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help with tactics

Started on 20 October 2014 by jamos316 / First Post
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I'm have been playing the game for a few months now and I am creating a lot of headaches trying to create tactics for my team and am searching for help.

I am the manager of Spurs and in year 2017. I have tried to create my own tactics and have failed, what i am doing now is downloading other tactics. I have heard that this is not great as you need a tactic to suit the players you have and a downloaded tactic will not do that.

I am thinking that I should be creating 3 tactics for 3 different situations, these situations are:-
when playing against the much weaker teams, i think we should not focus too much on defense and more on attacking movement & creating chances(
when playing against strong teams, i think we need a solid defence and to hit them on the counter (
and a standard tactic that will be played against mid table teams, this will be simply a nice balance of attack & defence (

the player roles, should i change them to be the role the player likes or do i force the to play to the tactics and train the player to play in the role?

can you give your opinions on these tactics i created and suggest improvements
Take a look at this:

I strongly recommend this one:

This later tactic (which you have to set on "counter" in fm14) I gave the link for, you have to have two centre forwards one of which should have a good finishing ability. Set the two side defenders as WB->Automatic. Also, set the defensive mid player as Half back so that you have more defending power. The two centre mids, one of them should be DLP->Support or DLP->Defend and the other one can be CM->Support or BBM->Support. Your AP->Attack should be the best you can find in your team as he scores most of the goals in your team. After you get in front by 2 or three goals, take the exhausted forward players out and replace them with extra centre back as CD->Cover or as CM->Defend, also you can bring back your WB players as FB->Defend etc.

Have fun

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