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Football Management: The Class Begins

Started on 20 October 2014 by Akash
Latest Reply on 12 November 2014 by Aaron
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(Credits to Ziechael for the banner and the others to follow)

Football Management: The Class Begins

Stories about lower league management are few and far between; successful ones even rarer. I can't promise this story being anywhere close to the level of writing by TBendis, Justice, Glenn or my favourites of all time, Kiwi and Neal. What I can assure you is that every decision made in the game will be realistic - something you would do as manager. Everything from rival managers' press conferences to the team meetings will have an impact on my character in-story.

Season Accomplishments


Good luck mate :)

And hey, I had a pretty successful LLM story ;)

Good luck man it's been a while :D
Good luck!
Ooooooooooh an Akash story eh?
Good luck buddy!
Good Luck
Alas, we are blessed with a tale of Akash! Good luck my friend! :)
Good luck mate. Will be following this.
No mention of a_esbech as a good writer.

1/10 would not read again.
Akash is back! Good luck with this, I'm sure it will be great. :D
Walter, Andreas, Jason and everyone who I've ever seriously interacted with on FMScout is a far better writer than I am. There's a bit of learning I need to do from all of you. :) Hope you lot like my story.
Good luck bud! :)
Ooooohhh looking forward to this!
O an Akash story, I will be following!
I can not wait for this Akash :D

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