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[Fulham FC] Dylan De Rossi: Once More With Feeling

Started on 19 October 2014 by InvertedWingbacks
Latest Reply on 3 November 2014 by InvertedWingbacks
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I laid, spread-eagled on the floor, watching an endless replay of my life. Watched over again as the love of my life stormed out, taking my 2 year old son with her... how old was he now? 16? My grasp on reality was slipping away, followed swiftly by conciousness.

I watched, helpless, as I relived the last five minutes of my mother's life. Broken, Ailing. I heard the doctor's words more clearly than ever before, as they told me my last rock in this world was gone.

I relived every whiskey, every hangover, every day in that hospital bed, every concerned look from the doctors and surgeons as they considered my future...What was that future? From where I lay, it was looking bleak.

With one last sigh, I closed my eyes, letting the darkness grip me and pull me into sleep.

And then I awoke. The blinding white of the hospital light burnt my retinas, as a surgical mask appeared above me. After some prodding, he vanished again, leaving me to my own devices.

They were limited, my devices. I knew, straight away, that any sort of recovery would be difficult. On the television at the other end of the room, I heard the unmistakable sounds of football coverage.

I struggled to pull myself upright, and watched intently. I'd never been a fan of football, but as Barcelona passed their way through Villareal over, and over again, I couldn't help but be fascinated...the way the players moved, the way they kept the ball, tired out the opposition defence, and all of a sudden turned the attack into an incisive direct chance was incredible.

Over the next three months, I watched a lot of football. As I regained feeling in my arms, I had to relearn a lot of motor skills, and I re-taught my hands how to write by making a note of all the things i'd noticed about how different managers played their football. I broadened my horizons, watching some Serie A, some Australian A-League, the Premier League, and even some of the Scottish games.
A very intriguing start to the story, I have a good feeling about this! Good luck! :D
Good luck with this, really interesting start!
Very interesting start, eager to see how the story of this man's thus far tragic life unfolds!
Good luck TaT! :)
Good luck TaT!
Nice name for the manager lol, good luck Tatty ;)
5 Years. 5 Long years...finally, I had some coaching badges to my name, and a decent grasp of motor skills. It was still hard, getting around the house on my own, but sometimes, the things that are the hardest, are the most rewarding.

I sat up in bed, clumsily feeding myself some cereal, reading a variety of newspapers. I'd become very fond of following various football teams, and watching how their managers interact, how they perform against different sides, and keeping track of various statistics. There was a soft knock at the door, and, without further invitation, the housemaid who i'd been forced to hire let herself in and busied around, tidying up the bedroom, before nodding curtly and departing again. She was a strange one, was Hilda...always polite, and never really bothered me...but she was worryingly alert, and I most certainly remembered her.

I shook my head, and returned to the newspapers.

Transfer rumours were, as usual, flying wildly around the world: obscene amounts of money being exchanged for players who, mostly, weren't worth that kind of outlay...I shook my head once more. I had grown to love football during my recovery, but it was mind-boggling to me, how these clubs justified that kind of money.

I took a sip of coffee, and reached for a stack of notes in the corner. One exam stood between me and my final coaching badge, and the chance to manage a football club. This mad hatter's dream of mine had brought me a long way - my mind was sharper now than it had ever been...I knew what I had to do. I knew what I wanted to do. But did I hell know why.
Great start, really interesting!
The lone guitar serenaded an empty bar, weaving a tale of woe and hope, as I set my empty glass down, and waved to the barman to refill it. I wasn't meant to drink, but after the last six years, a couple of whiskeys wouldn't kill me. Six years ago, I was on my deathbed, suffering at the hands of two teenagers who'd broken in for the sake of a bottle of Vodka.

Some might say I was in the wrong place at the wrong time. I disagree.

The return to normality was hard, but nothing easy is ever truly worth it. I'd found a new level to myself, which i'd never even contemplated before. Six years of watching football on television, and learning how the big coaching names set their teams out, had left me longing to involve myself in the 'beautiful' game...But it was a whole other journey.

I flipped open my briefcase, and looked at it again. My UEFA 'A' Licence....not quite the top level, but I still had time. I could go and get myself a job with a pro club, so long as the were not at the highest level of UEFA competitions...I drained my glass, and staggered to my feet...It was time to search for a job.
Interesting, I'm liking this ;)
Thankssss :D loving the early feedback on this :)

Fulham FC

My new home. I can't quite believe my luck - landing a job at a Championship club after a few weeks of searching. Everything i'd taught myself, everything i'd learned; It would have to be put into practice now. The board wanted promotion, and I had £3.4m to make it happen. First things first: I had to evaluate my squad, and find the weak spots, and create a tactic to suit the players I had.

As I looked at the squad, I could pick out several players who would be critical for us this season.

Kay Voser and Kostas Stafylidis would be key for us at the full-back positions. Kostas is with us on loan, from German giants Leverkusen. With any luck, we'll be able to hold onto him beyond the end of the season, as he could be key in the Premiership, should we achieve promotion.

22 Year old Dan Burn has bags of potential at Center-back, and i'll be looking to involve him as much as possible this season to maximise his development. Good in the air, and strong, he will protect us from the long-ball game that many teams seem to be employing these days.

Scott Parker and Bryan Ruiz will be critical in the midfield, and will give us some real bite against the midfield players in this division. Young Patrick Roberts is an incredible talent, and, like Dan Burn, I will be looking to maximise his potential this season.

As far as strikers go, Cauley Woodrow and Ross McCormack Will be key this season, and with bags of potential between them, they are a strike force which could grow to be feared very quickly.

There are also several excellent talents in the youth ranks: Cameron Burgess, Sean Kavanagh, Thiago Casasola, Moussa Dembele and Foday Nabay are probably the pick of those talents, but the future is looking excellent for the club.
I will be following!
Yes this is so interesting i'll be following this

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