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Sunderland: The Black Cats To the top

Started on 24 October 2014 by FM King
Latest Reply on 24 October 2014 by Bst
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The Black Cats

After a long time away due to family and work, i have decided to do another story, what i can say is i have noting planed for the next two weeks and after that its hard to no. but i will try my best thanks for reading.

Sky Sports
Sunderland have sacked Gus Poyet and will now be looking for a new manager with a lot of Managers looking to take the job at the stadium of light. Poyet had a fight with Ellis Short over a new contract. Poyet has giving 24 hours to leave the club. Gus Poyet went on to say that Ellis did not have the same plan for the club that he did, and that him being there would never work.

Ellis Short
We have parted company with Gus, as from today we will be looking for a new manager, Gus has done a great job hear and we wish him all the best with whatever he decides to do. Our search for a new manager has already started, and we will let use know as soon as we have appointed the new manager.
The Man With The Plan

Ellis Short
After a long and hard interview process we have found the new man to take club forward. This man had a great Playing Career that included such teams as Crewe, Norwich, and West Ham also was capped for England. His Playing Career was ended early over an ankle injury sustained during international duty with England. The new Manger is Dean Ashton. We feel that as a young manager with new ideas Dean is the right man to take the club to new levels, we want to move the club to the next stage and we feel with dean hear that is now possible. Dean will be hear in about an hour and we will answer the questions you all have for him thank you.

Sky Sports
So there you have it Sunderland have Hired Dean Ashton as the new manager at the stadium of light Ashton was a great player and had to stop early and it’s good to see the big man back. Ashton’s record speaks for its self-making over 240 appearances as a forward. Also Ashton’s international Career did not get off to a great start only making 1 appearance for England before he got injured. We have got a lot of tweets about Ashton coming to Sunderland and its all mixed people saying how are we meant to move forward with a manager who does not no what he is doing, others saying this could be a good gamble getting a young manager with new ideas. Only time will tell. Well now he is the manager at Sunderland we will hear from him soon.
Great to see a story for a North East team! (even if it is Sunderland). Good Luck though!
My Aims And Goals

Dean Ashton
Thank you all for coming out, I am very happy that Mr Short has giving me the chance here at the stadium of light. I promise to do all I can for the club and to give it my best. In terms of players I will be selling a few who do not fit into my plans and there will be a few big names going. I want to give youth a chance but also want some top players playing at the club. Over the next few weeks I will be looking at the players and staff to see were needs to be improved. The club has its goals and so do I as a young manager I want to achieve the following:

  • Champions League: 3 times
    My Class of 92: (6 players from youth to win everything with the club)
    Primership: 10 times
    Fa Cup: 6 Times
    League Cup: 6 Times
    Make Sunderland the best in the World
    Find Love
    Become the Best Manager in the Hall of Fame
    After I Do all that manage in the lower leagues

    The Club Goals are to establish the club aiming the top 9 in English football, and to win trophy’s along the way, also to give youth a chance and not to spend a lot of money on any one player. Witch will be hard to buy great players but I will do something.

    I just want to thank everyone for giving me the chance and getting behind me. And I am going to make a promise to the fans right now, I am never going to turn my back on the club, but its football if the club don’t like what I am doing, well we will see if that happens our not. The first season I want to balance the team with youth and experience, I want a good mid table finish to push on for European football the following season. It’s not going to be easy but with a good team moral and been one as a family we can get this. I will keep use all posted on the Pre-Season and the transfers that’s all thanks for coming out today.
    good luck i will be following and good intro
    My First Few Weeks

    As the weeks have passed, I have looked over the team and with only 5.5 million made available for transfers and a small team I could not sell many players. In fact I could only sell one player to try get more money for new talent. My self and the scouts have been looking for the next great player, were have we been looking, we started in England and we have a few players on the shortlist for next year, while we were looking in England a scout from south America came to me with a player from River plate. After looking at him over the last 3 weeks we have decided to put a bid in for him, hear is what we have found out about this player.

    He players for River in Argentina at 182cm tall and left footed and he is only 21, Eder Balanta looks like the real deal for a center back, we put in an 8 million pound bid for him and it was accepted.

    The contract that we offered him was 4 year deal on 32k a week, we hope that he will come to us as we need to make the defense stronger, and with him in the team we are going to do just that. He has only played 34 games in 5 years but he can still learn a lot and I believe he can become the best center back in the world.

    Eder Balanta in action

    Once a player comes in a player needs to go out, and Danny Graham went to QPR for 3.2 million, I had a talk with Danny and told him that 1st team opportunities would be limited this year if he want to move I would sort it out. Danny is a nice guy he understood were I was coming from and agreed to move, I wish him all the best even though he only played 15 games for the club we was respected buy all the players he will be missed. But for us to grow we need to get better players and I am not taking anything away from Danny it was just his time to move on.

    We are looking at one more player at the moment, and we are trying get the lad on a loan with option to buy, still early days but will keep use posted
    Season Starts Now

    With Pre-season over and not much to talk about, a few wins and a draw the team still needs new players. I have gone to the broad room and asked them for more money, to my surprise I got an extra 10 million of them. So I have decided to try and buy the player I was looking at on loan, and to my surprise I have got him I can’t believe it, the fee will raise to about 29 million over 3 years, he is only 17 years old, I can tell you this I will never spend that amount on a young player again.

    Donis Avdijaj looks like one of the best players for his age, and given his age he will be a first team player for me this season. He cost a club record I hope he goes on to break some of them.

    Now that the season is around the corner we need to pull are socks up and start playing football. I don’t want the team giving 75% in games anyone that does will be dropped. I want us to show everyone that we belong here with all the other teams. It’s going be a long hard season lads so let’s get ready for it come Lads.

    The team is all healthy n injury's to worry about a few players still not match fit but we will get them there, i feel like this is going to be a good season even though i only git 2 out of the 5 players i wanted, its better than getting none. First game the season is in 6 days against Southampton, i hope we can surprise them after they lost most there team in the transfer window.
    Great start of your story! Keep it up!

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