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[FM 14] Be a Star

Be in my save
peterman55's avatar Group peterman55 2014-10-27 22:27
00 4 posts joined Aug 28, 2014
Hi guys this is a new save i am doing but i need your help this game will be more of an observation or experiment where you give me your players name nationality weight and height and i place them in the game with the editor with 100 current 200 potential and progress through once all players are retired i will continue and see which become coaches. here is the form.

so heres an example
Name:Peter Bailey
Weight: 9 stone
Height: 6 foot 4
Position: cb
Icarus's avatar Group Icarus 2014-10-27 22:43
it 599 posts 90 likes joined Aug 09, 2012
Name: Dino Baggio
Nationality: Italian
Weight: 176 lbs
Height: 6 foot 1
Position: left wing (right footed)
oddsiton's avatar Group oddsiton 2014-10-28 09:41
no 109 posts 10 likes joined Apr 20, 2013
Name: Odd Sindre Tonning
Weight: 70
Height: 170
Nationality: Norwegian
Position: ST/AMC (Left footed)
tomtheone's avatar Group tomtheone 2014-10-31 06:19
au 104 posts 2 likes joined Sep 10, 2014
Name: Felix M'Gethi
Weight: 70
Height: 166
Nationality: Kenya
Position: DM (Right foot)

Wales: The Golden Generation?
PranavaD's avatar Group PranavaD 2014-11-05 10:12
00 28 posts 2 likes joined Oct 21, 2014
Name: Pranava Dhar
Weight: 50 kg
Height: 225 cm
Nationality: Faroese
Position: GK or AMC/MC
Dippofix's avatar Group Dippofix 2014-11-05 12:46
00 17 posts joined Jun 19, 2014
Name: Seamus McNeymara
Weight: 72 kg
Height: 178 CM
Nationality: Irish
Position: Right Wing/Striker
Forward it goes again.... by Kinsella... Quinn heads on... Oh surely this time for Keane AND IRELAND DO IT! Robbie Keane, in the second minute of stoppage time, has scored the equaliser! Look at theses scenes!

Shane Long is definitely onside... SHANE LONG HAS DONE IT! He got the lead for Ireland!
patrick1's avatar Group patrick1 2014-11-05 22:22
00 829 posts 72 likes joined Feb 12, 2012
Name: Patrick McKeown
Weight: 72 kg
Height: 5 ft 6
Nationality: English
Position: Left Midfield

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