition to be honest. As I've already been in the role before, I know all the tricks of the trade. Being the president of the FA was a great venture but I feel at home in the managerial role.

Sky Sports here, was your previous experience in this role a major factor in you accepting it once more?

Yes definitely, I felt like I hadn't finished with the national team after that brief spell 11 years ago and I think it's time for me to make a lasting impact on the nation.

Dan Lorenson from Football 365, Mr Boniek what are your plans with this current crop of Polish stars, especially Robert Lewandowski?

I'm thinking big, haha, this crop of stars has the potential to go far. Obviously our first step will be World Cup qualification and then after that I reckon we can go even further. Lewa, Jakub, Lukas- we have a great crop of players for the future of Polish football. My end goal, call me ambitious, but I want to beat the achievements of my Polish side in 1982.

That concludes the press conference, thankyou for your time.
Boniek double dipping huh, only time will tell if Poland should have gone back for more i suppose!
Good luck with this!
Great interview

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