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Long careers

Started on 1 August 2009 by CobraAce
Latest Reply on 26 August 2009 by TiffK
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this is for people to describe the details of their career if it has streched over many years and clubs.

I'll post first cause I had one helluva brilliant career starting at Newcastle in FM09 In my first year, signing Aaritalo, Bresciano, Belluschi and Ignashevich I managed to make it to 2nd in the EPL behind Man Utd, and win the FA cup against Arsenal. This led to me spending a further 6 years on Tyneside winning 4 EPL trophies, 3 champions leagues and 3 FA cups. Feeling bored and wanting a new challenge, I noticed Rafa Benitez getting sacked from the spanish national job after Euro 2012. I was first choice to get the job, helping spain qualify easily for the world cup and going on to win it mostly thanks to the exploits of Bojan and Gerard Pique. I resigned from spain following that victory desiring a return to club football. I was turned down by Real Madrid in favor of Javier Aguirre, but landed an even better job at Man Utd, signing Lionel Messi to play with Cristiano Ronaldo, Wayne Rooney, and Gonzalo Higuain. 2 Premier League titles later, I retired my manager from the game only 30 points behind Sir Alex as the second greatest manager in History

Wow, that was fun to write how your career went ;)

I at least played a team for an entire season....

... While managing Benfica, i bought Bangoura (great right attacking midfielder) and Onye kachi Apam, and in the winter i bought D'Alessandro...

...I was left behind in the first knockout round with Celtic in the UEFA Cup...

... I won the Portuguese League Cup ... but i lost the Portuguese Cup... WITH THE SAME TEAM !

I finished third in the Liga Sagres... i damn never reached 1st place ( I worked so hard to keep that position, i even tried to get in the second position to get qualified for the Champions for extra money :( )

I declared interess to be manager of Inter and Real Madrid, but they LAUGHED AT ME! :weep :weep :weep

I was nealry losing my job because of the interest i declared.

I am still manager of Benfica, they expect i title challenge the League and i am currently in the pre-season...

To be Continued...
hey that sounds like a good story keep it posted .

i played an entire season with doncaster rovers my objective was to reach a reasonable mid table finish i tried to aim high and failed miserablly lol i finished 10 in league which wasnt a bad reach for them
I blogged this, but my best ever seasons enjoyable wise took place on fm08 with Juve, I ended up trying to get a renewal going straight on the back off of the promotion, The highlights of the game was me beating arsenal with Palladino (a player who had critised me for not playing him ahead of my legendary berbatov and delp piero partner ship) scoring both goals I think. Ibhrahimovic and adriano where the best partenership in the world I managed to break inter dominance once. The game lasted 6 seasons, and in the end nedved had just retired at 37-38, and delp piero was my super sub still scoring goals at 40. My youth team that I built in the first season came to the front and demolished most serie A teams in the unblogged half of the 7th season. The best game I have ever done on fm. I rejected job offers from England, but in the 7th season I took up the italy job to give del piero his last bow for italty at age 40.
I havent got very far on FM09 i am at AC on my main file been there 5 years i got to 2020 on my Inter Milan file on 2008 im not a big fan of moving around clubs as i invest a lot in youth players and take time building my team! To leave would be suicidal as i have all of the up and coming youngsters and i would have to spend ages rebuiilding a new team! Id only leave for another large club with good spending power. Ive seen a couple of players on my Inter game through there entire career
Had 2 of note.

One was with Man utd. Managed them for 20 seasons, winning the league 19 times and champions league 11 times. Rooney retired at 39, having played just over 650 games and scored 380-odd goals.

The second one is my current game. Playing with Real madrid, I am in my fith season, losing the lwague once to an unbeaten Barca. Also only won the champions league once, always losing in the semi or final.
WHOA 20 seasons !!!

How much gameplay time it takes to play 20 seasons?

i took about 30 hours to play an entire season.

So, it must be about 600 HOURS OF GAMEPLAYING !!!!!

:shock :shock :shock

what a waste of good life
Yes, it took a long time, but don't think 600 hours. I only had Premier League selected so the game didn't have that much process time. Took a fair while though, but was a lot of fun, as I ended the game with only regen players and had a squad so good that I went 2 seasons unbeaten before I got bored.

The longest I have actually played was about 25 seasons with International teams, but since you only play 6-10 games a season if it is not world cup year, I went on holliday most of the time.
I've just looked to see how long I've spent dragging Tamworth from the Conference North to winning the champions league. 1096 hours of game time and its now 2037...

I've developed irrational hatreds toward dozens of players, many of whom are yet to be born, and i almost cried when my skipper retired after 818 games for the club. Fortunately he turned out to be a decent coach, so his 20 year association with the club will continue.

I've also had the pleasure of watching Man Utd get relegated and Chelsea drop to league 1. I've signed a player who is 4' 3" tall, but still quality. I've got more and more annoyed that Liverpool saw fit to rename their stadium after Benitez, but my fans still don't even rate me as a favoured person. I'd settle for a renamed stand, or at least a statue!

Only managed one Premier league title in all that time, including finishing on 92 points. Still a point behind Tottenham. I've also seen the lads choke on the last day of the season 4 times...

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