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Manchester City: Blue Moon

Started on 2 November 2014 by Icarus
Latest Reply on 12 November 2014 by patrick1
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The light blue march continues! Nice work in the derby mate, nothing i hate more than the red side of manchester :D
That was a great derby! :) I think you should get a logo pack though.
haha, respect mate with goal drawing action. Very nice. Gl mate!

December, For Whom the Bell Tolls.

I've got mixed feelings for this update, as the team in general is still doing quite good but... We've had out first loss of the season, away at St.Mary's, Wanyama punished us at the 75th min, but we had loads more chances just couldn't put em away - anyway here are the matches played:

League Table still sees us in 1st with a 9 point lead at the start of the Winter Transfer Window (We'll get there in a minute)...

As for the Champions League, our first Knockout Round opponents have been draw!

Transfer Window Opens Next Month!

Lets have a bit of a transfer talk now, I have sold Demichelis for the bountifull sum of 550k and I've now need at least 2 more center backs, because for some reason Nastasic & Kompany are quite injury prone for me.

Mancini had this to say about Demichelis transfer away from Man. City:

So here are Manchester Cities current transfer targets:

Hummels & Varane would probably join, but their clubs do not want to sell them therefore I'd have to make quite a huge bid for them to go in... Let's call this the "surprise factor" then. Who will I sign? ;) Stay tuned to fine out.

Last but not least, the December Player of the Month!

Cousillas said Nasri deserved to win the Baloon D'Or, that's how great he's been for us! Hope you enjoyed reading this update as much I enjoyed writing and composing it! :)
hahaha Mancini his reaction on the departure of Demichelis is just awesome.
2014-11-05 19:34#198469 dellman : NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO not Demi!!!

Absolutely breezing away in first place! Keep it up :)

January: Let there be Transfers!

This month has been weird, the matches I did not want to win I won, the matches I thought I'd win I lost. I sent my reserves to play against Brentford and they won on penalties, we barely skimmed through Liverpool with a 3-2 win, and then Chelsea happened - they killed our form and our morale, which lead to us losing against Newcastle who are now in 3rd position, as you'll be able to see in the next image.

Still in first. Barely, I hope I don't drop anymore points... At least the worse is behind me, Chelsea is left in 2nd and I doubt Newcastle will remain in 3rd for much longer - though it's funny how teams that are doing poorly IRL tend to do so well on fm games...

Winter Transfer Deals Completed!

So there was alot of talk about Manchester City signing some Center Backs after Demichelis (finally) leaving to Sevilla, and having to face 2 tough competitions like BPL & UCL City couldn't just go on with 3 natural central defenders. Therefore, we've made bids! Heres the full summary:

Transfers OUT:

Frank Lampards Loan Spell Ends.

Willy Caballero to West Ham for £3.2m

Transfers IN:

Vlad Chiriches signed for £13.25m, 80% of which is going to be paid in small fees over 48 months installments.

Fabian Schar signed for 325k from Basel to beat other teams who were waiting for his contract to expire before approaching him.

Heres the full-view of our transfer deals done this January:

I think Cities budget has been nerfed quite alot this year due to FFP rules, I'm not quite getting the cash I'd expect from such a rich club lol, so I have to make due with what I can get.

There won't be any player of the month awards this month, as we've played rubbish.
awesome update and the Basel player is ace and someone i was looking into buying I am into this story and I think your on the way to winning the league
2014-11-05 22:45#198499 No1VillaFan : awesome update and the Basel player is ace and someone i was looking into buying I am into this story and I think your on the way to winning the league

Yeah he's good, although he was better in fm14 :P his heading stat is off the chart! but his marking and tackling could use some work ^^;

With that being said, both Chiriches & Schars debuts were losses lol.
Schar's transfer eclipses Chiriches imo. Nasty wobble this month too. I bet you're glad you started the season so well after that. Who's your backup GK now?
So much for an unbeaten season... you can only dream to achieving what Arsenal did... how does that make you feel? ;)

Some nice signings there and a 48 month payment plan! I can never wrangle that long...
Nice signings ! and indeed, who is your backup GK now ?

February, Full of Grace

So this month was pretty Ok, easy teams and easy wins although we could have done more vs Crystal Palace who scored first and we had to catch up against... Shakhtar was pretty tricky aswell, I reckon the home game will be much easier for us. With that being said, our next fixture will be at the Old Trafford so I'm hoping for another 5-2 win against them.

The table is pretty much ours for the taking, the teams behind us are all slipping on their own...

I guess this will mean I'll be playing my best sides for the Champions League fixtures, as I want to try and get as far as possible this season.

These were all the matches played in the first Knockout Round:

Lol Arsenal beating Real 2-1 at Home. Atletico beating Chelsea 3-1 at Home. Schalke beating 3-2 Barcelona at Home. Bayern beating Liverpool 1-0 at Home. I'm one of the few teams that managed to get an Away Victory! I'm honored.

This months player of the month is without a doubt Scotty Sinclair, the way he'd cut inside and dribble past entire defenses was brilliant, he did it time and time again from the wing.

P.S. Our backup GK is a lad from the Youth Academy, I don't think Hart will be picking up any injuries so... I should be fine.

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